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  1. Exactly correct @BIG ERN, excellent example of click bait by Mitch Sherman. Unfortunately, as is so common anymore, twitter users take a tweet at face value instead of reading more deeply into the context of the quote. Thank you @Farms for posting the full quote, no context needed. I don't view the McCaffrey brothers or family in a poor light whatsoever. I am all for them finding the best opportunities for themselves, however I do wish they would have received the full quote instead of relying on a sports writer's click bait spin. Can't help but think they would be removing the po
  2. I was wondering how Arizona State was making such a big impression on so many kids, especially the top in-state Nebraska recruits, in a year without visits. Will also be interesting to see how long Herm Edwards will want to remain a college coach.
  3. Also a pretty decent baseball player too. Could be quite a popular name as we get closer to 2024
  4. This type of reporting doesn't fit their narrative sadly. Unfortunately, journalism has taken on quite a different meaning over the past 10-20 years. Sad because it makes those who do a great job be overshadowed far too often. Really hoping this is the last notable case of serial abusers in college athletics as it seems like this past decade has brought to light too many scumbags.
  5. Disagree Though I too wish Luke would have stayed here, I can also see his perspective in leaving. Say he sticks it out here... Best case for Luke, Adrian moves on after 2021 season and Luke has up to three years to potentially be the starter by beating out two freshman project QBs. Alternative outcome: Adrian uses the Covid waiver and comes back to be the starter in 2022 as a fifth year senior. Luke's likely starting opportunity window drops to two seasons and the freshmen project QBs (presumably) get more even with practices and seasoning. At that point (2
  6. Bingo, I agree. The tweet from the ESPN radio personality did have a bit of sensationalism to it, but the coach going to the media saying they still need a safety, QB, RB and WR is a weird move. If I were a current player in the program, I can't say that publicized recruiting wish list would instill confidence.
  7. That was my thought as well. Made me think that though Luke transferred with the intention of being a QB. Louisville coaches had other plans, but didn't fully reveal them until they started holding summer workouts last week. Seeing how the McCaffrey family was with their sons, I strongly doubt they posed a "starter or leaving" ultimatum so I lean towards thinking something was fishy on the Louisville coaching side. Or for all we know, he got homesick and didn't want to live in Louisville, KY.
  8. True, they should be able to see through BS. That said, they were 4-7 last year... only the coaches and the player/family know what was being said when he committed. I did find it odd that the coach would go to the media about it and push the 'he wanted to be the starter and left when it wasn't handed to him' sentiment. For all we know, he went to Louisville and realized how different it was than home and decided he didn't want to live there for the next few years.
  9. Yes, though I don't think he has an interest in returning. It would take a lot of humble pie to come back now and would require Luke to turn into more of a gadget QB (Taysom Hill) whose main playing time would be in several positions around the field, not solely QB. We would benefit by having an athlete like him back in the program. Besides, we only have Adrian and two projects-at-best at QB right now. I realize the optics are not good for Luke, but I can't help but wonder if the Louisville coach/staff might have been selling a different situation and came into different circumsta
  10. Why stay at Louisville to play WR/RB? Especially when dozens of schools elsewhere would gladly take him as a WR/RB. I've only been to Louisville, KY once but I was not upset about leaving.
  11. Certainly looks bad to transfer before really giving the school a shot with practices but the bolded above is what I was thinking too. Or might just be the Colorado starter left their program yesterday and Luke thinks he might be able to win that job and be closer to home.
  12. Great questions. I think you're right in that without enrolling, he is not a student at the university and therefore can move as desired.
  13. I agree with you 100%. "Total Defense" as defined by the NCAA does appear to use yards as the sole factor for ranking (Source). Gets back to the core point, stats-based rankings alone are not enough to justify a good or bad defense as several other factors play a part. I would argue our defense last year would be a top 25-30 if special teams and the offense didn't put us in such poor positions as often as they did.
  14. As it turns out... Army played Georgia Southern last year. And Western Kentucky the year before. All had "Top 30 Team Defenses" last season which is why they were included as a comparison. Alabama's defense came in at 32 last year and they didn't get to face off against Mercer, The Citadel, Tulane or the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee. I have zero doubt Army's staff is a great group with a decent team, but let's pump the brakes on getting wrapped up in rankings.
  15. I didn't say they were bad teams, I used the comparison that Alabama was ranked #32 below all those teams. Alabama was the national champion and they were ranked closer to Nebraska at #50 than they were to Army at #2. Hence, my emphasis to not get wrapped up too much in the rankings alone.
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