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  1. That's interesting... Which party continually proposes lowering the voting age? I wonder why maybe because young people don't know anything about anything and they're easy to manipulate with emotion? Hmmmm.... Also... I take part in a lot of different forums on politics. Out of every political forum I've observed, the one filled with the most idiotic, skewed, and fascist viewpoints... is Huskerboard P&R forum. It's Orwellian tbh.
  2. So people who drink fish-tank cleaner are not morons?
  3. And they were morons. There is a different form of chloroquine in fish tank cleaner that's toxic. That's much different than PRESCRIPTION chloroquine
  4. The guy that died... drank fish tank chemical.... just because it had chloroquine phosphate in it does not mean he "followed Trump's direction" Jesus people... get a grip...
  5. Remember when Democrats were decent, honest human beings? Yeah me neither... Click tweet to see a full thread of all the ridiculous, idiotic, and downright slimy things Democrats are trying to procure funds for - NONE of which have Jack $hit to do with coronavirus relief. Republicans aren't much better, but they are objectively better. This 2 party system blows...
  6. Ha that's funny I don't have that either, but that statement is pretty damn debatable
  7. Again... not gonna sit here and argue semantics with you. I think you're being intentionally obtuse
  8. Yeah... nobody said it's the media's fault @knapplc But they've been equally if not more irresponsible in their reporting than usual. I guess we shouldn't be surprised...
  9. Jesus... I've explained it plenty, so I'm done with the battle of semantics
  10. 1) I said "media" is making this worse 2) all these are examples of media in the form of articles or "journalists" on Twitter Why move the goalposts? All of these show both wild inaccuracies and incredible hypocrisy in the media, and they're not isolated. This was me scrolling Twitter for just 10 mins
  11. This is why i stay out of those threads. It's so true!
  12. It's just amazing to me when i say something that's obvious and people are blind to it, so sorry i don't spend my life compiling sources for every comment i make on a message board. Here's some more wonderful journalism for you... Let's add Hillary to the category of media since she likes to blurt out nonsense occasionally: Again in case you missed it: And just an fyi to combat the misinformation:
  13. I think we're off the rails of the original discussion, but i adamantly disagree with you and CNN on this assessment of the Trump-Fauci dynamic. Also: unproven and dangerous drugs It would be people literally in critical condition on their death bed from the virus who would potentially try it. Again, there are plenty of things to criticize Trump for. This is not one
  14. "Today, as the world mourns the loss of one of the greatest performers of all time, that sentiment will be shared in dollars. According to Sandy Batt, spokesperson for Kenny’s wife, Dominique Tubolls Rogers, Kenny’s estate will be split between his family — and Trump 2020" https://tatersgonnatate.com/kenny-rogers-wife-donates-half-his-estate-to-trumps-re-election-its-what-he-would-have-wanted/?fbclid=IwAR0W7vQclcPOpHjwXZy_4Ig6jQGH4hxQK0wqhNbCmytXaLvbKWoXOnkLmHc
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