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  1. Go back in history to see what else was precedent!
  2. That’s correct and it was explained to the poster before
  3. They didn’t lie. Try looking at the words used.
  4. Ok, then use a rubber, IUD, birth control, shot, etc… I would disagree with banning the morning after pill though.
  5. That has nothing to do with what the original poster said. You are bringing majority owned and controlling interest into the equation. The OP said foreign ownership. Foreign ownership includes shareholders.
  6. Because there are foreign owners of shares of the company. Quite different than a controlling interest in a company
  7. Yet they weren’t. At some point quite making stuff up
  8. I’m a heartbeat person so I guess contraceptive.
  9. Don’t know. It’s public info though and easy to look up if you are wanting to know.
  10. I don’t believe so. Isn’t the text saying the elected representatives should make laws not the courts?
  11. What are you even talking about in the first paragraph?? If that happens where you come from, then God help ya. The government is getting in the way of three people being married to each other.
  12. Thanks. Not sure how long ago you worked in the healthcare industry, but much of that changed and isn’t dependent on being married. Hasn’t changed everywhere obviously, but it would also affect long time oppo sex dating partners too.
  13. Yes, I see that as a real possibility
  14. There are so many people in this country who are wanting to adopt, but have to look overseas because there are not enough babies here available for adoption. I’ve known five couples who adopted and all five paid the pregnancy and delivery expenses of the birth mom. It’s certainly a tough choice for someone who is young single and pregnant. Adoption centers can help immensely. And absolutely, the birth dads in some cases need to stop being pieces of s#!t and leaving everything to the female. Gay marriage I don’t care about except for one sense. Once we change from a the traditional sense of marriage, why in the world can three people not be married? I’m sure there are plenty of instances where this would make people happy and we are getting in the way of peoples bedrooms. What benefits do married couples have now that unmarried couples don’t have currently? I haven’t looked into this and always have heard from a tax standpoint, being married was a penalty. Thanks in advance for any input.
  15. one of their top issues of that group is border security. Once R’s actually started to put things into action instead of just talking about it, it has moved the needle for the Hispanic support.
  16. It’s because they don’t put money into their 401k. People generally don’t manage their own 401k in a true investment sense. As you know, They pick from a small list of investment options. Returns are generally close to the S&P Again, I’m not talking about all of SS but a smaller portion of it
  17. One of the top issues for Hispanic voters is border security and not allowing people to flood in illegally. So no it’s not idiotic. Republicans should not be catering to Mexicans as they don’t vote here, but should be reaching out to Hispanic immigrants to the US because they do prefer a stable secure environment and generally a conservative home.
  18. They should privatize two or three percent of the payroll deduction for social security. People would have more money at retirement.
  19. Disney owns ABC. Disney is a publicly traded company and as such has some foreign shareholders…..owners of the company. NBC is owned by Comcast, another publicly traded company. By now you get the picture.
  20. Welp….say good buy to NBC, CBS, ABC news networks then. Goodbye to CNN too
  21. What?!?! Do you have info that the rest of us don’t have. I don’t believe that mail in votes weren’t counted. That’s kinda the point of my post. The Post Office handled the ballot traffic just fine.
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