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  1. Yup, and that’s fine. But he is clearly not seeing it. A coach with this much experience should recognize it. Not proving anything by keeping him out there
  2. His ability to run is above Purdy. And the way Purdy is playing, hard to imagine a QB playing worse right now. Just looks like a deer in the headlights. Feels like Whipple wants him out there like a three pointer shooter in a slump. Just killing his confidence though with seemingly nothing working with Purday.
  3. I wouldn’t say super easy given the way things were structured, but we definitely were set to succeed if Eichorst & Harvey stayed out of the way. It wasn’t quite a golden road though. We faced the conference’s best teams right away, even if they were a step down from where they were today. I mean hell we’ve played Indiana four times since we joined and Ohio State eight times in the same period. Nearly inverse of Iowa during the same period.
  4. Well of course the rest of the conference is against it, they lose two of the largest cash cows. Much like the Big 12 is/was against Texas and Oklahoma leaving is upsetting the rest of their conference. UCLA & USC exchanged traditional "rivals" for a stable conference, relevant on a national scale. However, the money is the key factor for UCLA as staying in the Pac-12 was not a successful formula. For USC, in addition to the money, they gain more attention nationally than they were getting for playing the Oregon State, Arizona & Cal every year. Now their "brand" will be featured in Chicago, NYC and everywhere in between. My curiosity is how the Big Ten will structure their "welcome" to the conference. For reference, here's how we were treated our first season in the league: At Wisconsin Ohio State At Minnesota Michigan State Northwestern At Penn State At Michigan Iowa
  5. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Iowa has had their best decade as a football program. If there was any program set for success during this time, it was Kirky & son. Total coincidence that they only had to play the best conference team once every 3-4 years on average… I like playing the big name programs, but as we are trying to get our own house in order, the conference could have done us a favor or two with scheduling at least once or twice in the past dozen years. I’d be surprised if we see USC & UCLA get the same multi-year gauntlet ahead.
  6. Mav, I was wrong to say he wasn’t hurt. HOWEVER, he was not injured and played the entire game save for a couple plays late in the game. “Would Purdue have been better or worse if Jones wasn’t hobbled?” was your note, suggesting that him at 100% makes Purdue better… sure, but at this point in the season very few players are 100% healthy. I realized today that this is kind of your thing, nitpick parts of arguments to get a rise out of people. Good job! My original post was that our defense constantly faces dozens of more plays than our peers. This is leading to additional injuries of our best players and causing us to utilize 3-5th string players at the end of games. Purdue being out the top two runningbacks likely hurts them. Our defense without our two starting linebackers hurts us. It’s a tit-for-tat deal. I seem to repeat the argument because you’ve said nothing to refute the original post that unless our defense gets off the field more, we will continue to see backups of backups at the end of games.
  7. I don’t disagree that they haven’t been performing well very for a good chunk of the season. However, the coaches need to find a way to bring better balance or else we will likely continue to have these slugfests where we’re relying on true freshmen or unproven walk-ons to make critical plays at the end of games.
  8. Mav… did Charlie Jones start the game and play all four quarters? Thanks. It’s not moving the goalposts. You’re playing a stretched hypothetical game of “ifs”. You clearly are reading what you want to see and ignoring the main point of the post. More snaps= more collisions = greater chance of injury.
  9. Yeah… and how many snaps did he miss this game because of injury? I recall only the last five minutes where he was walked off the field for a few plays and still came back in. Otherwise, he was on the field the whole game. And only had to be helped off after he had played the 60-70+ snaps. I get your point, but it’s not disproving my original post that our defense facing so many plays over the course of the season has a correlation to our best players being more susceptible to injury. I hope the coaches use the bye week to develop some strategies to have better balance to time of possession and snap counts. Failure to do so and we will likely see more talent-limited walk-ons playing in crunch time
  10. He wasn’t though. Good revisionist effort, Mav.
  11. Probably better, yes. Was Jones hurt to start the game? I noticed him hobbled near the end of the game (after he was playing 60-70+ snaps at receiver)… thank you for unintentionally proving my point that more snaps = more collisions and more opportunity for injury.
  12. Is that how you’re interrupting what I wrote? I am simply pointing out that the longer the defense is on the field, the more chances for our best players to be injured and less talented players see the field. The offense tonight was clicking with the big plays which was a nice improvement over the more common three-and-out theme we had been seeing earlier in the year. However, barring a major change in trends, our team will face 1.5-2x defensive snaps in comparison to the average of peers. That beating takes a toll over time and leaves us with 3rd/4th/5th? best options in crunch time.
  13. Yes… do you believe we would have better or worse with Reimer & Heinrich out there all game? Presumably you would agree we would be stronger with them than without. Safe to say more opportunities for injury occur by facing more plays? Ergo, facing fewer plays on defense may lead to a reduction in injuries? Defense helps themselves via turnovers or preventing prolonged drives. Offense helps by better controlling the clock and allowing time for the defense to recharge. We haven’t done either of those well since Pelini.
  14. Time of Possession is rarely our friend, but it’s clearly having a negative effect on our defense. We faced 101 plays on defense tonight. In contrast, we had 52 offensive plays. For reference, Illinois faced 42 from Minnesota. No amount of S&C can fully prepare a defense to face 90+ snaps a game without seeing the injured list start racking up. Will be very interesting to see how many extra snaps our defense had to face at the end of the year in comparison to our peers. Either need to start forcing turnovers or shut down opponent drives.
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