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  1. I feel like the defense is respectable on first down and they are able to get quite a few 2 and 3 down and Kong’s, but then chin decides that is a great time to play cushion defense. Next thing you know it’s a 6 minute 13 play drive for a touchdown. I can’t for the life of me think why more teams don’t go for on it fourth down against our defense.
  2. Agree, but Sure would be nice if they tried to recruit one
  3. Probably the best route to go in order to win games. Not a great long term solution, but I don’t know if we currently have one on the roster I hope Frost can coach AM to just make quicker decisions when throwing.
  4. Maybe A better way to put it is the position is a huge problem. And it just so happens to be the most important position in sports.
  5. Yet it gets the team nowhere. NU can change and improve offense NU can change and improve defense NU can change coaches NU can do nothing about s#!tty refs
  6. They both suck and that is the biggest issue
  7. I feel confident in saying that neither LM or AM will be the QB the next time Nebraska is ranked in the top 20. And I am getting close to say Frost won’t be the coach.
  8. If that is what actually happened then Frost needs fired on the spot. I don’t actually believe he thinks this though
  9. I’m curious what the point of play action is at this point. Just let your QB have a clean look and not have to worry about play action
  10. Wonderful. Who knew that getting smoked by crappy teams has an impact on recruiting.
  11. Really sucks for Miller. Hope this is precautionary, just doesn’t seem to look like it.
  12. don’t forget: Can’t stop turning ball over Cant stop stupid penalties
  13. Can’t wait for then post game presser where Frost says the same thing he has the previous 19 losses.
  14. Hahahahaha. 9/14 on third down. Come in ranked 114th in the country converting on 3rd down
  15. These coaches pretty much suck in adjusting to the talent they have. The coaches have an exact system they want to play and are gonna do it talent Or game situation be damned
  16. It’s looking more and more like Frost isn’t the person we thought we were getting. Lot of platitudes from him but results get worse as time goes on.
  17. Too bad we didn’t know that Illinois likes to try and strip the ball. We could have emphasized ball security.
  18. Oh now we have an official review. Thought the machine was broken.
  19. Let’s keep bending defense!!! Those long drives for Illini are really helping us come from behind. How about we we’ll out for a series on all out pressure. Illinois gonna score anyways wit what’s happening presently
  20. #99 for Illinois is a punk keeping his leg up Robinson’s croch
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