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  1. "Family related" as in his wife wants a bigger house...
  2. Still going to be interesting to see how the other pieces fall into place. Anae would probably be OC/OL, Frost could take QB's and leave room for a full time ST coordinator. Harrell or Whipple would obviously coach QB's, then you're probably for sure taking an OL coach. Then you're going to have to shuffle things around to make room for a full-time ST coach. It seems that everybody is under the assumption that Brown will be the RB coach but I'm guessing this is all still flexible is why he hasn't been named yet. I just know people will absolutely lose their minds if we don't hire a dedicated ST coach after this season.
  3. I really liked in the Iowa game Alante Brown fair caught a kick at about the 5. Then on the next one he catches one in the end zone and acts real frustrated that he didn’t get a chance to do something with it….
  4. Smart guy that jumped at a mid-tier job or a rebuild. Unfortunately this job is about to get a lot harder.
  5. Sure he can. How did that work out for Will Honas though? Cam comes from a very blue-collar family. You just have to understand that the opportunity to make a million dollars to some kids is just too hard to pass up. And you’re just getting to your second contract sooner if you work out. And if not you can probably still make enough money to make the rest of your life a hell of a lot easier.
  6. I have now read on Twitter that Mickey Joseph is all but official and have read Mickey Joseph is off the table so….
  7. Martinez was nothing but a class act, and I know he played through a lot of adversity here. But for this team, they really need to get over the hump mentally. I am in no way questioning Adrian's effort, but I think to a certain extent players can get "used to losing". I will say after the Iowa game, I seen a hurt in Smothers eyes that I hadn't seen in Adrian in a long time, he was nearly in tears. It's hard to imagine losing so many players off of a 3 win team and expecting them to be better next year, its downright scary actually. You just have to hope like hell that Smothers (or whoever else) can bring in a fresh spark next year and they can get off to a good start and build some confidence.
  8. It's a win win for him. He's 60, he can coach at LSU for 4 years, get canned and go live in a beach house somewhere with his hundred milly.
  9. I think Notre Dame might be on to something. They are probably telling Freeman we think you can keep this thing rolling without Brian, and we'll pony up the money to keep as many as assistants as possible rather than going out and chasing Luke Fickell for $10 million a year. Look at how other successful programs have just kept it rolling by moving an assistant up. Ohio State, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, are ones that come to mind.
  10. It didn’t matter who recruited Jurgens, there was no chance he went anywhere but Nebraska.
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