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  1. Did Jackson Hannah play at all in the spring game? Also the running back room is crowded with young guys but the competition seems to be wide open still so I hope they all stick around. Rahmir is probably the only one that’s maybe been passed up that I could see leaving. Lynn or Fritzsche are still young but neither has an easy path to playing time as far as lineman..
  2. Doesn’t look like he’s gained much weight which he needs.
  3. Personally I would not want to tackle Jaquez Yant.
  4. Nothing wrong with competition but I like how this is undoubtedly Adrians team now. Hoping for a breakout year. Would also love to see somebody step up at running back and be the man.
  5. Unless he wasn't considering Stille who they've held at this spring. I'd sure think Thomas would be included in that list but who knows.
  6. Practices must be a bloodbath!
  7. This is the part where I quit reading.
  8. Betts has the potential to be one of the best receivers we've seen here in quite some time, in my opinion.
  9. That right there is why you must have a s#!t ton of walk-ons...
  10. A player that opposing teams want to know where he's lined up every play. A player that an opposing team game plans around. The guys you mentioned were very solid players but they weren't that. And I think Mo could have been that kind of player had things worked out differently. Have we had any guys make 1st team all B1G in the past 5 years not including kickers?
  11. This is another reality check for me. As a fan you follow so many of these kids from the time they are recruited out of high school and you really believe they're going to be great players. But the fact is we, for whatever reason, have not turned out a lot of great players in the past 5 years. Obviously things like reducing penalties, turnovers, etc could sure make us a helluva lot better team. But the amount of NFL talent to come out of this program the last 5 years is very underwhelming. That's in overall numbers and in regards to game changing players. (Who was the last game changing pl
  12. Oh good, we can use the excuse that we are young again!
  13. Overall kind of disappointing so far. Especially for Shultz, that really sucks.
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