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  1. I came very close to naming our new dog Pawpoochus a few years back. So glad I didn't.
  2. Can I enter the portal? I'd accept anywhere that Lowe's and Home Depot do not stock snow scoops.
  3. My grandfather hated Notre Dame because Ara Parsnips kicked and extra point to get a tie and National Championship. That game was before I was old enough to really understand college football. But I understood my grandpa and his extreme distaste for that game choice. So, for no other reason than that, I feel TO made the right choice, at the right time.
  4. I learned, or perhaps re-learned, that 2AM one flaw away from being a pretty freaking amazing player. If he could, through some dark magic, make a way to eliminate the turn-overs, he'd be top 10 in the country I think. I also think he is hurting in a few ways that have an impact on his ability. Was he 24-28 tonight or something crazy like that...plus 150+ in rushing??? Wow. We maybe need to dock Verduzco's pay until he get the turn over thing fixed...he is the guru after all.
  5. I was a huge Verducci fan, but he doesn't seem to be getting it done.
  6. @krc1995 "That really good AM run for a TD in the first was interesting. You could almost read his thoughts abs I wonder if he’s thinking and trying to hard. He went to go left, appeared to have remembered something a coach probably told him, ran back and got into the pocket and appeared to be ready to pass, then re-thought that thought and scrambled. How many times do you see someone consciously run back into the center? " Great Observation
  7. Uh oh...cue the "talent vs coaching" discussion in 3.....2......1... :-)
  8. I got here by getting on the world wide web (information superhiway) and searching out "Huskerboard", then clicked on the URL it listed for me. That's how I get most everywhere on the www!!!
  9. I think the new AD was trying to put his stamp in the history anals....would explain a lot.
  10. Yes, we should have waited till his third start to have a first start thread.
  11. I hear all the time about teams practicing the 2 minute offense. Do teams also practice a 2 minute defense?
  12. Hey..that is my line and pessimistic attitude? Who said you could use it!!??
  13. Yes he has. Glad he didn't get that targeting call on him earlier.
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