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  1. No doubt an odd situation. Makes me wonder whether he is planning to transfer or trying to get his personal life in order. That dragging legal case is not helping in any regard either.
  2. Agreed, he would have been very useful the past month. His situation has contributed to the point of the offense being a letdown this season.
  3. True, all true which is why I have been more disappointed with the offense. The same problems are plaguing the team that we've had for a few years now on that side of the ball... namely turnovers, sacks and questionable play calls.
  4. Fair point, but defense has had their own share of injuries this year too. I will agree that the experience level returning should have helped more than it has but they have performed as most expected in being middle of the road this year. But we haven't really had a clean game offensively since the NIU game. No doubt we've had some flashes since then and looked to have a good one going with Indiana but too often we've shot ourselves in the foot offensively. Hopefully these are learning lessons for the group and we'll be better for it going forward.
  5. How so? Between the offense or the defense, which side has been more of a letdown this season for you? My take -- Too much hype before the season (Heisman talk, scoring explosion, etc.) that all tended to focus on the offense performing well in year two. I don't recall anybody suggesting our defense was expected to be a top 10-20 type. So in that regard, I am more disappointed in our offensive output than our defensive performance overall.
  6. Great point. A lot of criticism has been heaped on Chins and the defense this year... some of that has been deserved. However, Frost & staff were known for the offensive prowess, not that they were a powerhouse defensive group. I would argue the offense has been the more disappointing of the two this year. I do believe it is important to keep the staff together for at least next season. The carousel of defensive coaches has gone on for too long.
  7. Frustrating but we were down two scores so we got pass happy.
  8. Good points, @BigRedBuster. If we could rely on our kicking game and make the nine points, it's a much different outlook on the game.
  9. You're making too many assumptions. Thank you for stating this in a different way, exactly my point. My hope is that Frost will be able to kick when it makes sense in the future and not fall too in love with his own play calling.
  10. Bingo! I agree with both points. Kicking isn't costing us games (except Colorado) but it is a sign of a good, winning program for both college and the NFL.
  11. I'm not going to assume what their private conversations are and I would recommend none of us do that. Valid point. Statistics would indicate that it was not a wise idea to go for it at that range. But as you justified with Nebraska going towards the South endzone... they were going into the wind. Maybe I should simplify the point... winning programs need to trust their kicking game.
  12. No, I thought today's risks were justified. My contention from the thread you're referencing is that we cannot assume failure in the kicking game 100% of the time.
  13. Thought I was done but I couldn't ignore the notification. I understand the propensity to distrust kickers. I guess I'm just more optimistic about Pickering. Yes, as would most of America... and statisticians.
  14. Offense being unable to put points on the board is critical. Almost 500 yards and we score 21 points total. Missed FG hurts but didn't seem as deflating as being stopped short on our three fourth down attempts. Really though Mazour was going to make it there at the end.
  15. I disagree as the generally accepted standard of a D-1 level kicker is the ability to hit from the 35 yard line (52 yard FG). I realize that you like to justify the risk taking but as I've said from the beginning... winning programs are willing to get points however they might come. Since you haven't understood that from my first point, I will no longer be carrying on this topic as you don't seem to understand but instead are focused on having the ends justify the means.
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