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  1. This, moreso to the DL. I think there are things you can do on the OL that can pay immediate divdends...whereas our DL, you can't just magically learn half-man on a rush in the immediate term, of course they could just say to the ends "get up field" but unless you understand it, our guys will just get washed by. Additionally our hand fighting (getting half man, hitting arms, etc) is poor. Very robotic
  2. Meh, dudes from schools all over the place do this. In fact my "meh" is more of a "so what/who cares."
  3. I get the "rally around him" thought...but this team needs a drastic scheme change defensively. Our DL cannot play half man on any rush, their hand fighting is piss poor and so you have to deploy a more aggressive blitz scheme to create straight line gaps. Otherwise, we will get more "effort" but same results at the end of the day.
  4. Lol...when they do that, I immediately think, "you didn't f'ing do anything!" There was one specifically in the 4th Q (believe it was their gw drive)
  5. No, I asked you for your guess. You put a flag on the hill of "The Big conference wants us to lose"...so, explain why.
  6. You reeled me in with the 1st sentence. 100% delivered on the rest. FANTASTIC WORK!!!
  7. What is the reason why the Big would not want Nebraska to be good?
  8. You legitimately believe the Big 10 conference has a vendetta against Nebraska?
  9. Listed attendance per ESPN: 27,143 I mean I know the Rose Bowl stretches but that looks like 5k...max. Tickets sold should be it's own thing. Actual gate clicks another
  10. Exactly, he took a designed 5 yard slant and turned it into a 15 yard post/corner
  11. Yeah, I am not getting the disconnect here.
  12. Right...CT is in a different league than AM when it comes to tossin' the pigskin
  13. I wish I had a job that pays me a couple million a year and when I do s#!tty over the span of that I could just say, "ok, for real now." I have zero sympathy for ANY college coach that makes great coin...for coaching a f#&%ing game (you ain't curing cancer here or helping your fellow man) and then cries when they don't get the s#!t done. You know what you signed up for. Furthermore, you could stop coaching right now and provided your not a complete imbecile with your finances, likely to never have to "work" again. I put a majority of college coaches in the same bin I put actors. Entertain me...don't lecture me...cause you get wayyyyyyy to much $ for doing a job that, at the end of the day, has no value beyond 1-3 hours of me wanting to lay around and watch some s#!t.
  14. No worries...I do it privately too
  15. Would ANY coach in ANY era be kept after the resume Frost has built at Nebraska? And can we stop with the "being born in Nebraska" somehow makes you more entitled to consideration...there is not some magical Nebraska dust that makes a person more "hardworking" than any other person raised in rural areas across this country
  16. I say we hit up an FCS school...Aaron Best from Eastern Washington comes to mind. Start ground floor. Build build build
  17. My ticker is full of beef gravy....so, YES! MD, advice says "NO". Doctors don't know how stubborn my heart is.
  18. Lol..in all honesty wish I lived closer to meet some of you f#&%ers
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