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  1. No, I don’t think we will. I have been asking myself this question for the last couple of games after each of Frost’s post-game pressers (where he’s visibly frustrated with culture issues) but there hasn’t been a big shake up regarding playing time in any position. I don’t think he’ll throw in a bunch of freshman for Wisconsin and Iowa, considering risk of injury. He’s thinking of the future. Maybe for the Maryland game?
  2. I considered this too but Vedral and McCaffrey looked great and they’re also coached by him. I guess the same argument could be made for McCaffrey relying on his instincts and athleticism this year but sometimes AM looks great and then the next play he makes a costly mistake - I just think it’s a mental block (hopefully).
  3. I saw this. The wording is interesting... But maybe now that she has addressed it, people will stop speculating about it.
  4. The defense did enough for us to win the game. Our offense didn’t capitalize on the opportunities that the defense gave them. I have been a Martinez defender the entire season but Vedral played better against Indiana than Martinez played against Purdue. And, without looking, I’d guess that Purdue has a worse defense than Indiana. Simply put, Martinez’s timing was off and he missed a few key throws. I think at least 3 throws went to a receiver’s feet, too. He has excellent potential but he’s got some mental blocks right now and I think he lost us the game, honestly. My understanding is that Vedral was dinged and not really available to play and Luke was sick and didn’t travel. So, I’m not sure what the coaches would have done under different circumstances.
  5. Just like Husker football! It just makes sense.
  6. I think it will. The fans chanting “Luke” during the Indiana game will motivate him to prove himself, I think.
  7. What did you think of our QB play vs. Minnesota? If Martinez had played and performed like Vedral did vs. MN (Vedral did fine, by the way), he would have gotten torched in this thread by board members. Martinez has been somewhat hesitant this year and I think it’s because he has more to lose (injury, hype, etc.). A backup QB can come in without fear of expectation or failure. Martinez is excellent and will hopefully find a good balance between taking necessary risks and protecting himself. This team has issues and QB play is not one of them, thankfully.
  8. I think he was just trying to preserve redshirts. In the bye week presser he said now that there are only 5 games left, he plans to plug in the younger players.
  9. I guess I’m in the minority here. I don’t actually expect to see improved play when we plug in the freshmen. They will get meaningful snaps while preserving their redshirt (win-win) but they will make mistakes and commit penalties due to inexperience. Based on statistics others have shared, we literally can’t get much worse in some areas so I don’t expect to see a big drop off in play either. Do most of you really think that the younger players have been outperforming the upperclassmen in practice but the coaches haven’t played them because they want to preserve their redshirt? I’m just not sure.
  10. For what it’s worth, I took his comments to mean that he’s looking to use the younger players for depth (while still preserving their redshirts). He didn’t mention a lack of effort from the starters. I expect to see the same starters next game. Am I missing something here?
  11. Losing this badly to Minnesota will (hopefully) be the proof the coaches need to make changes on the O line. I think Frost is trying to make it work for now in order to build on it for the future but we’re going to lose recruits at this rate. At this point in the season, we can start plugging younger guys in without losing redshirts. The lack of effort from the beginning on Saturday is more concerning than anything. MN was on fire. We looked like we just wanted the game to be over so we could have our bye week. When our 2nd string went in toward the end of the game, we finally saw some inspired play.
  12. Kade has been injured, I believe? It was good to have him back tonight. We need a tall receiver.
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