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  1. Hopefully by now you have all seen Justin Fields petition, but if you have not please take a look and rally Huskers with Buckeyes. https://sign.moveon.org/petitions/wewanttoplay?share=28b6a89c-4d6c-4b2b-bd22-58194eb4f264&source=s.fwd&utm_source=s.fwd
  2. You are going to need leniency from the Feds on Title IX this year to make any football happen. Another reason to get on board. It seems as if OSU has bowed out (for now) but please run with this.
  3. We voted not to cancel but aren’t interested in changing conferences. I just want to see the conversations continue because a no conference format is what it most likely to succeed. Rather than moving conferences.
  4. We need all the help we can get from the administration down to the fans to allow a super league of independent teams to play this fall. Sign the petition to force a response from the White House. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/create-framework-college-football-programs-compete-fall-2020-outside-existing-conference-commitments
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