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  1. More abuse, I can't be a long time concerned lurker requesting we return to our roots. Since my opinion is different than yours you have since called for me to be banned, called me not a husker fan, now you have said I'm a former banned member. Edit add in- Now he has called for anyone who's opinion is different than his to be bombarded into submission by gif bombs @DavidMax. Why can't you just discuss the topic which is my concern the big 10 has an agenda against us and it would be in our best interest to return to the big 12? I'm not sure why you have to add the rest. Clear abuse
  2. Why is it a joke?? Lol you really have that much respect for the big 10? REALLY? Really?
  3. Lol but I mean that's literally not what I said and what my point is .. literally no one said anything about an easier schedule. Maybe someone else did in a different thread but not in here. In my opinion a big 12 schedule would be far more difficult and far more interesting than playing the power houses of Illinois northwestern Indiana Minnesota and Maryland
  4. I live in Harvard bud, feel free to stop by we will have a beer and a nice chat. Continue your streak of abuse
  5. It's absolute abuse I am met with insult and 3 requests to ban simply because I have a different opinion than him. I read his post history he also has the same response to anything conservative clearly. David it's time to take action on these guys.
  6. Why are you getting so defensive because I have a different view point than the veryyyy toxic establishment here. Can't wait for David to clean this place up. Didn't think you boys would handle the pop up ADS
  7. It has nothing to do with an easy schedule it has to do with tapping into the Texas population and having a pipeline to the South in general. Did I say anything about an easy record? Did anyone??
  8. Nonsense?? The stats are there- oh look Davis is suspended for a game hmm weird
  9. Waaa waaaa people have a different view point than me ban them they arnt real fans waaaaaaa
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