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  1. godam, why does Paul Johnson keep getting brought up as if his stupid option offense was even anything close to what Nebraska used to do? It just like bringing up a damn Dodge Neon and comparing it to a Supra because they both have front bumpers. Starting to piss me off. Go watch an old Husker game and please tell me if it looks anything at all like that stupid crap Johnson was running.
  2. This still doesn't address: Clock Management Situatiomal Awareness Halftime adjustments Player engagement and communication during the game.
  3. Here is what I learned, Big Red is going to be 5-7 heading into bowl season.
  4. I expect the NU D to play tough but will also be slower on the back end, and ultimately out -schemed. I expect the NU Oline to be completely outclassed by the Sooner D line, Martinez will barely make enough explosive plays to cover his disastrous ones, while our RBs and WR will not have any advantage in speed whatsoever vs. the OU LB and DB. I expect OU to jump a lateral screen for a pick 6. OU 45 NU 17.
  5. The only way to change the targeting penalty: Show them that your remote is more powerful than the trial attorneys and insurance companies. If we turn the channel and ratings drop, the TV money goes away, and so does targeting.
  6. I think some folks who care about NU football, outside the football organization, but who have power need to conduct exit interview with Frost and ask, what impediments exist here in the athletic organization that didnt exist at Oregon or UCF. In other words, how can we disengage/eliminate unnecessary actors, beurocracies, etc here in the program so that a coach can be successful?
  7. I think it is just a positive thing that the Rust Belt is allowing the Corn Belt to have home games this year.
  8. No person in the coaching profession cares about what we "did to frank" 20 years ago. Nebraska is not relevant on the national stage. Might as well be talking about why the Salukis can't get Saban. Or why UNLV can't get Jimbo Fisher.
  9. If you go for 2 early, do it out of the kick formation.
  10. Can coaches enter the transfer portal too? That would be cool. What if you could go to work and tell your boss you were entering the transfer portal. Or maybe go home and tell your wife, hey honey, I am going to enter the transfer portal!
  11. I think Frost needs to be callin some of those Florida boys unhappy about playing time and offer some starting jobs. We need some dudes.
  12. Can I cancel the rest of my year too?
  13. Offensively, I see young receivers getting better, one young QB who is getting better, but who we should have at slot or wing back. I see a Jr. QB going sideways in the throwing game but running better than last year. I see an O line struggling. I see a tight end getting better. I see game planning with an overall lack of respect for or understanding of a rushing attack. I see very little effective play action pass. I see too much zone dive, not enough QB under center (hey the Browns do it.) Defensively I see improvement on the D Line, in the OLBs , Bootle and CTB. I see an occasional big break in coverage and playing a little late/ soft. The D is playing against 70+85 snaps a game and mostly keeping folks in the 20's not bad.
  14. Allow me to quote Aaron Neville for a moment: I don't know much, but I know it helps to have a good offensive line, and that may be all I need to know.
  15. I am guessing if we get blown out by Iowa this board will end up being about 75% bots.
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