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  1. Has anyone mentioned yet that the "ok" sign can mean "f*#$in' mint!"
  2. Who cares what they were doing? Unless there's actual evidence that they're white supremacists, they're NOT WHITE SUPREMACISTS.
  3. In general, I've never understood the idolatry that always exists around politicians.
  4. You should break it to that person that Ivanka is a Democrat
  5. And on the flip side of that, as teach said, people need to stop being such over sensitive triggered sissy nannies. Also: when someone holds up the ok sign, it's almost never a white supremacist sign, and people should be given the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Well, the witnesses wouldn't even have to relate to the case at hand, so there's an endless amount of people who could be called to testify.
  7. I'm most interested in how McConnell is going to proceed. He could cut to a vote as quick as he can knowing the vote will go along party lines. Or if they were serious about "draining the swamp" they would call as many people as they can to testify, for any reason, and a lot of things that are currently hidden could come to light. I'm not getting my hopes up
  8. Dems are riding healthcare pretty hard, which they should continue to do. Aside from that, there's not much for the average voter to get excited about
  9. He's a lot more palatable for me than Sanders or Warren by a wide margin. Still not a huge fan of several of his policies, but i appreciate that he's very analytical
  10. Good to hear Yang asserted himself. I'll have to watch it at some point
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