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  1. It takes brains. Which I am not sure our linebackers have. Its football not a cross examination of a hostile witness. I am 100% positive chins knows what gap our LB's should be hitting, but our players just cannot do it.
  2. Touchdown cry babies. I hope all of you can see that this team is trending in the right direction. We have a young team, and zero linebacker talent. I am just glad to see a team play with heart. These boys believe in Frost and so do I.
  3. We literally have terrible linebacker, I am not sure how you can attribute that to coaching, except for the last coaching staff who left the linebacker depth abysmal. How can a team stop the best RB in the country, who is a future 1st rounder, when we don;t have a viable linebacker. Look at Mo Barry, he just cannot get it done, its a talent issue.
  4. Dog your high. Under Riley the team didn’t even lift. Remember when Frost’s workout sent that Tyjon lindsay kid to the hospital?
  5. I have been to Corvallis, nothing to write home about. It seems like that kind of place that would forge a football coach who would set Nebraska football back 200 years
  6. We sure do suck this year. Does anyone have any theory on why we are so bad?
  7. Thank you for the heads up, I best stay clear of the Woodshed, Bob does not need to get banned during a bi week, that would be embarrassing. I still need to save some of my frustration for our meltdown when we lose to Wisconsin and Iowa.
  8. I do apologize, I am fairly new around here and I will openly admit, without being bashful that my social media skills are... rudimentary at best, and I probably lack the proper HuskerBoard etiquette, but I digress, is there a physical location for this Woodshed place that you speak about?
  9. Happy Friday everyone. I'm just going to get off the computer for a while...
  10. Amen borther, and John Wayne had wood teeth I hope Trump is happy, this is the America he created.
  11. Oh gosh darnett, I'm probably getting kicked off again and what's his face is not even a mod anymore...
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