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  1. Bill o'Brien deserves a ton of credit for keeping that program respectable during the sanctions.
  2. This PSU-Mich game has felt all game like Penn St has been beating the piss out of Mich, and here we are... a 7 pt game... 

    1. Mavric


      Michigan beat the piss out of them in the second half

    2. teachercd
  3. I know we're not very good this year, but have you watched Iowa play? They're not good either
  4. From what I saw of the game, Wisconsin played pretty flat and conservative. And as we saw when we played Illinois, that's a pretty physical team. They're better than their record showed
  5. Some blame should be placed on Frost & Co. for sure. People forget, Frost is still a young and inexperienced head coach. Fortunately, I think most would agree that it's obvious he has an awareness about what needs to be fixed, works constantly to get better, and most important of all has a passion for this university. But I'll say this: No matter how good the plan is, if the players aren't able or willing to execute their assignments as coached, it's awfully difficult to formulate any type of game plan that will work. I trust Frost when he says they practiced for the exact plays they saw against Minny. Unfortunately, our LBs have a terrible tendency to overrun their gaps... among other problems...
  6. Everyone we have to play the rest of the season looks really beatable right now

  7. I'll always be optimistic about Nebraska football because if I chose to be pessimistic, that would be absolutely miserable and there'd be no point in even following the team if I were to allow a game that I'm not even personally involved with to negatively effect my life. Seriously, why would anyone choose not to be hopeful that your favorite team(s) can win at the highest level?... that's ridiculous...
  8. Bro, lady, whatever you are... give it a rest...
  9. Nobody is saying that we have had the talent that compares with any top program... your original post was to chastise people for being excited about walk ons... a few of us have pointed out why your statement was wrong and you're a big crybaby... soooooo....
  10. So your claim is that we haven't developed quality players from our walk on program? You realize there are several examples of those types of guys in the NFL right now....
  11. Jesus Time will tell on Frost's assistants. But i guaran-damn-tee you that Scott knows that great teams are built on the lines, and evidence of that is in his recruiting classes... I think criticism is healthy when done properly, but at least be reasonable...
  12. soooooo you'd prefer not to have Spencer Long, Brandon Reilly, Andy Janovich, Eli Sullivan, etc on the team?
  13. Riley in year 2 had a team full of experienced and quality multi year starters that Bo left behind. That had nothing to do with Mike Riley... Comparatively, Frost in year 2 is stuck with a team full of Riley recruits as upper classmen who have no idea how to win, have terrible habits, and pretty much didn't have a strength program for the first 3 years of their career. Meanwhile, all the best players on the team, with exception of JD, are 1st or 2nd year players that Frost & co recruited. So to break it down more simply, signs of regression vs signs of progression
  14. The fault for that play falls on Miller and Farniok. For sure
  15. If Miller wouldn't have whiffed, he would have picked it up.
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