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  1. Conservatives as a whole aren’t.
  2. And…..Liz the absolute exception to the rule you have claimed to establish. It’s almost like your just making things up with no research backing it up https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/03/24/politics/kevin-mccarthy-backs-liz-cheney-primary-challenger/index.html McCarthy's vengeance against Cheney, however, does not extend to the other nine House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump: "I support them," McCarthy told CNN. And again, verifiably wrong yet you won’t admit it
  3. And how many open house races or races where the house voted for impeachment did Leadership get involved with??
  4. Doesn’t matter. You were adamant Leadership was with Trump and wouldn’t buck his endorsement.
  5. That’s just what I’m told by all the economists on here so I’m gonna run with it.
  6. Another one going against Trump….. https://www.mediaite.com/politics/trump-backed-vernon-jones-loses-house-gop-primary-runoff-according-to-projection/
  7. There isn’t anything to do about inflation….no one can fix it, solve it, help it we are told. Policy doesn’t matter. It just magically comes and goes no matter who is President or what country we talk about.
  8. Who did “Leadership” endorse? That’s the part you aren’t getting and continue to be wrong about. Which is why it’s good for you to see these outcomes
  9. No sir. It’s why I’m tagging you in all these posts. So you understand what’s going on.
  10. It actually leads people to believe I was responding to what I actually responded to and that subject matter.
  11. either the heat is getting to you or you just want to figure someway to start an argument because the other funny thing about message boards is people usually comment on various posts with content that is relevant to the post they are commenting on. It’s kinda how it works. My post was in response to another poster saying wait until these people get called worse things than racist or sexist when ON THEIR MANUAL LABOR JOB, NOT WHILE IN COLLEGE. My post also had nothing to do with college being an issue or not. It was strictly a post about being called racist and how that is about as bad as it gets for being unfairly called something.
  12. I wasn’t responding to you or your post. My post actually isn’t BS.
  13. Ehhh, not much worse than being unfairly called racist.
  14. So true. One of my best friends in life made a fortune for him and his partners PE firm shortly after the 2008 crash by talking them into spending hundreds of millions buying up the banknotes from the foreclosures and just sitting on that inventory in a low interest environment (or renting out when they could) until prices soared back. They unloaded the inventory and sat on fat stacks of profit afterwords.
  15. I was definitely wishing he didn’t run and Republicans are making the same mistakes in Senate races they did in 2010. I would rather a moderate Dem win than him. edit…..I forgot to CC @JJ Husker at his request
  16. Best case scenario is housing prices do not drop, they just stabilize and don’t grow and regression to the mean happens a little. Basically saying, years 2023 and 2024 housing price increases already happened in 2021and 2022.
  17. I think they just gorge on kale and spinach till they pass out celebrating.
  18. Sanity starting to kick in (with help from the rate hikes)
  19. I don’t think Tour De France Joe is part of the Republican Party.
  20. Saying the quiet part out loud. Though people still wonder why rhetoric and policy matters.
  21. Whether they are successful or not isn’t the point at all. Factually speaking, he lumped “Leadership” in with Trump trying to oust incumbents. That is the clarification that was never made and why I brought up who I did and why the “pissing match” is relevant. The word Leadership was even bolded in the post you replied to. It’s factually wrong for brb to say what he said. The snark you brought to the table about a pissing match was unnecessary and the stuff you tell people to avoid publicly and in private messages
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