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  1. If you want my opinion I think it stemmed from Frost. I'm sure it's not exactly all black and white and like I said this is only an opinion. But I think we got pushed around and ran over by Wisconsin and Minnesota right off the get and he thought we could recruit a bunch of size in the form of height and make a massive line. However what we ended up with was a lot of piss poor lineman along with a pretty high percentage of busts among the guys they've recruited.
  2. And I think you could point other positions besides offensive lineman where you see some of the same. And for that matter I think you could say this extends beyond this staff. I just think of Harrison Phillips and Bryson Williams not being a "fit". I'm a believer that at the college level you just get the best players you possibly can regardless of size and they'll find their way on the field.
  3. I really don't think I am. Fritzsche, Matt Anderson, Banks, Branson Yager, Michael Lynn.. All 6'7 and not a one other than Banks ever touched the field. And I was literally in the room when they were recruiting my brother to walk-on because of his frame when you truthfully probably could have found 10 offensive lineman that were better football players than him just in this state. I sat in the room while they measured him up and told him how they were going to put x amount of weight on him and move him from tackle to guard and he would be an athletic guard and so on. Now I understand that this is common that usually your best high school lineman play tackle and they aren't going to play tackle in college. But I think it's pretty clear we took chances on guys that they viewed as higher cieling players vs. maybe taking some in state guys that were argueably better players just because they weren't tall enough for their liking.
  4. I think the main issue is, and in fact I know this because my brother was one of them, is they recruited frames and thought they could develop them into good football players.. And in turn passed on many guys that were good football players just because they weren't 6'5.... This is probably over simplifiing it but I feel like they were trying to hit home runs with their lineman. Recruitng a 6'7 tight end and make him an athletic tackle is a good idea in theory but very few of there projects have turned out. Maybe it's just me but it seems that their attitude has shifted on this a bit which is a good thing.
  5. I think it's been a combination of some poor recruiting, including what was here when he got here, and poor developement. But Mickey essentially came in and put the 2021 WR recruiting class (Hardy, Neville, Grimes) on notice and it's already been stated that Victor Jones, who is the one receiver not recruited by Joseph in the 2022 class, is also going to struggle to see the field here. They are only freshman and there is a good chance that all 4 of those guys will be recuited over and pushed out by next year so. That in itself is pretty telling if he doesn't even think it's worth trying to develop them further.
  6. Can't have enough good DL. And how we sit now we're still only one injury away from being in bad shape imo..
  7. 6’4 165?? Somebody take this kid to the nearest Golden Corral.
  8. In fairness we probably would have had the same odds in the 90's.
  9. Deion Smith is super talented, he’d sure take the sting off losing Betts.. Washington would seem to be the more likely candidate though.
  10. I’m going to say Nebraska. If Texas couldn’t return to glory in the B12, good luck doing it in the SEC…
  11. Lole would be a great pickup there's going to be a lot of competition for him.
  12. Those two and Drew would make me feel a lot better about next year.
  13. Joseph must of got here and looked at our young receivers and thought wtf... Good news is he can probably recruit well enough he should have us in good shape in no time.
  14. We can only hope that this is an actual issue for us!
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