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  1. Is Garcia-Castenada hurt? He had some great plays against NW and I don't recall seeing him since then.
  2. Remind me, why didn’t we recruit him again?
  3. What is this measuring, points per play?
  4. TBH, Mickey could retain Busch and Applewhite and hire family members for every other position and it would be far better than what we've had for the last 10 years!
  5. I think you hire Mickey for his leadership qualities, his ability to relate to players and to manage people. You then go out and pay big $ for top notch coordinators that will run the schemes you desire. We already know Trev will clear Mickey to pay whatever he needs so I doubt he'd have any trouble getting guys to work for him. No doubt Busch would remain, but I don't think it would be as the DC. I could see him getting a ST coordinator associate HC type title. I think the only way you go this route with Mickey is if you hire a proven successful DC. My gut feeling is that Whipple is going to be one year and he'll go back to the NFL in some capacity next year even if Mick is retained. Joe Brady perhaps? I think in any scenario that Mickey ends up as HC, we would have a recruiting dream team at the very least.
  6. I'm going preface what I'm about to say with I never thought up until now that Mickey was a serious candidate for HC. But I'm going to do a 180 and say that I think he is VERY much being considered. Trev and Mickey played together so they go way back. In my opinion Mickey was hired by Trev, not Scott. If you put the puzzle pieces together it's easy to believe that Mickey ending up here when he did is more than a coincidence. He didn't leave the comfort of his home state, which is full of talent for the position that he coached for a tiny pay raise. He came here with the intention of being the next HC.
  7. Watching that was like watching your ex find happiness with another guy, who’s a douche btw. You try and pretend you’re happy for her but deep down your wallowing in your own lonely misery. Not that I know why that feels like or anything, I’m just assuming. Damnit Hayley please take me back!!
  8. I noticed on Twitter is lots of former players congratulating AM which is no surprise. Then it got me thinking, I never seen one single reaction or Tweet in support of Frost from any formers players either. Not a single one
  9. Will Nixon is now a running back at Washington and scored a touchdown tonight against Stanford.
  10. Not that we had any doubts at this point but AM finally proving are issues were beyond him. Finally doing what we could never do here.
  11. No it doesn’t. It states that he returns to his role upon the hiring of a new coach. The new coach is not obligated to keep him in that role though.
  12. Yea cause it worked so well for us before!
  13. Word is he’s tired of playing second fiddle to Chip and Joanna Gaines in Waco. Why did Lincoln Riley leave a perennial top 5 school to go to USC?
  14. Yea, for some reason there's been a lot of empty seats in my section this season so we've been able to spread out a bit at least.
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