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  1. Quite a few kids from Hawaii left to Mainland to compete for the season. He has been told that he can reenroll at his old school (Kamehameha-Kapalama) for Junior season... I think many kids who left plan on returning home for Senior or junior season if football will be and running Fall 2021...
  2. good thing he is there developing all that talent!
  3. I found it interesting when the announcers said he was closer to 5'7 and not the 5'9 or whatever he was listed.... I've watched the last two games and he doesn't look he is playing very well... if he stay committed and was on our team id call him bookie still but he bailed and he been playing bad so i'll call him dookie....
  4. Everyone gets a trophy! You get a trophy! You get a trophy! Everyone gets a trophy!
  5. I love how things are always so rosy this time of year... like young puppy love... then all the flaws come out.. the disconnect.. the lies... and soon it all goes to hell... but there is always next year? At this point though I'm looking at each game as a relationship rather than the whole season.... I'm sowing my oats so to speak
  6. We got to do things the hard way... no favors for us
  7. Well we asked for it and we got... all we can do it put it all out there and hope for the best.... Its pretty fun thought that all of this for OSU to get into the playoffs......
  8. I no longer need BTN... and like others say I rarely watch their programing shows... they always seem to be wrong... i do like the game options Really enjoy watching other sports... mainly women VB and then some other whack sports they might show
  9. Kapolei is pretty good program... Its in the highest class level for hawaii football.. the head coach has been there since the school opened... good contact to have kapolei is also in an area where many families can find affordable housing close by (along with Campbell HS).. the pop. is rapidly rising out on the WS. I'll give Tony props if he can start to get Hawaii kids to come to Nebraska.. you get one and that opens the door to others... while many go PAC-12 a few are heading out father and farther east..... mike cavanaugh even got a Hawaii kid to go t
  10. has anyone noticed Maryland has gone full on Poly? (prob not since its Maryland)..... Not just with Tua's little bro but the roster is full of JC poly guys.. I'm not sure who the coach is on staff there but there is obviously some Hawaii/Poly connection....
  11. I'd like to say thanks BIG 10 for saving me some cash on my cable bill..... i don't need the BIG 10 channel anymore
  12. Guys that want to be here make it solid to me at the very least....
  13. it really sucks... i bet its pandemic related! hopefully... that class was stack with Fl guys... we still have few.... if you were going with rankings a lot of the higher rated guys left (except for Flemming)....but we still have a solid core... it is what it is... prob happening all over with many conferences not just us
  14. Last I checked this thread it was at 200 plus pages.. up to 303 and and still no football?? what gives?? swollen tescitlces and exploding enlarged hearts still getting in the way of our good time?
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