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  1. This staff has made 361 offers and gotten 4 commits. Why not offer every 3* in the country.

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    2. Mavric


      Last year at this time - without COVID complications - we had three commits.  We wouldn't get our fourth commit for two more months.  We still finished with a Top 20 class and the highest-rated commits we've had in quite a few years.


      But people need something to write about.  And complain about.

    3. Moiraine


      @Mavric   Thanks Mav. I haven't been keeping up with Husker football but my first assumption was people were overreacting and this confirms it without me needing to look further :thumbs


      If we're trending the same as last year in the middle of a pandemic where the coaches can't visit recruits then there's no reason to get our smallclothes in a twist. I'm guessing other schools are having issues too.

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      ...smallclothes. :lol:

  2. At the same time, Spielman doesn't hang around with a lot of teammates away from the football facility. One of his very best friends is fellow receiver Jaevon McQuitty, who's retiring from football to pursue a medical exemption. One has to wonder if McQuitty leaving the program will impact whether Spielman actually returns for summer conditioning, if he returns to the team at all. Based on what I hear from sources, it's very possible Spielman has played his last game for Nebraska. Stay tuned. Sipple is pessimistic.
  3. HuskerOnline has learned that Spielman has not been with the team in the last two weeks of winter workouts. Frost said in the statement the hope is for Spielman to re-join the program when he's ready to return. At this time he remains enrolled in his classes at UNL. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/spielman-takes-leave-from-football-program
  4. They allow the Manning camp but no outside private coaches. He could bring Warner in as a consultant/analyst to help out.
  5. Speaking of the quarterbacks, Frost won't accept help from a HOF QB.
  6. He has a fumbling problem also. 20 fumbles, 10 lost in 21 games.
  7. https://www.coloradoan.com/story/sports/csu/football/2019/01/08/matt-lubick-leaves-coaching-oversee-canvas-partnership-colorado-state-university/2513081002/ Matt Lubick, the oldest son of legendary CSU football coach Sonny Lubick, is giving up his college coaching career to come home and work with the new partnership between Canvas Credit Union and the university. Coaching, he said, left little time for anything else. Typical work days ran from 6 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week, during the season, and even when you did have time off, you were constantly sending text messages, taking phone calls and sending emails. “It’s always hard to leave coaching and the relationships you’ve had, but, at the same time, this was kind of thought out; this wasn’t a whim,'' he said. "To me, there’s stuff more important than football, and this lets me explore something different.” That doesn't inspire confidence about his commitment to football, he left coaching in 2019, maybe he found his spark again.
  8. Gotta get more ads to block the threads
  9. Feels like the staff is kinda taking advantage of him but glad he found a way in, he can't play this year because of the way he's signing. A blueshirt means a player begins as a walk-on but becomes a scholarship player in the fall. He is not eligible to play that first year, but also doesn't count against the team's 25-man scholarship limit for the recruiting class.
  10. Defense attorney Justin Kalemkiarian took issue with the Lancaster County Attorney's office asking the judge to hold LeGrone without bond until court Thursday. He said they had two to three months to prepare their case. Moments later, Yardley took up Hunt's case and set a $100,000 personal recognizance bond, meaning he would be released without bail on the promise to appear back in court Dec. 20. Prosecutors are expected to decide whether they will file a charge against Hunt by that date, his attorney, Carlos Monzón, said.
  11. A female student reported an incident to the Lincoln Police Department the night the alleged incident happened, according to Nebraska's findings and a police report obtained by Outside the Lines last week. The police report notes only that a rape was reported at an off-campus apartment on the evening of Aug. 25. In reaction to the news of the arrests, the woman said in a statement to Outside the Lines, "The last thing I was expecting when I got the call was good news because this has been a roller coaster from the start. I was expecting the worst possible thing to happen, and I was just in complete shock and started crying." She added that she is just hoping for justice.
  12. Hunt and LeGrone have been named in additional police reports of alleged sex offenses filed within the past week, according to records obtained by Outside the Lines on Wednesday and a source familiar with those records. The reports include an August 2018 report of alleged rape naming LeGrone and another player, and a September 2018 alleged rape naming LeGrone; a February 2019 alleged rape naming Hunt; and two April 2019 reports of alleged sexual molestation/fondling filed by two separate women naming both men, according to the records and the source familiar. All of the reports were made to police since Friday, and charges have not been filed in any of them, according to the records. Houston we have a problem. Sweet Jesus serial rapers.
  13. Interesting that charges are only filed after ESPN breaks the story 4 months later, strange that none of the local media pushed it
  14. The attorney for #Huskers football player Andre Hunt said today his client will appeal the 2.5-year suspension he faces for allegedly violating the school's sexual misconduct policy and will "more than likely file a lawsuit against the university" as well https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/teams/football/husker-football-player-accused-of-sexual-assault-will-appeal-university/article_882406f2-af38-530d-b2cb-5e624acffe0a.html
  15. When reached Thursday by Outside the Lines, Hunt's attorney, Carlos A. Monzon, said: "This is a clear case of institutional racism. A young man that has done nothing wrong versus a university that has denied him even the statement of those who accuse him. Parents should be afraid and mindful of the institutions we entrust our children to." Hmm that's a new one for sexual assault defense.
  16. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28231756/nebraska-players-face-ban-sexual-misconduct?platform=amp&__twitter_impression=true
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