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  1. Could be an intangible thing like personality fit or attitude. Also could be who they envision adding more size on once arriving. Or simply they trusted one player to be more committed to a program and sticking to a commitment, not chasing a different offer whether NIL or not. Any number of factors in play, just glad he decided to move on quickly instead of dragging it on for a long period.
  2. What are those? Did our line make many of them last year? I think you have a point, I also think Held & Co. had their own ideas and kept trying to force their own players into the spotlight when they were clearly not the best option. It always frustrated me (and presumably the players) how the coaches tended to throw the smallest backs into the teeth of a defense in short yardage situations. And too often a player would have a good series then not be seen again for 2-3 possessions. Hard to develop flow if they only have one or two series a half.
  3. I'm not totally convinced he sticks with Oklahoma if they don't maintain the same level of success they enjoyed under Lincoln Riley. Venables is a good coach, but will be interesting to see how good with their makeshift roster this season.
  4. I agree that the referees did not lose the game for us. That said, their inconsistencies throughout the season were very disappointing. Given how fragile our team's psyche was for 90% of the year, we were not able to overcome the poor jobs. The number of times our guys got popped in the face the past few games without a review or call was rather disappointing. Zero doubt they are called if the jerseys were flipped. Reminds me of the football team's two year drought of not getting a holding call on opponent's offensive lines... reputation precedes us. Hopefully the Big Ten reviews what they're doing and how they are setting rules in the offseason.
  5. Can’t have too much of a good thing for Nebraska. Thought they had a solid first half with calling fouls both ways, less so as the second half started. McGowens got ejected for a hit to the head. We’ve been on the receiving end of several the past couple games without so much as a foul call against our opponents. All that said, we are still in a good spot to win. Gotta play tough and not allow easy buckets in the defensive end.
  6. There is a reason Gard is not very well liked in many parts of the conference. Hell, several on his own team last year didn’t like him. His “make the necessary phone calls” comment is laughable. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he will not mention the foul discrepancies or poor officiating throughout the game (season) which was in his favor. Play should’ve stopped at the whistle, but the continuation resulted in his player hurting his foot. Trey got ejected so I’m not exactly sure what he hopes would happen with his useless phone call to the league.
  7. True, though that one wasn't nearly as egregious as the T call or the charge to block change. Unfortunately, this has been too common all year and arguably several years now. It's great in protecting the tournament seeding for the teams that qualify, but generally sets the conference up to be disappointed with a bunch of upsets or early exits. This Wisconsin team might get 4th or 5th place in the Big East or Big 12 and yet they're going to win the Big Ten.
  8. My thoughts exactly! The ref running across the court to change the call from the nearside ref from a charge to a block is a red flag. I believe he was also the one with the thin skin who gave Verge the T for looking at him.
  9. Big Ten officiating once again proving to be a joke... No wonder this conference struggles when it comes to the NCAA postseason and real officials don't gift teams points and opportunities quite as much.
  10. These refs are incredibly frustrating and inconsistent. Seem to allow the rough and tumble, but then call a ticky-tack situation where most would probably play on. Seems to be a lot in favor of Ohio State. Glad to see the team figuring it out playing small ball with the foul trouble on our bigs. Seems like Trev's boost in confidence last week has allowed the team and players to play loose and much better the past week.
  11. So long as he keeps himself with at least a foot in the paint, he can be pretty decent. Chasing players around the perimeter or straying too far away from the basket and he's less useful. Staying in the paint to grab rebounds and deter layup opportunities and his value goes way up. Really hoping Fred and staff can work with him on that this offseason if he's coming back.
  12. Haha yes, some call it emotional... most would say pathetic. Not the Senior Day he envisioned apparently.
  13. Fair point, Walker could be an asset. I'd add him to the list as well. The bulk of the roster however, adios.
  14. No, maybe in the media but not in reality. Last National Champion out of the Big Ten was over 20 years ago. The best conference produces more teams in the Sweet 16. Hell look at last year... Big Ten had exactly one team in the Sweet 16, the Pac-12 had four somehow. Big Ten teams look good when they get to beat up on Nebraska, Northwestern, Maryland, Penn State and Rutgers every year. But then when the season's on the line, the Big Ten (as a whole) tends to bow out early in the tournament. I hope they've figured it out but by no objective measure is the Big Ten the best conference until it's proven when it matters.
  15. Agreed... Addition by subtraction with him moving on (hopefully).
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