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  1. Good point though hindsight is always 20/20. Would more due diligence have helped? Maybe? It is easy to put blame back on the coaches after the fact but no one would have said a word if the guy turned out to be an upstanding citizen to society after signing. That said, there proved to be a pattern of off the field issues going on. Add in lawsuits and a struggling program and it isn't an unreasonable decision for Dantonio to take his money and run.
  2. So far it's been job offers to parents of a recruit but the source is his former shady director of recruiting so there could be some legitimacy to the accusations with that insider knowledge.
  3. Former recruiting director filed claim with NCAA stating the program violated several recruiting rules. Several legal issues with bad off field player behavior and his administration being less than 100% supportive of the coach or staff in the media.
  4. Mark Dantonio has decided to step down at Michigan State (source). He received a $4.3 million longevity bonus on Jan. 15th. Given all the drama going on around East Lansing, doesn't seem too surprising but the timing is definitely less than ideal. Could be a rough decade for Sparty ahead with the timing and all the issues they're facing.
  5. This entire thread is subjective. What is "nationally relevant" to me might differ from what you consider to be "nationally relevant". Could it take ten or more years to win a title? Possibly. Could it take ten or more years to finish in the top 10? Maybe... though I'd bet we will be there within 2-3 years.
  6. Could have been intentional, the ESPN writer (Paula Lavigne) has a strong focus on sexual assault on college campuses as one of the topics in her wheelhouse. I'd be surprised if local media had access to the comprehensive story versus maybe just whispers/rumors. Local media would put themselves in a tough spot if they report or misrepresent a part of the story without being fully informed. Local writer could hurt future access to program, players & coaches if erroneous or excessive in reporting details. Similar to why trade rumors, coach firings, etc. are often publicized by national outlets ("Woj bomb" in the NBA, Schefter with NFL) before they are published by local beat reporters.
  7. San Diego State was his first offer but otherwise we appear to be the big name team pursuing.
  8. Could be any number of sources for the details. I think you're right on this not being over. There is probably some shady area where she may have consented to activity A but not to parts B, C, etc. Not a good look for anyone involved
  9. Negative, are you referring to police sharing the information with the university athletic department or the university's banning of the two players as the leak? My personal hunch is that it's a complicated situation where the victim proved to be very trustworthy from the start and her word carried more weight than the players differing accounts.
  10. My understanding is that she notified the police first who quickly informed the coaching staff & admins about the issue. As far as the criminal charges part, she may be working through those options and weighing pros/cons as she would likely be exposed publicly.
  11. Actually, she did. Based on that article (the only info available to us right now), it was stated that she didn't want that contact she received and told Hunt so before even arriving at the apartment. Her immediate reaction after the event was to report it to the police. She didn't run to the media or file a lawsuit before reporting to the police... to me, that indicates that she felt violated. Based on the football staff's immediate action, they clearly thought there was enough smoke to suspend both players.
  12. Doesn't really matter what she texted or who she called. She said no. The fact that she reported it to police immediately after is a pretty surefire sign that she didn't want what happened to happen. Was she dumb for going? Probably should've thought it through more as to what exactly she expected to do there but still doesn't excuse the players.
  13. Their line did well on three big runs and did a decent job in pass protection. After that first quarter though, our defense (especially d-line) was dominant in keeping them at bay especially in the run game. At only 55 yards passing and a pick going into Iowa's final drive, Stanley didn't appear to be too much of a threat either. That said, you are correct that we did not get home very often to lay a finger on Stanley.
  14. Bingo, it appears that we're on our way to that but it will take time. Hopefully the fire Chins crowd will be able to consider this before turning up the heat too much.
  15. Two large chunk TDs can affect the gameplan. However, the plan didn't appear to be working regardless as we punted five times in the first half and we still had the same swing passes for little to no gain whether tied or down two scores. Defense stiffened up and performed well enough to get the win, offense failed. Three possessions in the final ten minutes of a tied game and we produce a total of 11 yards with no points... that is an offensive failure in my opinion.
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