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  1. If you don't mind me asking, what makes you say that? In look at roster, I was thinking Corcoran (very impressive in first start), Bernhart, Banks and Bando would be a decent 2-deep with Conn and Teddy P in reserve in case of injury. Thanks in advance....
  2. Nelson needs to add some yoga to his S&C. Last offseason appears to have gotten stronger but at the cost of agility and flexibility (like Farniok). Then have him spend a couple hundred practice reps trying to play nickel against a big WR or TE and he'll get better. But right now he doesn't have a clue what to do and is physically incapable of doing it, which is a bad combo. The good news is there are steps over a long offseason that can be taken to mitigate the issues and it certainly appears he has the work ethic to do whatever is asked of him.
  3. That's really poor.... It's one thing to reply that they're too busy to review at this time, or even that they've reviewed and they don't think he's a good fit....but to not reply at all is really bad manners and smells of a culture of arrogance.
  4. Was I unclear about the difference? Analogy one is pointing the proverbial thumb and the self-reflection questions everything without bias. Analogy two starts with the assumption that it is external forces causing the failures, and the self-reflection is therefore limited in that context only. Not sure if you’ve ever read “From Good to Great” but one of the big takeaways is you should never be too specific about exactly where you’re going, and pigeon-holing the people you bring in into very specific roles to reach that narrow objective. The world changes and y
  5. Self-reflection on its own is not enough. The direction of the self-reflection is of critical importance.... It is a very different thing to ask oneself: "It appears I've been trying to put a square peg into a round hole. How can modify my peg so it fits the hole that exists and I get the outcome I'm looking for?", as opposed to "I don't understand why my square peg won't fit. My square peg is the greatest thing ever created! What is wrong with that damned hole that my perfect peg will not fit, so I can get the outcome I'm looking for?"
  6. Part of this issue is if we realize that the OLB's we have aren't able to pass rush when we need them to, then swap up the personnel and plan of attack. Add a DL to bull rush their guard in an effort to more quickly collapse the pocket and deny the opposing QB the ability to step into his throw. Add an extra DB in tighten up your zone coverage (hello crossing routes?) or to double up the key receiver. We can't just stay in the same personnel grouping because of some type of orthodoxy to that alignment and then blame lack of bodies.
  7. I think a lot can be put on the coaches, but in the same breath, regardless of the composition of our staff next year, Domann returning all on its will likely make them "one win smarter" than if he did not. Talent matters.
  8. Since everyone else is talking COVID, don’t set your expectations of the vaccines to be too high. Their early trial measures of “efficacy” (which you saw trumpeted on CNBC as 94%, 95%, etc.) was based on measuring “reduction of symptoms” in isolation. There was no measurement of the vaccine candidates’ ability to halt infection or transmission. Based on that definition of “efficacy”, there should be no expectation that mass vaccination will result in any immediate individual or herd immunity. Only that as people are infected that their symptoms will be lessened (but by how much is unclear an
  9. @CFHusker Without violating any confidences, do have thoughts or ideas on what the natural evolution of our QB room will be heading into the offseason? Areas of development? S&C priorities? And where you think that Logan and Heinrich fit in the long run?
  10. I’d actually like to see Payne a little lighter next year. The one thing I think I saw with him is he appeared much more comfortable dropping back into zone coverage than Nelson. I wonder it Eteva Mauga-Clement (sp?) has the quickness to try to replace Domann. The way that Domann was being used, you almost want to find a JUCO or Grad Transfer “large” safety as he was put into man coverage more than you would normally want to see with a traditional OLB.
  11. This is just me, but I think having two LB coaches and no ST coach is a misallocation of resources which I hope gets corrected in the offseason. Re: Offensive Coaching Staff Adjustments - That whole side of the ball was such a .was at times it made me nauseous. What I believe to be true is that Lubick did have a role in changing the make up of our play selection in the last half of season which helped. IF that ends up being true I hope he is given a larger role in the offense next season. If we can add that AM learns how to wrap up a ball going into contact, I may actu
  12. From someone reputable? I’d be concerned it’s just someone posting their hopes....
  13. Agree on everything.... I wonder what the hold up is with the younger Farniok that he has been given so few snaps, but obviously there is a reason he hasn’t. Inability to know calls and make adjustments? Inability to handle bull rush? Inability to snap? Interesting thought on Nouili and Bando being considered at center, as well as fighting for guard positions. If either guy can handle the skills, that would be some very nice depth to have.
  14. Not to nitpick, but I really worry that our S&C is having our OL focus too much on strength and not enough on quicknesses (with Farniok being the prime example of overemphasis on big muscle strength to the detriment of his feet slowing down). I really would have liked to have seen Farniok play this year about 15 pounds lighter and having spent his offseason on his quick twitch muscles.
  15. My memory may be faulty as candidly I watched a lot of games this year on internet stream as opposed to via cable and recording onto PVR (so no ability to rewind), but my recollection was that the challenges Mills had early on were caused in part by the larger number of behind the LOS passes (and lack of vertical passing) which allowed opposing defenses to regularly stack the box and run blitz into Mills designated run lanes. In contrast in the last couple of games, Frost-Lubick appeared more committed to taking more downfield shots on their passing pays which forced the safeties deeper and g
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