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  1. Colorado makes sense to me. Geographically, AAU member, TV market.
  2. Only downside to that is our RB room could get thin if the other guys see the writing on the wall for the next 4 years.
  3. Have fun tackling him in the 4th quarter.
  4. Couldn’t agree more. Stop worrying about keeping everybody happy. Time to find your best horse feed him 20-25 times a game.
  5. Count me in the camp as being really excited for Adrian this year. I think he finally has confidence in his teammates and in himself. I understand Frost was trying to create competition by splitting reps with McCaffery last year but ultimately I think it hurt Adrians confidence and he played not to make mistakes. Ultimately I think him knowing he’s the man will be good for him and the rest of the offense. Also hopefully he will feel more comfortable playing at a more natural weight for him. I look forward to him breaking some big runs this year! Now pass that kool-aid!
  6. NIL will be very good for Husker volleyball…
  7. I really like the direction this group is headed. A lot of potential in this group.
  8. It makes sense geographically but you have some pods that are absolutely stacked and others filled with mediocre teams.
  9. I understand they’re after TV money but does anybody from New Jersey actually tune in to watch Rutgers? I’m honestly asking…. That is probably the single biggest downfall to the B1G for me, there is absolutely 0 appeal to playing Rutgers and Maryland in any sport. Let’s trade those two teams for a couple teams west of the Missouri River and call it good.
  10. Are you saying if have to cross six states for every road game maybe it’s not a good fit?
  11. When I see this my only thought is f#&% it let’s just scrap college sports all together.
  12. Iowa State seems like a good fit to me but you’re right about them not bringing much to the table. Maybe the PAC whatever can pick up Okie State and the Texas teams and we can take Colorado.
  13. Probably some lower level offers but at that point he probably just decided football isn’t his future, best to move on.
  14. Yea that’s what I was alluding to is that they seem to prefer spreading it around. I’m sure the theory is to keep guys fresh while also spreading the carries to keep them all happy but my opinion is that our backs rarely seem to find a rhythm.
  15. One thing that I thing I’ve been frustrated is that we haven’t had a “bell cow” so to speak other than Ozigbo and that was mainly because there weren’t any other options at that point. Now a little bit of that may be due to injuries (Mills) but other times I think the staff is spreading out carries to keep guys happy. Also because nobody has separated themselves as an absolute stud. Just seems that our running backs come in and out so much they never really get in a rhythm and get going.. We seem to have a ton of options for this year and I’m afraid it will be much of the same but it’d be grea
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