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  1. Haha I was thinking more along the lines of leadership, internal accountability and teamwork but that doesn't sound like a bad alternative.
  2. Think he'll come back for another year? I really hope he does. I've believed that Thor has been an underappreciated player for us the past three years. Makes a few boneheaded plays a game (as does most of the team) but is a great gel guy in terms of making good reads, playing unselfishly and playing with a steady demeanor. Will not light up the scoreboard and would benefit greatly if he could knock down the wide open shots beyond the arc consistently, but I think he would be a great keep for us. I'm really hoping Arop can pick up a lot of the tricks, reads and concepts that Thor ha
  3. Relax, we're six months from games so of course off-field topics will be discussed ad nauseam. @rocketlb's summary was solid. Sounds like the former players are going in with the right focus. Hopefully the players can pick up some intangible traits that will lead to on-field success in one way or another.
  4. I don't believe that the strength & conditioning has been the issue at least reports of slacking were not nearly as frequent as they were for the previous staff. The team has the physical tools and skill to win, it was mental lapses that were the reason for our downfall last year. I think @Toeis correct that the current S&C staff already get reports back to the staff but the true measure of growth will come with more practice this spring and will need to show next fall.
  5. When they were recruited, Iowa was not the better team versus Nebraska. By the time they left, Nebraska had assembled the unfortunate group of Mike Riley, Eichorst & Harvey P and Iowa was the better team. Would you have given a scholarship to Bazata over Maliek Collins? Or Ott over Vincent Valentine? The short answer is no. You're using the ends to justify the means which is unwise for this scenario. Both guys ended up being decent players for Iowa and likely could have been contributors here. That said, out of high school they were justifiably given walk-on opportunities here
  6. Yes, hindsight is always 20/20. Ask yourself this question about that though... do they become all-conference and get drafted if they were coached by Mike Riley, Langsdorf, Bob MF Diaco? I don't think I'm discounting any of the players as they all turned out to be great talent for their schools. Although it is awesome to have the hometown heroes and Nebraska-born guys making great strides and representing our program, I think we need to have some perspective with regards to the talent coming out of high school. Example: 2010 - Kyle Emmanuel. Most didn't know him and he had little
  7. Fant is the key one. Also "missed" on the Johnson brothers, Easton Stick, Nick Leduca & Kyle Emmanuel at NDSU. Fant had the most fanfare for snubbing Nebraska largely because it was believed that Riley's staff didn't put enough effort into trying to land him. Most others grew to be studs at their schools of choice but were not as sought after as others out of high school. Turned out to be really good players but difficult to say they would have been as successful had they came here under some of the coaching we had the previous years, especially under Riley's staff where development really
  8. I'd like to think it will be one of the Hays, KS guys (Meyers or Kanak). Both would be great additions for us.
  9. I think your stance is a little misguided. True, coaches have to put in more effort with kids from Omaha but I don't think that it's just an Omaha problem. Kansas City is tough and St. Louis especially where we are 0 for 50-75 since we signed Tre Bryant in 2016. It isn't that Omaha or big city kids loathe Nebraska, it's that bigger city kids generally get more attention than a kid from Crete, Norfolk or Hastings. And with more attention from other programs, generally it means more recruiting effort is needed from the coaches. @ColoradoHusk and others hit the nail on the head that w
  10. To be fair, many players may be waiting until after spring practices to make decisions. His brother stepped away at Michigan before the season started and decided to transfer to Northern Colorado after the semester finished. Luke may be taking the same approach. Agreed though, many players are transferring and most will soon find out that the outcomes will not likely be favorable.
  11. @TheSker, I'm not sure his comments were directed at his fellow linemen necessarily. @jjhusker is right in his response, this isn't anything new. I would believe that he might have been referring to the younger guys (notably the receivers group) who have since removed a number of players at that position. There was really no excuse for not knowing the playbook by the time we started the season in late October. Reportedly, we had to deal with that for a lot of the season along with a host of other off the field issues. It may also help that instead of force-feeding the ball to the s
  12. Hey by all means be ignorant. His addition is big for us. With Fisher flirting this past off season with Georgia, he may be on the lookout for the next stop soon. Busch is a proven recruiter and would be able to step into a role if needed. As for guys he recruited here previously: Bowman, Amukamara, Burkes, Hagg, Marcel Jones, among others. In short, the guy knows how to sell Nebraska to recruits. Analyst roles obviously have limitations but they seem to be working for Alabama and their seemingly unending rolodex of analysts. I’m not obsessed over it but I do believe it is a great ad
  13. Take a look at Bill Busch's resume and recruiting record. Add in the home state pride factor and the addition is a big deal.
  14. Bill Busch is a massive addition to the staff. Also becomes a big asset if Fisher were to be lured away after the season. Despite the slow pace of on-field progress which is obviously the major concern, Frost is proving to be a great with his hires off the field. We need the wins to follow but he's assembling a mix of coaches and people to be great again.
  15. Also interesting that Aaron Donald had his best year by far when playing next to Suh (2018). It was much easier for him to accumulate a lot of those stats by having Suh taking two guys while Donald only had one guy to beat every play. Similar situation to Von Miller coming back down to earth after losing Shaquil Barrett opposite him for the Broncos. Both guys are still great players but neither are as effective without other studs to take attention away.
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