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  1. I disagree. Regardless of how bad the rest of the offense was, Adrian was as bad as anyone on the offense. I find it ironic how some people will throw every single offensive player under the bus in order to defend Adrian's bad play. The offense had many problems, not just AM, but I'm not gonna blame 10 other dudes for the decisions, lack of vision, and bad passing (even on simple screen passes) of our QB.
  2. I am Jason Peter , but sometimes Christian posts in my account. That a$$h@!e always figures out my best passwords. All the idiotic posts are from him.
  3. Regardless of what we had/lost. He was really bad in 19'. All year. From beginning to end. What exactly makes you think he will be better....significantly.
  4. Yea ...um...f it..idk where i was going with this ...was just a joke ..n now im in a hole. Im sure i could dig myself out but was just playing on Brody Belt..the Millard West Assasin from either Arabia or kenya
  5. No but Abdullah is Arabian. Last names typically show your ancestry. Apparently Abdullah means "servant of God" in Arabic. So honorable, regardless of religion.
  6. Ok ok...look i will try to be humble. It goes against my very name on here, and to be honest i created the name very drunk and this whole thing was a joke at first to me. If i'm gonna take time to post on a message board, i was gonna try to liven it up , at least have a lil fun while in the despair that is Nebraska football. But that was at first. Since then, i actually try to share my true opinions. But i do still like to add some fun to the board. I mean its not a serious part of life, its a college football message board. To me the only things in life that matter are the things that
  7. Yea i added a post edit. But now i remember our young star QB getting hurt in his very first game. And when i saw the replay of how dirty the play was.....just wonder how much that could have led to future injuries, or if he healed from that. And why do we always lose to the teams we hate the most, even when theyre not very good?
  8. I mean he was a preseason Heisman candidate, so i figured he must have looked alot better as a Freshman. I'm actually surprised also. It was the first year in maybe 9 or 10 years that i didn't watch almost every game. Was traveling alot and just had a lot going on. Was super pumped for the season too and after watching us blow the opener against Colorado (was living in Colorado too) , that just killed me. And then hearing after the game AM got hurt....and maybe it was too painful, but after getting super drunk and trying to forget about it......well somehow i forgot there wer
  9. Maybe it's cause I only watched 2 games in 2018, so I dont have visuals in my brain of whoever this heisman candidate AM 1.0 was. I watched every single play last year, and can't figure out why people think AM is good. He lools like he has talent, Yes, but the decision making and accuracy really hurt us. I just hope at least one of us is right. And then there is @HUSKER 37 who thinks Vedral is the best at this point. Probably was last year. I'm just going with my gut, got nothing else.
  10. 3fold. 1) Luke was the best QB in his limited snaps. Yes it was a small sample size, but what else do we have to go on? Also you could use that argument for him. Coming cold off the bench n STILL performed. Imagine how he would have been in a rhythm. 2) Regardless of his talents, he seems to be the biggest fighter. Spirit, Drive, Contagious energy that effects entire team. 3) just a gut feeling (but regardless of if he passes the ball well, you got some things guarenteed) Fastest QB, gonna be high energy, gonna bring that spirit n soul. Even IF he doesn't pass the ball well, i
  11. Colorado's starting QB? And yea, Luke would be a steal for the Buffs. He could be both a Heisman QB and a Coach of the year candudate, 2 for 1 deal.
  12. Interesting.....u on Pacific Islander time or what
  13. My reason for that concern is just the way last year played out. Just felt Luke was a better QB and Frost has a bias toward AM. I could be wrong, but thats how I feel.
  14. Ed? I'm surprised tyey haven't offered Luke the HC job.
  15. I am a lil worried of just that. I think McCaffrey could be better than Martinez, and Frost still goes with Martinez. Not saying Frost will do that, but it is a worry of mine. Luke could be the next Eric Crouch or Tommie Frazier. In fact I'd crown him with the Hesiman right now if i could.
  16. I understand, Burkhead was just much stronger. This kid may be able to be a solid backup, but i hope he isn't the best we got. Reminds me of Mazour. But maybe he could be a bit better than Mazour.
  17. Unless he finds out he is never gonna start ahead of Martinez or Smothers. If he wants to be a QB, he probably doesn't want to be a career backup. But not only would Martinez have to beat him out, but also Smothers. So if Luke leaves, i would take it that Smothers is the real deal
  18. If its a freshman, or even a sophomore, it will still be another year before he is great. On the DL or DE , those are positions where it's hard to be physically dominant as a 18 or 19 year old. Nomatter how strong you are for your age.
  19. I could see the reasoning behind it too, but hope he chooses to stay. Or maybe he beats out Martinez anyway. The scenario where he beats Martinez is if, 1) Martinez is still the same as he was all of last year. And 2) Scott has the guts to start the best player. In that case Martinez could transfer. Worst case scenario and the only way we dont have decent QB play, is if Martinez is still like he was this year, but Frost still starts him, Luke transfers, and now we have to go with a struggling Martinez or Vedral.
  20. My bad. I hope your right. I think I get what your saying. DL interior might not be as good but you think our DEs will be better.
  21. Sounds like your saying Green, Robinson, and Daniels could be as good as good as the Davis twins and Darrion. You do realize all 3 of our DL we lost from last year are probably gonna play in the NFL? We had one of the best DL in the BIG last year. Our LBs were just that bad, and we were missing a pass rusher, which looks like we still are.
  22. I'd like to hear @runningblind response, but this could be nothing. Some guy who works in the department said their is talk of this. Even if McCaffrey has never even thought about going to UNC, there would be some people there talking about how he might transfer. Only cause one would naturally speculate that possibility, in the same way some people here in Nebraska have wondered the same. It depends what this guy meant by "their is talk" of it. Speculation talk? Or people have heard from one of the McCaffreys that this will happen if he doesnt get the job here? Either way I hope he stay
  23. Who is gonna replace Daniels at nose guard? Keem Green? If he is as good as Daniels then i agree with you.
  24. That could just be wishful thinking from UNC guys. Unless it was coming from his dad. But if that does happen, would be a huge loss.
  25. I like Vedral too. But Luke is the man. Im calling it right now, Luke will be our starter at some point in his career...and when he is we will be salty.
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