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  1. I don't think they are doing any regular testing but players have their temperature taken every day. If they have any kind of fever, even minor or show any kind of symptoms they are immediately tested and sent to quarantine until results are received.
  2. Exactly. You can't push tempo when you're always behind the sticks then you're risking going 3 and out in 30 seconds and putting a weak defense right back on the field. We need better O-line play to get 4-5 yards on 1st down and our offense will then move much quicker. And as a result we'll see more explosive plays. You can put the blame wherever but that's what it largely boils down to imo.
  3. I don't know if you've watched us play much the last few years, but there are no gimme's
  4. So is Ohio State east our division rival now or why do we play them every got damn season??!
  5. Can be deceiving when you’re that tall. Just imagine the monster they’re going to turn him into when he gets here. Behemoth I think is the word.
  6. I like where he said "which school would I have a big impact on". I think that is obviously what we are selling him. Go to Kansas or UNC and play with a bunch of other stars, and be just another guy on the roster. Or stay here and be THE star and be a potentially program changing player at your hometown school.
  7. It seems they are preparing for this. I know freshman players are getting moved out of the apartment style dorms and being put into regular dorms, and all freshman will be together. I wonder if they are preparing to have upperclassmen that live off campus be moved into the dorms for season, I'm really not sure I just know they are moving things around right now. The thing is though, at the end of the day they can't lock these kids in the buildings and they are going to leave campus anyway. Quite honestly this is all such a disaster and has gone much further than I could have imagined. There are just no solid guidelines and everybody is handling it differently. A clusterf**k is the only word for it.
  8. Cutting a half a second off their 40 in that amount of time in 6 months is near impossible so one of the two times are probably not accurate. But if he can duplicate that 4.6 again, bigger offers will come for sure.
  9. Will be one of the most naturally gifted athletes on the team the day he steps on campus. Hopefully we can turn him into a great football player.
  10. Not saying he ends up here but really feel like he won’t end up at Tennessee...
  11. Yep. I think it'd be tough as I really don't think they're suppose to leave campus right now and even if they did, there's just not much going on. Probably isn't a whole lot of fun right now. And let's face it, a lot of kids just don't have the same mindset now days. Many aren't that mentally tough. And they know they know they can pretty much transfer out and get a waiver so we just have to accept the fact that this is going to happen much more frequently.
  12. I think the line improves this year (if we play). But next year there is going to be a real competition at nearly every spot except for center.
  13. I feel that this staff has recruited a lot of guys that aren't rated super high at their listed positions but they see them at a different position. Haven't watched film on him but maybe he doesn't have great top end speed or length for a corner but they really like him as a safety.
  14. Yep. As much as they talk about culture. A guy or two like this is worth the scholarship.
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