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  1. If you go for 2 early, do it out of the kick formation.
  2. Can coaches enter the transfer portal too? That would be cool. What if you could go to work and tell your boss you were entering the transfer portal. Or maybe go home and tell your wife, hey honey, I am going to enter the transfer portal!
  3. I think Frost needs to be callin some of those Florida boys unhappy about playing time and offer some starting jobs. We need some dudes.
  4. Can I cancel the rest of my year too?
  5. Offensively, I see young receivers getting better, one young QB who is getting better, but who we should have at slot or wing back. I see a Jr. QB going sideways in the throwing game but running better than last year. I see an O line struggling. I see a tight end getting better. I see game planning with an overall lack of respect for or understanding of a rushing attack. I see very little effective play action pass. I see too much zone dive, not enough QB under center (hey the Browns do it.) Defensively I see improvement on the D Line, in the OLBs , Bootle and CTB. I see an occas
  6. Allow me to quote Aaron Neville for a moment: I don't know much, but I know it helps to have a good offensive line, and that may be all I need to know.
  7. I am guessing if we get blown out by Iowa this board will end up being about 75% bots.
  8. You are just at that point where you throw the young guys out there and make them grow up quick. Practice their a$$ off. Full contact 1st team Vs. 1st team. Somebody's gotta want to make a play. Somebody's gotta want to restart the tradition.
  9. I once watched a show called "Sense and Sensibility"...well the Big 10 version is Lies and Liability
  10. These developments have provided clarity for me on several issues. First the Big 10 is not a good fit for Nebraska culturally, economically, academically. And we should be looking long term to leave and rejoin some iteration of the Big 12. Most of the Big 10 states and schools are Blue states politically with different economies from ours, no regard for the economy of Lincoln, or our lack of an NFL team to help support businesses. But before our football team leaves, we need to kick their teeth in for a year or two. And then invite them to Lincoln to see what 5 NC trophies look like
  11. If it means not having to hear Gus Johnson ever again I would give up a year of college football. I wish I could buy an island just for him, beth mowens and ed cunningham.
  12. In Tennessee they should get paid for each new letter of the alphabet they learn. You have to start somewhere. We were in that state for less than 30 minutes before being called crackheads. Welcome to Tennessee!
  13. Talk about finally throwing a bone. I have never understood how it could be right that the NCAA organization and universities can make millions off the backs of guys who get room and board and a college degree many of them will never use. I am not talking about the 80% who never make the NFL. I am talking about the 20% who make the University 80% of its football proceeds. Those guys should be getting what they are worth.
  14. I don't think you can pick one or the other at this point. We are in a position where we need to break out and beat both of them to get some recruiting momentum. True breakout season. You win and the cred starts to come back.
  15. So Eric Crouch can beat a team of some of the best Huskers ever but he couldnt handle 2001 Colorado? Fantasy fail.
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