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  1. Blacks are also given preferences in college admissions https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/richardvedder/2018/10/01/the-publics-view-end-college-racial-preferences/amp/
  2. Great, they have to meet 2 of 4 quotas. So best picture isn’t best picture anymore. It’s best picture who met 2 hiring quotas. Yes tell me again how bad women have it, they make up the majority of college students and graduates, live longer etc etc
  3. The reality of today’s workplace for most of the last 40 years I’ve been in business in corporate America and owning/ running several mid sized businesses just do not meet The standards of what most describe as racism. Greedy ugly capitalism means I want to maximize profits. That means I hire purely based on merit. And good people are almost always in very high demand and hard to find. When I was in the corporate world we were told to be very aggressive at the hiring shows we put booths at when it came to minorities. We were required to take any minority resume no matte
  4. Let’s get a yes and start playing like the big boy pants other leagues. The huskers are ready to roll with their own in house testing plan which doesn’t rely on a big10 run by Kevin warren or Abbott https://theindependent.com/sports/college/huskers/nebraska-has-its-own-rapid-testing-system-for-virus/article_4ca1bc00-f3c0-11ea-baae-83779ddec9d6.html
  5. So this is what I think the commissioner does at any large group consisting of those with a shared goal and deeply intertwined relationships but independent. Ok people today we are voting on this, if you vote yes we are playing, if you vote no we are putting the season off until spring. no stating of pros or cons no scientific data presented no facilitation of discussion or ideas Yes and if a more detailed proposal is needed they just go around the table to kraft it. Each person gets to add one word so every 14th word is yours. That’s how it’s don
  6. You’re right, there are lots here that seem to to very confident that he doesn’t do much at all. He’s a $4,500,000 a year vote counter great work if you can get it. I’m going to tell my 82 year old mom about that gig. she loves doing that in thE elections for free and could use the extra cash. Hopefully Warren moves the the nfl and a spot opens up.
  7. So when there are disparities in numbers For a job differing from our national averages favoring non whites it is due to merit, culture and choices.? But when let’s say something like high paying computer programming jobs, statisticians, scientists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers etc , those disparities favoring whites are all about evil racism right? Im all about merit. I’m a new big fan of the academy awards now where all the pictures that qualify must now have a certain percentage of minorities represented as main and minor characters and behind the scenes. Some
  8. The deal is the study information the penn state guy shared was just something he got verbally. He never saw the data or the report or how big the sample size was. its up the Kevin warren to vett the input. You can’t shut down a league over something someone “ heard about” with no concrete data. Then when that data did come out it was immediately discredited by a dr at Michigan and of course later by the Mayo Clinic..
  9. Good article with timelines on the canceled season announced by warren. All points to mayocarditis being the big deal that swung us from an updated schedule to a cancelled season a week later. https://www.google.com/amp/s/saturdaytradition.com/big-ten-football/heres-the-thing-that-continues-to-baffle-me-about-kevin-warren/amp/
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/myocarditis-factored-big-ten-pac-213358432.html Alluded to other, no actual quotes.
  11. Maybe But I was in western Nebraska last weekend and no one was wearing masks anywhere we went minus a couple of waitresses. however we do have our share of older fans. I’m guessing we could get north of 20,000
  12. Unfortunately some people would rather go down with their ship, Ignore new and better data, make excuses and root like hell for hiccups. Then blow the hiccups Up to be much more than they are so you can be right about canceling football? Are they all really that dumb? are they just doubling down and doing the never admit you’re wrong thing? Or are there other motives ?
  13. The first year we hosted Michigan State had several of their fans tailgate with us. Their mantra was that we should hate Michigan lol. On and on about the Michigan man thing, snobs, elitists, some of it was pretty vile and the worst was from a 70 year old woman lol. Every group had the same thing to say. Spent a ton of time in Michigan last 3 years, one of my kids in school there. Grand Rapids, east Lansing, much much different vibe than Ann Arbor, night and day. Like their coach, not the school or President.
  14. Would serve them right Schlissel could produce a chess tournament, crew competition and speech competition. Sub that in for their btn content and be good to go.
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