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  1. Nope, not at this stage. Same with finding a team this late to fill in that meets the protocols the Big Ten put in place. Unfortunately, this will be a bye week for us.
  2. Highly doubtful given the reaction from August when we mentioned that exact situation and got blasted by the conference & media.
  3. I had the feeling that who we were facing factored a lot into how we covered the receivers downfield. Might also stay that way until some of our larger DBs get on the field more, as we may be more prone to giving space in order to try and avoid the homerun plays. That said, I would be surprised if we gave that much cushion to Wisky receivers this week or other teams ahead of us. I could be drinking the kool-aid but I am a lot more optimistic about this team despite this past weekend.
  4. I thought it was more of a hyperextended knee which can vary in severity. Hopefully whatever it ends up being, it isn't a long-term deal.
  5. Neat catch, was more impressed that he could outrun the other defensive backs the final 55 yards at his size. Definitely could use his size as a threat downfield in the future.
  6. Bingo, sure it'll be debated if Mertz doesn't play but it is a team versus team game. I hope he does play and I also hope Manning plays for us. Should be a fun game to watch and I think we're going to be competitive regardless of who is out there for them.
  7. Hard to tell how good Northwestern actually is when playing a team like Maryland. Their game this week against Iowa will be much more of an indicator (applies to Iowa too and if they can come back following a surprising loss).
  8. Throwing around the "Super Bowl" term a little loosely I see. Wisconsin is good but I don't believe a team in the conference is anywhere near as talented as Ohio State. Should be a fun one to watch this weekend. As for the biggest game of the year, I am more interested in winning the Iowa & Minnesota games. Would be nice to get back to being the best team in the region and avenge some poor performances in the previous couple years.
  9. You're right, we do have a past we can be proud of and justify the program as one of college football's blue bloods. However, we have made several (note: dozens) of boneheaded errors the past 20 years both on the field and especially off the field. I don't think our fanbase/program being labeled as annoying is something we need to get too worked up about. We were annoying and overlooked nationally when we were rolling in the 80s & 90s too. I like the fact that we still have spirit and belief that we're just around the corner or building towards our expectations. Now that the t
  10. Agreed, slim chance the MAC & Pac12 come back if the Big Ten doesn't. Now we just have to be competitive in these games and show promise. Can't have those inexcusable blowouts again (ie - Minnesota last year).
  11. The wild part is that if Nebraska wasn't so insistent on playing and publicly supporting the idea of playing, it isn't unreasonable to think that the Big Ten would have not revisited the season postponement. Yes, Ohio State's support was crucial but it's hard to believe that they alone would have caused the Big Ten to reverse the decision. Annoying? Sure, we'll take that. I'd rather we get back to associating ourselves with the top of the league anyways like we did with Oklahoma in the Big 8/12 days. Now we just have to get back to where it matters, on the field.
  12. I think ordering college kids to stay in place is a fruitless exercise as shown at nearly every public university in the country. As to your exact question, no a health department doesn't control football or any sport. I do find the timing of these directives interesting however.
  13. Of course! Two weeks of stay in place orders for the college kids. Definitely going to be followed by all of those reliable students. Total coincidence that this order gets lifted Nov. 4th too! At this point, I wonder why some of these schools don't just opt out if they're so hell bent on giving themselves every excuse not to play.
  14. Bingo, there is no harm in sometimes taking 3-4 yards up the middle if it's available. Not every play will be a homerun or first down. Being able to continuously plow up and down the field wears a defense out over four quarters and can be helpful to our defense by winning some of the time of possession battle.
  15. Yes... however this will be their first game of the season too. I believe they may have some moments of struggle as well this first week. Ohio State is replacing quite a few players from last season including a couple linemen, Dobbins & receivers. No doubt they have talent to replace those guys but might not be a finely tuned product yet. (we can hope)
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