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  1. Absolutely agree here. I think this is one of the reasons our offense was so bad this year. We had NO downfield threat whatsoever. We need WR who are over 5 10 and can win some jump balls downfield and out on the edge. Every team we played this year knew we were only running it or doing a swing pass, makes it pretty easy to press and stack the box and defend when you know your opponent cant pass the ball more than a few yards downfield.
  2. I don't disagree with you at all here, for losses and poor play early in the season. Another factor I think in the early part of the season was just the O Line in general. The main factor in losses towards the middle to end of the year in my opinion as Jurgens and the offense improved AM seemed to just keep getting worse and worse. I think poor QB play alone accounted for at least 2 of our losses, maybe more...
  3. I think the last time this happened...all but one or two transferred and the other one hasnt seen the field yet.... Lets hope its different this time around if this comes to fruition
  4. Some interesting stats there ZRod, thanks for posting those. My take on those numbers is that Adrian is obviously lower in every category, but not by much in the rushing category. It is pretty telling if you look at total touchdowns accounted for however, look at Tommys total TDs compared to adrian, especially in the passing category that surpises me that Tommy had that many more. Adrian sure isn't accounting for very many touchdowns compared to the other two QBs shown here, so my question is who should be getting us more TDs to offset this? Now I do see your disclaimer of 3 less games played so yes, you do have to take that into account, however this offense is basically the kind that Adrian is involved in just about everything, we go to him for the run game, the pass game, everything is based around Adrian, where with the other two QBs it may have been a little less so at times based on who they had surrounding them... If you look at back at who each of these QBs had for a RB, Taylor had Burkhead and Tommy had Ameer, and these two previous QBs STILL had more TDs than Adrian, that alone tells me Adrian needs to step his game up in a pretty big way, or we need another Ameer and an O Line to offset the lower production from QB. JMHO.
  5. I cant... they sent me here from zeta reticuli to observe the human race, but I got distracted with college football..so sorry in advance. In relation to my post what part of it wasn't accurate, what part wasn't what we did all year long? Tell me why Indiana, Purdue Iowa can throw deep on us Every other play and be wide open 15-20 yards downfield, yet when do we EVER do that? It isn't part of offense to throw downfield ?...ok...well that makes us pretty easy to beat then since we don't have Jonathan Taylor and Wisconsins O line to run block..
  6. I agree....seems Frost sticks to the same plays and the same players and doesn't really ever go away from them...at least for the majority of the year ...ya we had a few plays that switched it up...but for the most part we only looked ar wandale and the swing pass..thats our year in a nutshell..you can use the excuse no one else will make a play or get open.. however i find thats not true from watching the games... there's been plentyyyy of open guys run free... AM just cant make it happen..
  7. Our problem all year has been we REFUSE to throw downfield (minus the couple 40 yard bombs to JD where we didn't come close to hitting him in stride)...we rarely ever throw the ball farther than 5 yards downfield, in fact, we more often throw the ball about -2 yards downfield to all of our 5 foot 10 WRs..we have short, tiny WRs...thats not the issue...the issue is we don't have the 6 foot 4 215 lb receivers that it seems almost every other team has that can win jump balls on the edge downfield seemingly all game long. Thats what we don't have ..thats why the swing passes to our playmakers dont work...well that and blocking...when the team you are facing knows you are either gonna run it or do a swing pass and you have zero height to go up and get passes downfield you are a pretty damn easy team to defend unless you are committed solely to running and run block schemes... which we aren't at all. All you have to do is press us, stack the box, jump WR routes at the line of scrimmage and you've already beaten us.
  8. Hard to believe we can't sell some of these downfield outside threats on immediate playing time....the hard sell may be who is going to get them the ball...hope we get a couple of em..this guy could help us
  9. The thing about is....even if the coaches have watched hours of film and thought the swing pass was going to work on Iowa....that doesn't explain trying it all game in just about every single game of the season.....did every team's film show our coaches that this play was going to work and just somehow with bad luck it just didn't end up working in every single game?
  10. I agree with Igetbored on this. I have never watched a game where announcers were so baffled and just utterly confused by the horrid playcalling, specifically the swing pass. I watch college football all day most Saturdays and I have never seen a game where this happened. It was like the announcers (along with majority of people watching) were trying to will Nebraska to NOT run that play again because it wasn't ever going to work, everyone realized it but the coaches somehow...unless they did too but still wanted to run a play they knew wasn't going to work.
  11. I guess I would be jealous too if my peer who is in the same space as me was making MILLIONS and I wasn't making anywhere even in the ballpark. I think if we are honest with ourselves a lot of fans have doubts right now about this staff, but most fans still have hope along with those doubts. But...thats a pretty bad look coming from that source...if I was DONU I would probably distance myself from him as much as possible at this point. If we ever do get this turned around it will be quite interesting to see what he has to say at that time.
  12. I don't necissarily disagree with you, I think alot of your points are valid and I tend to agree with a lot of what you are saying here. The part that I am unsure about is that I think even with the guys we have right now, we should be able to go downfield, across the middle, down the sideline...something. We should not be 100% relegated to swing passes as our only form of passing that we can even TRY to do. If you are asking that of your team, and you are committing to NOT throwing the ball downfield you are essentially just asking for a loss already unless you are playing far inferior opponents or you are VERY VERY good a specific style or gimmick such as the option game. I think we need to be able to throw downfield 20 yards no matter who we have at WR, if you can't throw it up to them because of height scheme something to get them open, do 10 yard slants across the middle like every single team we have played ALL year has open on almost every down.
  13. While i agree with you about the WR thing... looking at our roster it absolutely baffles me why some of these guys do not see the field or contribute more in each game...Ty Chaffin, wyatt Liewer, Jaron Woodyard, Javeon Mcquitty (4 star) all should be given alot more shots yet can't see the field for one dang play....Mike Williams, Kade Warner, Kanawai Noa basically did nothing at all all year ...its not that we don't have WRs on the roster ..we just refuse to play them or give a shot...now i get it ..a couple small town nebraska walk-ons..sure...but one thing we NEEDED this year was a big WR...we have a couple on the bench but refuse to give them a chance, don't know the plays, cant block..what do we have to lose by throwing them out there? We refuse to play guys we went hard after.....high rated recruits, why? How can it he worse thwn lining up TEs and QBs as WRs all game. To be fair the WR we have this year didnt have much of a chance, we literally never pass downfield so what chances to do they even get other than screen passes...
  14. We cannot let frost go for at least 3 more years minimum in my opinion. We cannot just keep going through coaches and losing guys to transferring...thats why we have NO depth, poor culture, have lost some of our best recruits... lost majorities of recruiting classes... even if we suck next year... we need stability and consistency worse than about anything for the program as a whole.
  15. Agreed...the love affair with the sideline pass has mystified most fans, and the announcers today couldn't contain themselves with how stupid it was to continue running that play...i wish we would go down the sidelines to wide receivers on deep balls at least a handful of times each game..if we don't because we know it will get picked then thats an issue and we need a diff QB who can make those throws. You can't only run plays that allow the other team to press you and stack the box ...yet that is ALL we do..its frustrating
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