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  1. I'm currently with Hulu LIve and I am pretty happy. I had Direct TV Now (AT&T Now) until the recent price hike, and it was, probably still is the best, but for the price its not worth it. I tried a month of Youtube TV and while I did like it, the DVR feature is great, there are a few more channels on Hulu Live that I watch that Youtube didn't have. I also don't watch baseball so MLB network didn't move the needle for me, and I like the guide and menu on Hulu live much more than Youtube TV, though YTTV was not bad in that aspect. It mostly comes down to a personal preference. Try the trials out and see what ones you like the most.
  2. I am happy to hear this as well. I wear joggers (sweats) or basketball shorts to work everyday.
  3. Agree 100%. Anyone know what announcer that is thats been mouthy towards us all game?
  4. Reports out now that Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife and his daughter were also onboard. Most reports point to her being a teammate of Kobe's daughter.
  5. Our inability to score when we we need it most is only complimented by our opponents ability to always score when they need it. Every team will always hit the shot they need against us, I know it happens to other teams too, it just seems like it happens to us more often than anyone else. Had the game in control under 2 minutes, should have won that one.
  6. Typical 2nd half start, turnovers, cant make a shot (not unlike the first half), and other team comes out unable to miss anything they throw up in the air.
  7. If Jaimes is the best we have, then we are in big trouble (based on 2019 performance). I don't recall how many replays I watched this year where Jaimes got beat resulting in a negative play or failure to convert type of situation..but I remember his name being one that I felt always missed or got beat when it counted most. Maybe I am being a little unfair to him, but it's just what I remember from watching replays this season.
  8. Yep, I watched the swing pass have some great success yesterday in a few different games. Every time a team ran it, it looked way different than ours though, at least in the way that the defense was defending. What I saw work to perfection was the team would have 2 WR to the side, they would run the outside WR on a fly and they would float the slot WR to the sideline. The only other defender out there was a LB or Nickel playing about 10 -12 yards off of the slot WR every time. The crazy thing is when other teams ran it, it wasn't anything surprising or exceptional, it was usually actually fairly slow developing. The main difference was that the person guarding the slot WR would never jump the swing pass route (something that every single team does automatically when we run it, not to mention they are playing about 3-5 yards off of us). All the guy would do is catch the ball, had 10 yards of open field and (ONE) slower less athletic defender on him every single time.
  9. That Oklahoma defense does look pretty identical to what we do...can't argue there.
  10. Looking at TAMUCCs W-L this season they have beat a lot of teams that I didn't even realize existed...but they've also had some very close losses to some P5 schools like Vandy and TAMU. The way we've played so far this season we could win by 20 or lose by 15..depends which Nebraska team shows up. Looking at TAMUCC roster they play a couple of guys that are 6'8 and a guy that is 6'10. I could see them, like every team we've played this year, destroying us on the boards and getting a lot of 2nd and 3rd chance putbacks...hope I am wrong. This is obviously one we should easily win, then again so was North Dakota.
  11. Only thing I can think of here is that obviously Tennessee smack dab in the middle of a recruiting hotbed. Now...same can be said for USC and look how that turned out..so your point is definitely valid. Tennessee has the ability to pull kids from Alabama, Georgia, The Carolinas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and still be close to being one state away for kids that want to stay close to home. Think of how many top end recruits are in those states and still can play close-is to home. The odd thing is after all of their head coaching issues last couple years, didn't effect them one bit in recruiting..
  12. Think this guys measurebales alone are worth it to get him on campus, find a spot for him.... big rangy athletic guy.
  13. he's talking about our fans for sure? if so thats messed up..
  14. I was literally screaming at the TV probably 3 different times to Yvan...if i remember correctly he had 2-3 missed wide open layups that he could have easily dunked...er, well i HOPE he could dunk
  15. Easley feeling the nerves with his first layup miss wide open
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