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  1. Good effort there to conflate.
  2. Your probably confused because my point has been that inflation didn’t need to get this bad before they recognized it was an issue. Things like the 1.9 in additional spending that wasn’t needed could have been put on the back burner. More pressure could have been put on the Fed to act sooner.
  3. Yes. Has anyone said different?
  4. Ya, I’ve already said it two or three times.
  5. But would they have gotten us to this point. That’s the question you keep avoiding with the “what would a Republican President do different”. Not get us to this point was an option too
  6. Been asked and answered. Pandora’s box has been opened and raising rates is the best answer at this point. Not getting to this point was the best option. So what is the Democrat President going to do to bring it under control?
  7. You know the person posting content under libsoftiktoc isn’t a white supremacist, right? And you do understand that person re-posts other peoples own videos, right? And according to some people here, that equates to being a white supremacist now.
  8. You actually don’t got it because it’s not what I’ve said. Good job bringing false posts into the argument though
  9. I think $1.9 trillion when the country didn’t need to spend it is PART of the inflation equation. I’ve said before a few times now, higher inflation was going to occur at some point the moment the country locked down for Covid. The question to be answered after that is how to control it from doing what’s it doing now.
  10. The President who palled around with Rev Al, Don, Chuck Schumer and pretty much any other prominent Democrat politician in the 90’s and 2000’s. Maybe he turned to white supremacy only in 2015 I guess.
  11. As I’ve stated a few times previously Not signing the so called rescue plan would have been a good start.
  12. I don’t think that dog belongs to Joe Biden though
  13. You would be incorrect. I’m not a huge fan of 9% inflation, zero returns on 401k either. I drive a company car so gas prices don’t really bother me personally but I understand everyone else’s pain.
  14. That’s such a stretch I almost pulled a hammy reading it. LOL…….it always somehow someway comes back to race and calling everyone a white supremacist for some people.
  15. Do you understand net migration and which states are increasing the most and losing the most per 1,000 people?
  16. It’s awesome how you don’t think presidential policies and rhetoric don’t influence economies
  17. why aren’t energy companies increasing output? Couldn’t think of a better time for it right? So why?
  18. We already discussed the inflation piece and you keep asking. Why??? Go read what I’ve already posted to you. Also already posted about gas prices and how the admin hurts or better yet doesn’t help the cause. Go read those. Wish the adults we were promised would get here sometime soon
  19. Interesting thread on timeline of beginning of Covid
  20. 9% inflation $5 gas Negative ROI for the markets since Jan 2021 nice platform you folks have there!!
  21. Different standards for different parties in charge as far as the media is concerned.
  22. Funny how this stuff just now comes out.
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