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  1. Can't help but wonder where this team would be with even an average true PG. Verge puts up stats but appears to focus on the highlight plays or getting his numbers up at the expense of the team. Webster has spots but then jacks up odd plays trying to swing momentum instead of focusing on fundamentals. If there's one spot Fred needs to nail in the next class, it's finding a guard that can distribute and play defense.
  2. Poor officiating all season it seems. Wouldn't change the outcome tonight, but it is discouraging for those games in which we are close. Hopefully they figure that out before long.
  3. His girlfriend plays soccer at Pitt, made them the odds on favorite early on. Would've been nice for us though
  4. Thinking more about Cam leaving and realizing it could make a lot of sense for him to go. Sure, he could come back and improve his stock, maybe get in the award conversations. Selfishly, I wanted him to come back and leave leading this team to a winning record and bowling. However, he does have an injury history and has been in school awhile. The risk there for him as an individual is understandable. Hopefully he does get the chance to show off quite well at the combine and gets drafted early.
  5. Only way this team gets to ten wins is Trey McGowans comes back and reinstalls some semblance of pride and Doc comes up with a sticky zone defense that kills clock. I can’t envision us being able to put up 80 points a game unless the other teams hit 100+ (or several overtimes)
  6. Hard to gain any flow with Verge unfortunately. Even when he does pass to wings, it’s usually a second or two late and the receivers aren’t in rhythm to shoot. He just doesn’t seem to have the timing and Webster has lost his feel as a distributor as well. Not sure where Fred goes from here but he would best be served by taking a playbook from Minnesota football. Drain the shot clock, play stout defense and hope the style frustrates the other team. Obviously the current players aren’t good enough to keep run and gunning with these decent teams.
  7. Agreed, I don't know about his playing style but the cache of his name alone could open up some doors to others. Although I'd prefer to get Brad Johnson's kids as they would also have some pull with other potential recruits. Really curious who the staff will be able to snag.
  8. To an extent they would be correct. February on South Beach doesn't sound half bad. However, that would be wildly inaccurate if the player has any interest in playing or having a future playing career in football
  9. Disagree. Can’t be held hostage to make promises, especially after having been given so many opportunities. Just need to find and stick to an identity. Team isn’t far off, just need to pull it together and figure it out.
  10. If that's the case, so be it. I'm skeptical of the entire deal as it screams of headline grabbing drama with little actual substance at this stage. I could be proven wrong, but without more information, we're spinning our wheels. Best case is wish the best for the departing players, hope those considering leaving wait to see who is added to the staff and for the team to go into 2022 with a new perspective and a focus on winning more than style.
  11. Before we get too far down the rabbit hole on this one (if we haven't already)... is there any confirmation that Cam Jurgens was the disgruntled player who had a contentious meeting? Or any specific player was pissed about the end of season meetings? All speculation without actual specifics. Could it be that Frost recommended some kids exit the program as they were unlikely to get playing time? Hoiberg got some heat in his first season by essentially shipping off 95% of the team, including the home state Brady Heiman. Turned out to be the best thing for the guy as he wouldn't have seen much PT. Feels like we're spiraling this story which was exactly what the TMZ reporter journalist diary entry writer intended.
  12. Losing complies problems. Winning resolves a large majority of issues.
  13. Again, you didn't watch the game apparently. Can't just take a snippet and broadly apply it. 28 extra free throw attempts for NC State helps
  14. You obviously didn't watch the game. Check the box score in the foul department. NC State gifted quite a lot
  15. Announcers, not surprisingly, incorrectly reported he was ejected. Poorly called game both on the floor and tv... I'm amazed our guys are still fighting for a win, previous teams would've given up by now. Encouraging sign for the rest of the year, need the win though.
  16. Oklahoma and ethics are contradictory.
  17. Besides UConn and new coaches taking some old assistants with them, where are you seeing official assistant hiring announcements nationwide? Seems to be a lot of fear of the unknown right now. Just need to be patient and news will be made within a day or two I’d bet.
  18. Patience, patience. I haven’t seen too many hired assistant coaches yet from across the country (UConn hiring a few is the only story I found in a quick search). I’d expect us to have something official for at least a couple open spots within 24-48 hours. I’d assume most college football programs are evaluating/interviewing quite a bit right now.
  19. Notre Dame might be in the playoff regardless. But yes, no doubt crazy
  20. That’s part of the reason few, if any schools, have announced official assistant coaching hires yet. With everything going today, I think everyone is evaluating on the fly. I’d expect to see a handful of spots being filled across the country tomorrow and a lot more as the week goes along. Next week could be another free for all.
  21. Really comes down to the offensive line. If they can reduce penalties and get a push, lanes open up and we can churn out first downs. No improvement and we’re back to hoping for home runs every drive instead of controlling the clock and game tempo.
  22. Thank you, here’s to making 2022 better. GBR
  23. I wasn’t focusing on 30 years ago (pre-BCS I guess). I was making the point that changing conferences has more than just a little impact on a program’s “direct success.” Outside of additional money, only a few schools have improved, sustainable on-field results after changing. And none of those have won a league title since VA Tech did after they realigned in the mid-2000s. As for Oklahoma specifically, I think it will be difficult to maintain 10 wins a year or 75-80% of the years when only Alabama and Georgia have consistently been able to reach that feat in the SEC. I think they will more likely be an 8-5 program (like Texas A&M) than they are to continue to match an Alabama (10+ wins every year).
  24. When did I say Oklahoma was slipping to the “dark days”? I didn’t so don’t put words in my mouth. My point, again for you, is that changing conferences has a significant impact on a program’s direct success more often than not. Have to go back to VA Tech in the ACC to find the last team to switch conferences and win the conference title. Maybe you had a little too much koolaid this weekend but you’re statements of what I said are entirely inaccurate and I would appreciate it if you read what is written before spinning it to fit what you think you’re reading. Thank you.
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