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  1. Does anyone actually have a reliable source saying that Luke was approached by coaches about a position change?
  2. You tend to shoot from the hip a lot, it seems?
  3. A loss is a loss but thinking positively - how about Bootle’s interception and everyone rallying around him right after? First of his career, I think. Happy for the guy! Adrian played really well - did he just need to lose the start to realize what was on the line? I don’t know but maybe it worked. Overall, I thought we played well against Iowa’s stout defense. Their QB did us some favors too. Our inconsistency week to week is killer, though. is Allen okay? Did Frost mention it in the post-game?
  4. Did Wisconsin’s run game look good Sat? I wasn’t super impressed game 1.
  5. Didn’t he have a deep pass to Spielman (or Wandale?) in the Iowa game last year that was perfect? So much so that most of this board was mad he didn’t stay in the game? I think he can throw okay. Our O line didn’t look as good today and he didn’t have time.
  6. Luke’s passes weren’t great on Saturday either. I think he deserves a chance to start though. AM’s passes just weren’t where they needed to be.
  7. Where was Thompkins today? Wandale didn’t have many touches again. Did Manning see the field? Were receivers really not getting open? Both QBs had bad throws at times and great runs. Not having Jurgens and Stoll hurt us.
  8. What about the WRs that were recruited last year? Houston, Nance? Any one know if they’re expected to be contributors?
  9. I hate to see this and we need him but rumors about JD being unhappy at Nebraska and transferring have been swirling for months. If JD is unhappy at Nebraska to the point that it’s affecting his mental health and he would rather transfer elsewhere than break nearly every Husker receiving record in 2020, then it’s probably best for both parties that he move on.
  10. I like Bootle. I hope he can make a few more plays on the ball and turn some of those PBUs into interceptions this year. I liked him at safety too but Frost said he’s a little undersized for a safety and corner is his natural position so I don’t think they will do that this year unless there are injuries to other players. Domann will play Nickel, I assume?
  11. I didn’t think this but I hope you’re right.
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