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  1. Loses to 3-9 Eastern Illinois Panthers
  2. Are they thinking Barry won't be signing? Been extremely quiet.
  3. What was that really simple looking white hat with interlocking black letters he picked up first?
  4. I sometimes wonder if maybe part of that is that the staff is conflicted on how to handle player confidence/morale. They don't know weather to try to do something to give em some confidence or rip em a new one and risk taking a hit to their confidence..idk just a thought.
  5. I absolutely agree on the pass rush, it's been non existent for about 6 years now and i mean completely non existent..but even without taking that into play, why is there a wide open WR 15 yards downfield what seems like every play, at some point those guys have to be locked up. We had no pash rush against Michigan MSU or Oklahoma and didn't struggle to defend the pass.
  6. Question, what the heck happened to our pass coverage? It hasn't been bad all year really until Minnesota and Purdue, Illinois I guess wasn't great, but we held Oklahoma, MSU and Michigan all day long in the passing game. We go from that to giving up 13 yards a pass almost every pass play it seems like. Is it just that the defense has kind of given up intensity or is it scheme?
  7. Was watching this game and saw this play..that was absolutely unreal, and hilarious.
  8. I mean if you don't think continuing to muff punts that lead to turnovers and getting safeties off punt returns in all 3 games we've played this season isn't an important discussion topic, I guess I'm not sure what is?
  9. I'd like to add, I'm the OP, but the fire Frost showed at the end of the game ..maybe not as much of an energy vampire as I thought, I liked seeing that.
  10. I mean honestly almost every game is very bad with the exception of a few..but i agree that last year in the big 12 was unreal.
  11. This was the worst officiated game I've seen (including other teams, and I watch games from sunup to sundown every Saturday) in years and years, and thats saying ALOT.
  12. Even field a **** punt???? Just play a base punt protect to avoid a fake and literally don't even have anyone run back to attempt to field it or block.... don't attempt to field another one for the rest of the season until you hire a special teams dedicated coach.
  13. If we don't kill ourselves with bonehead plays and mistakes the refs will ensure it...its either one or the other every single game, heck sometimes both...
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