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  1. Do not confuse Hilltop with technical medical jargon (although he is an expert in this area as his most recent research paper discussed cytokine cascade syndrome). When he discusses football, he gets cytokine confused with cyclone and thinks you are talking about Iowa State. Football good, covid bad, but covid not bad enough to hurt football as football is good.
  2. This is a bit over the line. A bit? And several people here called some of my hypothetical's on how several college football fans are "seriously" thinking, but not outright saying, as "callous"? This post is pure callousness all in the name of attempting to justify playing college football.
  3. 1. I am glad that you can ascertain health status by a static image. Did you attend the Edgar Cayce Institute? 2. We are basing covid and college athletics on a stereotype. Interesting. 3. What is a "gleaming" example of a college student-athlete in danger? 4. In your expert medical opinion, based on your medical training in epidemiology and infectious disease specialization, what are those mild symptoms that will not turn into sequelae. 5. What is it going to take to convince you that this is a serious situation for college student-athletes?
  4. You need football to drink? The folks who attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings will get a giggle out of that.
  5. I have always admired the 1978 team. But anyway, I will gladly take a team that falls 1 game short of a NC instead of what we have had the past 15 years.
  6. It is my opinion. And I was unaware that you are ultimate authority on all matters. I happen to think that the 1997 team was the best. They were unbeaten, won the NC, was not mired in controversy, defense was very good, offense had Ahman Green; in my opinion they were able to execute the offense with very good timing and precision. Heck, the guy who wrote the article put them at 3; going to diss him for that? Was he "high" because he chose that? But I defer to you since you are the "all knowing".
  7. My top 5 favorite; 1. 1997 2. 1971 3. 1995 4. 1983 5. 1994
  8. Camp Funston in Kansas that was located at Fort Riley. But has been traced back to Haskell County Kansas. Both contemporary epidemiological studies and lay histories of the pandemic have identified the first known outbreak of epidemic influenza as occurring at Camp Funston, now Ft. Riley, in Kansas. But there was one place where a previously unknown – and remarkable – epidemic of influenza occurred. Haskell County, Kansas, lay three hundred miles to the west of Funston. There the smell of manure meant civilization. People raised grains, poultry, cattle, and hogs. Sod-houses were so c
  9. Word just broke; all articles below are within the hour. https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/indiana-freshman-brady-feeney-seriously-ill-covid-19 https://sportsnaut.com/2020/08/mom-of-indiana-ol-brady-feeney-shares-he-has-troubling-complications-from-covid-19-they-cant-protect-the-players/ https://thespun.com/big-ten/indiana/mother-of-big-ten-football-player-shares-concerning-message-on-facebook
  10. But am I right? But let me know what everyone's thoughts are on this. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/pac12/2020/08/02/covid-19-concerns-lead-college-football-issues-pac-12-school/5569214002/
  11. I know you were being sarcastic. Over the top hypotheticals are actually based on reality. However, I believe I added something new to the discussion and that is the perception, brand, reputation and image that has been missing from the discussion. But who really cares right? As long as there is football being played, no one cares. And if someone gets infected, hey, next man up. If a player opts out, no big deal, next man up. If a player gets sick, no big deal, next man up. If a player dies, who cares, say a prayer and a pre-game eulogy, next man up. This virus is not that big a de
  12. I think I laid out the examples quite well for you and the process by which it will occur and the questions of reputation, brand image and recognition and how that will impact perception which will impact recruiting which will ultimately lead to Nebraska being mired in competitive frustration. But I disagree with your "all for one" thinking; if the entire league plays, each individual school where an incident occurs is where the lawsuits direction will focus on, not the entire league. No one will sue the Big 10 as that encompasses 14 schools; those other schools are not going to w
  13. Folks, we have forgot to add this variable that no one has even mentioned. Brand name and recognition and reputation. Many of you remember Kent State in 1970. Even a song came out by Neil Young called "Ohio". Kent State even tried to rebrand themselves as "Kent" to offset the image. Remember Penn State and the abuse allegations and what it did to that place? Baylor? Of course these were sexual assault. But still, the image of the university and its reputation was greatly impacted. What happens to a celebrity and a scandal? It always follows them. For exampl
  14. Get ready folks, media people are starting to ask the really tough questions. https://buffalonews.com/sports/college/it-s-not-fair-of-them-to-risk-anything-covid-19-vs-college-football-season/article_ac82a014-d285-11ea-b979-9f5e4f555557.html
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