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  1. Worn by hoodlums. Intimidation varying
  2. I was being hypothetical but we can play the blame game like some fans always want to do
  3. Maybe even Pelini if he wouldn't have retired and hired Eichorst.
  4. With the success that Devaney had here at Nebraska and the culture he instilled in the program during his time here, one might wonder if things might have changed if he did not become AD after his time as coach. This is just a hypothetical because of what we have seen since Osborne retired in 97. If Osborne would have became the AD after like Devaney things could have been completely different then they are now. Nebraska did win 9 games a season and make it to 2 title games with TO as AD. Its all what if, but one has to wonder if the how the program would have looked if Osborne doesn't com
  5. This isn't Wisconsin... And from what I have seen out of Moos as the AD is that he hires good coaches and helps get them what they need to do there jobs to the best of there abilities, i.e. resources and facilities. This is only year 2 and I think Moos will give this staff time to grow and if there is turnover or changes on the staff right now I feel it would be between the coaches. I hope we can keep some continuity with the staff and see where it leads us in a few years but that's just me.
  6. The Offensive line should be good next year, I mean the whole interior of the line is in there first year of starting. It takes games not practices to get the unit to mesh and be there best together, plus they are replacing veteran players. When Jurgens gets control of his snaping and stepping to the side, this unit will allow Martinez to be the QB everyone thinks he should be this year just because it is his 2nd year.
  7. Good morning people, So who got up and put in a little extra work this morning after that performance? 

    1. NUance


      I played golf all day.  But hey, that's just me. 

  8. Black pants for an all black look in the future?
  9. nothing wrong with coach's keeping tradition alive in a rivalry game.
  10. If Nebraska doesn't wear there alternates for the Wisconsin game, maybe they go all-red uniforms? Not a popular combo with some fans but I think it would be awesome to see.
  11. I feel a majority of coach's would do the same if they were in the same situation.
  12. This is a huge game for our defense and if we shut down Minnesota I agree with you and that would be ideal at this point, but I think they will wear them against Wisconsin.
  13. Offensive coordinators wait all season just to use it against us and Nebraska gives up big/ key plays in the game. Definitely has been painful to watch in the past.
  14. Turnovers and field position will be key in this game. I think our D can stop Minnesota, but if the game turns into a re-run of the Illinois game then Nebraska will have a hard time coming away with the W Saturday. If Nebraska doesn't turn the ball over and plays a clean game we win by 7 or more.
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