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  1. Gordon and Taylor from Wisconsin are all too fresh in my memory as well. Seems like they both got to 600 yards against us in just one game. 15 yards per pop.
  2. My first thought when watching his highlight film full of passes longer than 5 yards downfield was, does that QB have any eligibility left, and if so can this quickly become a package deal plz?
  3. Yeah, it is a little worrying when we used to just get stomped by wisconsin, iowa and ohio state, but could always count on the bottom feeders being worse. With the names and talent Maryland is getting, the coaching Rutgers has, and the rise of Northwestern, we are getting more and more stranded on our own island... I'm not saying its all doom and gloom but we realllly gotta improve in order to be even a middle of the road team, and a contender in the west just so far away right now it seems..hope I'm wrong.
  4. Announcers laughing about nebraska and the weather, yet Wisconsin, Minnesota, michigan, ohio are all typically worse weather wise..maybe not all parts of ohio, but Lincoln always gets a bad rap for the weather, yet its better than a lot of places recruits end up.
  5. Absolutely agree .. I watch games all day long every single Saturday ( or Thursday or Friday in some cases). I simply don't see this happen anywhere nearly as often as it does to us... You could say that's just because we're that bad or mistake prone... But then you also have to consider the fact that we are so often screwed over by officials with unbelievable targeting penalties, PI penalties, and holding on offense (no-calls on the opposition). I simply don't see this happen in any other games. The only other time this year I've seen as questionable of a call made as occurs in q
  6. Yes, and: Nick Starkel Peyton Ramsey Jacob Eason D'Eriq King Shane Buechele Zach Smith
  7. Do we take anyone? We sure lose enough people to the portal, I'd think we'd take some from it too. It's probably the exception, and not the rule, but there are definitely guys who do very well after a new team from the transfer portal ( example, most guys who have transferred from Nebraska, JK..sort of). There's a few intriguing quarterbacks that I've seen enter, and I haven't heard them committ anywhere yet, and even though I doubt HCSF takes a transfer QB, I think it would be wise. Charlie Brewer from baylor, Mordecai from Oklahoma, Sam Johnson from Boston College, and probably s
  8. I dont disagree for the most part, but I also kind of see it two different ways. Yes, his age May factor into it, and no he probably won't be any better next year. But I also feel like his situation is a lot like ozigbo. highly underutilized and didn't get a chance to show what he can do, especially with the shorter season figured in. If he comes back next year and we give him the ball more he could have a season similar to ozigbos senior year and that would do a lot for his draft stock.
  9. Just wondering, I have seen this on highlights and saw it again today on game day's you had one job segment. Now I have no issue with this, it didn't go overboard or lead to a physical confrontation, but it got me thinking we could do something so much less obvious as this, and we'd be flagged immediately. What's the difference here? SEC refs let em play more? It's maddening to me the inconsistency in the officiating in college football. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/12/ole-miss-lane-kiffin-mississippi-state-trash-talk
  10. This isn't as much as about Martinez specifically as it is just the offense as a whole. One thing I would really like for them to implement into the offense is out of the shotgun formation, Luke as a HB to one side with mills as a HB to the other side. There would be countless option plays, playaction option plays, etc we could run out of the formation, heck with Luke and martinez in the backfield they would both have the potential to throw on any given play. Even aside from Luke I'd like to see mills and rhamir back there or some sort of combination, I feel like it would make the
  11. To make it even worse....Fort Hays State was 0-3 on the year. From my understanding this is unfortunate for Fort Hays as for them to be able to play this game and not go over the 22 game limit they had to count this as an exhibition. Another interesting fact, Fort Hays Head coach and associate head coach were not in attendance due to covid-19.
  12. Anyone have a link to the BTN post gsme interview with A Martinez?
  13. I agree with 99.9% of this but I wanted to get people's ideas here with something you said in the 2nd sentence. You mentioned we dont have blazing speed. I think we have a couple 2-3 guys that havent seen the field once with pretty good speed. Wasn't it Demariyon Houston that was supposed to be one of the fastest guys on the team and I wanna say also that Jamie Nance kid. I thought along with them that Alante Brown, Marcus Fleming and Zavier Betts were supposed to have some speed too. Is the issue we don't have the speed or we are choosing to not play the speed? I honestly don't k
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