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  1. He was never going to Oregon until an offer came after Scott scouted him live late his senior season. It's called evaluating skill and projecting development. Scott has hit on QB's a hell of a lot more than missed.
  2. You mean the same coach that identified a QB that went onto playing in the NFl for the Titans, the kid that is now the starting QB for the Chargers, and a certain QB that almost lost his leg? That guy?
  3. Yep, he arrives to Louisville as a walk-on. They say they will put him on scholarship in the next school year, but I doubt it. He was so heavily sought after he has to walkon to start at a new school
  4. He didn't get a scholly, walking on. lol...lol...lol...lol.
  5. He will be riding the bench at Louisville like he was at Nebraska. They return their starting QB.
  6. Not all of those guys mentioned were "top 2" in-state kids for their respective classes. What is more important than must land top 2 in-state is bring in a strong class as a whole no matter where they are located as teenagers, develop them and win football games. We are doing ok in recruiting staying in the top 20 range for 3 classes in a row, now develop the talent and win games. Then recruiting will continue to climb.
  7. Meh...nobody cares that you don't care or he doesn't care. #reality
  8. The first 2022 commit will likely come from someone that decided to commit after saying they would take several months to decide. Happens every year so it is only logical that is how the first commit goes.
  9. I read his top 5 article that came out a little bit ago. Miami - knows nothing about the school but "who doesn't like Miami?" .....obvious he has never been to Miami. It isn't like he think it is. ASU - obvious leader from the article. Likes it that there are NFL coaches son staff and likes the weather. A&M - it's about wins. OU - it's about wins. ND - it's about the Freeman guy. lol. The kid has no clue what he is doing. Choosing a college based on weather was very obvious from that article.
  10. Ah, forgot that one. Really he was the only one that could have gone to a lot of P5 schools.
  11. So far the only transfer from last season's roster to land at a P5 school is the WR going to Maryland and that is only due to his older brother playing at Maryland. Otherwise it's doubtful he would have landed at a P5 school too. I think we are now finding out why the Florida group were around to land late in that recruiting cycle. Not that they were not overrated, but they didn't have good profiles when you take into account everything - on the field and off of the field. Gotta recruit smarter and I think Frost did that with the 2021 recruiting class - more local, bigger, fits a
  12. How could a Big Ten team only have 11 players at 300 pounds or more? That is nuts. Now you know why Frost was saying the team was too small. Your typical OL starter in the Big Ten is around 6'5'' 320 pounds.
  13. Mike Riley lovers are the weirdest posters on any sports message board.
  14. More athletic and faster than Austin, IMO. May not have as big of a frame though.
  15. Kid looks legit. Looks like most seniors going to college vs being a sophomore in high school. Looks like another Fidone type of player.
  16. It's more of a handful of recent in-state recruits thinking the grass is greener elsewhere and some will find out that isn't true. If none of them have major success by going to these other schools then the "but it will be better going to some other school" will be less appealing. That and Frost winning more games and all of this will take care of itself. And you will never land every top in-state kid every year. The current head coach, as all know, left and came back. There has been chatter that a certain ND player has been thinking of going back to Nebraska to get on the field.
  17. We need to win this one then if those two are after him. Gotta beat the locals if the top locals want him. It's the only way we will regain the 500 mile radius.
  18. Nebraska pushing hard, along with Iowa, Michigan State and Iowa State. Where is MN?
  19. Yep. Look at this picture from the current basketball season....
  20. Farniok was ok here and there, but when it came to having to move his feet to get into position, he couldn't do that very well at any point in his career.
  21. Essentially, Kansas State, Iowa and Nebraska writers think their respective schools could land him. This will be one where you ignore the noise and wait for a Wiltfong crystal ball pick, if he makes one, to know where the kid will go. Honestly, I think the kid has a future as an OLB, not DE. Frame looks like it would be better for college football at the 235 range at OLB.
  22. Top of the RB board per an article on 247. I think it was the Minnesota site. Not going to make a choice in the coming months. Damn good RB.
  23. I suspect this kid gets offered and will probably end up with several "Midwest" offers like Iowa, Iowa State, Nebraska, Minnesota, etc types.
  24. Nebraska is in good position here.
  25. Per Kansas State 247 site, Nebraska is the heavy favorite here.
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