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  1. You do understand that those two set the program in the opposite direction of success, right? Terrible in nearly all aspects regarding the football program (recruiting, scheduling, staffing, etc.). Took a program that was what many nationally considered to be respectable under Pelini and flipped that entirely. Reestablishing a successful program can be a long process as only a few are able to set and (more importantly) sustain a successful program for several years. Unfortunately, Frost & Co. haven’t turned it around yet but I still believe we are capable of getting up in the top of the conference discussion as soon as next year. Yesterday was an awful setback, but I believe the team is capable of finishing out the season winning at least three of four. But hey, I’m an optimistic person by nature… hope the team fulfills that vision.
  2. Doesn’t seem to be a Stoops caliber coach out there for the taking and hitting the reset button again doesn’t feel like the right move either. For better or worse, we ride with Frost and hope these lessons (and karma) turn in our favor. We have flashes of brilliance but far too often have inconsistent play. Some of that is the youth factor but having issues with the basics at QB is concerning. I’m not sure how you teach or coach a killer’s instinct but we need that factor to come along.
  3. If Minnesota had any sense, they would run up the middle three straight plays each drive. Break a first down once in awhile but otherwise sit and eat clock before punting to our inconsistent offense.
  4. Stepp… would be a shame to bring in an experienced back that falls forward when he runs… real shame
  5. Minnesota wanting to keep us in the game it appears. Defense slams the door on this drive and we’ve got a great shot. Allow the Gophers to answer and we’re in bad trouble
  6. 100% called on us if the jerseys were flipped. Gotta figure out a way to get around them I guess
  7. Defense coming to play this half. Refs missing a bad holding on Nelson… go figure
  8. No offense to Levi Falck but why in the hell aren’t we putting Manning, Betts and Toure out there as receivers? At least give the impression that our receivers could take one to the house
  9. I agree on Sanders but what’s frustrated me about Fisher is that they don’t seem to be training the DBs to look back for the ball, a lot of faceguarding with Dismuke & Williams. CTB and the younger guys appear to occasionally look back for the ball and sometimes turns into turnovers (like the one that just happened)
  10. Zero pressure and defensive backs playing 5-10 yards off receivers… did Bob Diaco send us his playbook?
  11. Yes… when he had all the talent we had and a developed scheme. The calm approach when the team looks like they’re going through the motions hasn’t worked the past seven years.
  12. I’m sure he isn’t pleased either. Hopefully he has a Pelini-like halftime speech and not an Osborne approach… need the guys to play with some fire.
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