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  1. Heady decided to trim it down, it's not in the OWH story.
  2. These quotes are starting to sound like Bo.
  3. Instead of spending $82.50 a ticket through the AD you can go on seat geek right now for $46, fees included.
  4. And other contenders. Moos knows it, he just mentioned it after Minnesota. "Plus, we need to be in those high schools where the Ohio States, Alabamas and Clemsons are recruiting," Moos told the Journal Star last week. "If we're expected to get back into that kind of race, we have to have those kind of players." Moos makes no bones about it: Nebraska obviously needs an injection of talent. "It's a big part of the plan," he said of the fleet. "You're not going to win a national championship with all walk-ons. They're going to help. They're key in what we're trying to do. The heart and soul of Nebraska football is from the state of Nebraska. "But the arms and legs are from California, Texas and Florida. If we're going to get back to where we want to get, we have to be challenging other championship-caliber programs for players."
  5. Slightly inaccurate seeing as oklahoma has a .98 5* from 2018, in the last two classes Oklahoma signed a 5*, 4 4*s and 3 3*s. Frost signing those type of numbers is what is needed. I knew you'd bring up the lower guys, atm they are underrated gems but if they don't work in a couple years then you'll say well they were just low 3*s what did you expect.
  6. That's kinda part of the point, look who Frost is recruiting to fill the lines Michael LynnCherry Creek (Englewood, CO) 6-6 / 291 0.8614 851 67 5 Enrolled OT Brant BanksWestbury Christian School (Houston, TX) 6-7 / 265 0.8613 854 68 113 Enrolled OT Matthew AndersonLeesville (Leesville, LA) 6-6 / 260 0.8572 935 77 30 Enrolled OT Jimmy FritzscheGreenville (Greenville, SC) 6-7 / 240 0.8301 other than Benhart the others aren't up to par when you look at better schools.
  7. Sure, I guess, looked pretty basic already.
  8. I'm not going to read 11 pages to see if this is already posted but this picture pretty much sums things up. From OWH.
  9. Minnesota blew their load in 2013 for Nebraska, after that it's just another game.
  10. Frost will get 5 years of mediocrity minimum.
  11. This game is actually a positive, a thread/
  12. "In the second half, Washington netted minus-1 yard on six touches, then ran off the field after the final gun with a stern look, eschewing the on-field celebration with teammates." from Sipple today Some article by Steve
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