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  1. 74 Eric Miller Silas from Da Vinci Code
  2. #1 Michael Alaimo Todd from Wedding Crashers
  3. True. I’ve had so little time to watch football this year up until this weekend I had hardly watched anything other than Husker games but watching a few games made me realize sometimes how just a few pieces can make such a big difference. Like LSU still loaded with talent but struggling for example. Or on the other end Florida has a couple key guys really step it up and they are in the playoff hunt.
  4. But we could be playing Jaimes, Wilson Jurgens, Hixson, and Farniok. Coaches obviously feel that makes them better but now we’re throwing out the young excuse. And I guess in my mind, I don’t think of Robinson and Jurgens as young after starting a full year. Also Warner has played quite a bit more than Betts.
  5. That is kind of an amazing statistic really. But are we really a young offense? We returned our starting QB, RB, TE, Wandale, and our entire offensive line. Granted we replaced Hixson, with Farniok and inserted Benhart, obviously they felt like that made us better. I guess I’m just not buying that. We could have basically rolled with 9 returning starters if we chose...
  6. So we’re holding players accountable for what they do off the field but not what they do on the field. Mk
  7. Sure helps when the throws are on target.
  8. There’s a 4* corner from Omaha that can fill this void nicely.
  9. Yep, neither guy is able to anticipate a receiver being open or throw a receiver open.
  10. Yep.. And l’m not sure a lot of guys in the next class are immediate contributors. I guess maybe the Covid year will give us another year to try and recover.
  11. Yea you can’t help but wonder.. In hindsight the coaches put a lot of eggs in one basket with this group and unfortunately it just didn’t work out.
  12. I remember these Florida guys all being a close knit group when they were recruited. At the time it seemed like a blessing when they were peer recruiting each other. Seemed liked dominoes once one left.
  13. If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin!
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