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  1. What about the WRs that were recruited last year? Houston, Nance? Any one know if they’re expected to be contributors?
  2. I hate to see this and we need him but rumors about JD being unhappy at Nebraska and transferring have been swirling for months. If JD is unhappy at Nebraska to the point that it’s affecting his mental health and he would rather transfer elsewhere than break nearly every Husker receiving record in 2020, then it’s probably best for both parties that he move on.
  3. I like Bootle. I hope he can make a few more plays on the ball and turn some of those PBUs into interceptions this year. I liked him at safety too but Frost said he’s a little undersized for a safety and corner is his natural position so I don’t think they will do that this year unless there are injuries to other players. Domann will play Nickel, I assume?
  4. I didn’t think this but I hope you’re right.
  5. Our WR production was lacking, save for JD. JD (and Morgan in 2018) were great before Walters was hired. Frost mentioned in his pressers that part of our offense’s problem was that we needed to get receivers in the right spots for Martinez. It seems he wasn’t able to develop any WRs at the B1G level, honestly. I really doubt that Frost let him go because he “has one foot out the door” looking for head coaching jobs. I think it would be more likely that he was encouraged to find another job before we found and hired his replacement.
  6. I think they were trying to allow him to find another job (like they did with Dewitt) before having to make this announcement.
  7. This is huge. I really wasn’t sure if he was going to make it. Congrats to Betts and Merry Christmas to Husker nation!
  8. A couple thoughts: I’m thrilled with our 2020 class - very impressive haul after a disappointing season. The coaches can use the “we’re building something”/ “we need you to turn this program around” sales points right now so that’s good. I hope our coaches can develop these players because those sales points won’t really work in a few years. After seeing the drama with Jaiden Francois unfold, I think the contract extension given to Frost earlier this year was a really good move to help secure these guys.
  9. Yeah, it seems like we were trying to save face a little bit by coming out in front of it before signing day and saying Kaden lost the coaches’ trust, etc. instead of being disappointed on signing day when he chose the Badgers. I guess what I’m saying is, even if our coaches hadn’t “moved on” from him and tried to stay in the mix, he would have likely chosen WI and Frost knew that. This is pure speculation on my part.
  10. He needs to be available remotely or in-person for his court dates or he’ll be heading to jail, whether or not he and Frost can come to an agreement.
  11. The rumor is that he was stringing along WI’s coaches AND our coaches so our staff pulled his offer and he tried to get back in our class but we moved on. So this seems to support the notion that he was stringing the coaches of both programs along.
  12. Interesting take. Many seem to think that JD is the only receiver that Martinez can find.
  13. As others have said, it seemed as though he was waiting around for a better offer his entire recruitment. Maybe he wasn’t really excited about the offers he held and that’s why it was difficult for him to make a final decision? I never really felt confident, even when insiders were saying NU.
  14. Very disturbing. It sounds like they helped each other commit these crimes. IF there is a third player involved, I would think whoever lived in the dorm room where some of these alleged assaults took place is certainly a factor. We’ll see.
  15. No, I didn’t forget. But it certainly doesn’t indicate that we’re trending in the right direction, does it? Fleck, on the other hand, was embarrassed, made changes, and turned a corner. Look, I’m behind Frost but we bobbled our “easy” schedule and now we’ve got a tough road ahead. I doubted Fleck and he’s definitely eccentric but I think he’s doing a good job.
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