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  1. If we keep everybody else in check, their hot shooter will miss some eventually. Solid defensive plan and pretty well executed so far.
  2. Kaelin's game does not seem to fit the style of Rhule's system. In addition, he heavily benefits by having several D-1 playmakers around him and was not individually impressive. In my opinion, we would be better off not signing him and letting him join a program more fitting to his skill.
  3. Interesting choice for a first post and no, that is not a compliment. Having watched the basketball game (topic of this thread), we played surprisingly well for 3/4 of the game. We forced a lot of bad plays towards the end and when we didn't force ourselves into turnovers, we seemed to have to play 5 vs. 8 in again dealing with poor officiating (a Big Ten staple!). "We don't deserve to continue playing Big 10 basketball"? Maybe in previous years we would be more equipped for the MAC, but this year the team is actually fitting in the Big Ten rather nicely. It's ugly basketball, but that is the Big Ten way! Your trailing off into the football realm was odd. All three of the entities you mentioned, Athletic Department, President & Chancellor have changed in recent years bringing a new faith that changes will produce better results. Based on improvements in several of the lesser publicized sports, it can be argued that the changes are starting to work. You're judging Coach Rhule by what exactly... two months of recruitment with zero games played? Call it crazy, but maybe we let things play out a bit before we start writing off the whole athletic department. The fact that Nebraska continues to play hard in these basketball games when no one gives them a legit chance after the injuries is impressive. The results aren't what any Huskers want, but the effort and identity building is progress despite how frustrating the outcomes have been.
  4. Refs once again doing the bidding of the conference. Five+ Fouls called on us boxing out? Wish we had a situational Trey McGowens for some of these games where the foul calls would be legitimately worth it. Need a bruiser since we’re going to get a lot of fouls called on us anyways, might as well get our money’s worth.
  5. Nebraska coming out fairly strong. Playing a little too fast on the offensive end. Fred needs to focus on getting them to try and burn 20+ seconds every offensive possession to shorten the game.
  6. The Big Ten should really evaluate their officiating. I understand that they want to get as many teams into the tournament as possible, but they are doing the teams no favors by being so inconsistent.
  7. Yes, he also handles the ball more than almost any big in the conference. It isn't pretty, but he is incredibly effective given that he's an undersized center asked to do so much for us. That said, I do agree that he could benefit by not forcing so many risky passes... which goes for everybody on our side.
  8. So far, he seems to be doing ok given all that they're asking him to do (14 pts, 6 rebounds against 3 turnovers). Maryland shooting perfect at the line doesn't help, nor does the free throw discrepancy 15 attempts to a single attempt for us.
  9. Sam Hoiberg catching the flow as a shooter is very unexpected. Sad to see the same sorry refs getting in the way again, seems to be the theme again this year. Not surprising why the "strong" Big Ten teams struggle once the tournament starts.
  10. Probably a better fit for him with the Big 12 and Pac 12 playing similar styles. That said, not a fan of the decision swap especially after blowing smoke for several days after the initial decision. Not a great look on his part and obviously hurts us short-term.
  11. Refs making the foul call discrepancy up late, let a lot of physical play go when we were on offense until late second half. Wasn't pretty and obviously wasn't close, but we never let Purdue coast as our hustle on the defensive end never stopped. With Gary & Griesel, it would've been closer but Purdue is a top 5 team for a reason. Hope they're back soon as we've got a great chance to win any of the remaining games with no Purdue ahead.
  12. My perspective is that Rouse is a very intriguing prospect and would be a great addition for us. Very smart, large body with speed to move at his size and also a likable person from interviews I've seen. May struggle with the physicality change from the Pac-12 to Big Ten, but might be a more natural fit with what Rhule is looking to run. Helps that he's had several years of starting experience so the conference change may not be large of a switch. Would definitely like to see him come to Lincoln. IMO - Stanford has underachieved with offensive linemen for several years. Numerous highly rated, large bodies with skill and not much to show for it given the talent. Rouse came in as a mid-rated recruit, filled in his freshman year when an injury happened and he never gave up his spot. Wouldn't be able to accomplish that unless he had some good talent in him.
  13. Too much hero ball. Need more screens and unselfish play if they hope to claw back. If Sparty keeps shooting well from outside, there isn’t much we’ll be able to do to stop them. Their ball movement has been impressive, would be nice if we could do the same.
  14. It's Iowa, they take their cue from their head coach. Ever want to see grown men cry? Watch when a ref doesn't give them a call in a wrestling meet.
  15. Nebraska showing the blueprint for how to take Purdue down. Unsure if we've got the talent to take the W, but they're fighting and showing the effort we hope for and expect. If we can keep this defensive style (pack the paint, close out hard) all year, we're going to win a good chunk of games. This is exactly what Fred needed to establish.
  16. Indiana is throwing up some junk that’s falling, hard to fault our guys right now. They have been playing relatively good defense, often pushing them to the end of the shot clock and not giving up too many easy ones after a rough start to both halves. Continuing to fight is a nice sign and finally appear to have an identity. I don’t know that Griesel would be the full scoring difference, but he would’ve definitely put more of a scare into IU.
  17. Can't help but wonder if Rhule thinks he and the staff can mold the young coach and/or they want an inside track to try and get his nephews into the fold somehow.
  18. I too was disappointed that none worked out though Hunt was in line to start (if I remember correctly) before his legal issues. After Palmer's breakout this year, I'm excited to see what Turner can do with some development here. Appears to be a pretty humble kid and that kind of speed is hard to ignore.
  19. You’re obviously trolling and that’s fine if that’s how you get your jollies off. Wanting the program to do well while the coach sucks is like hoping your new car works great while the engine breaks down.
  20. http://www.espn.com/-sports/football/recruiting/conference/_/class/2022/id/31 One of these teams is not like the others…. Again, maybe Deion may turn out to be a good coach. However, he will not enjoy the same talent gap he had while out recruiting his peers at Jackson State.
  21. I don’t disagree. But there is a large difference between the talent of an Florida A&M and USC. Unfortunately, I cannot name a single player in the SWAC outside of some Jackson State players. Deion leaving will not help that conference maintain relevance.
  22. So you can’t name a single player in conference? What it means is that Deion was good about recruiting highly ranked players when his competition is not as successful at attracting those players. Therefore with better talent (on paper), Deion was excellent at winning against less talented teams. I realize that you are trolling and that’s fine. Hopefully Deion does well, but he’s got quite a challenge ahead of him now that some of his peers will have better facilities and arguably equal talent.
  23. Again I ask, can you name 2-3 high quality players from the conference that don’t have the last name Sanders or Hunter? Is it fair or unfair to say that Jackson State had more talent than their peers in the SWAC?
  24. I'd be surprised if most fans knew more than 3-4 HBCUs so criticizing @sho for saying that Deion will now have to compete with more equally supported programs is not wise. I assure you that most football fans couldn't name players in the SWAC that didn't have the last name Hunter or Sanders. There is a reason that the HBCUs are "buy" games for P5 programs after all. Deion has proven that he can attract highly touted players and get attention to his career. These players did win over the lesser known and less touted players at other schools. However, that does not show Deion as a coach, only as a recruiter. Without Google, can you share two or three players from HBCUs that we should know about? I would advise against trying to compare Deion and Rhule too closely as during those three years at a Power 5 school, Rhule took Baylor to the Sugar Bowl. I don't know whether he will work out at Nebraska, but his track record is more proven than Deion at this point. It will either be a success and Colorado becomes relevant on the field, or it will be a failure and he'll jump ship in 3-4 years.
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