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  1. 1/3 will become starters 1/3 will become contributors 1/3 will never see the field, medical redshirt, transfer, etc 2018 class (not a real class due to the time and job limits): 23 commits 7 are starters or in some games back up someone else, but mostly 7 start. So this fits into the 1/3 rule. There are 2 that are bench riders. It's time to tell them to seek playing time at another school. 1 that contributes and 1 other that is behind older players and likely will never become a starter 14 not on the team anymore. This is higher than the 1/3 rule. 2019 class: 5 are starters. Next year that will likely become double digits I think it is 3 no longer in the program with one that is now in the NFL Several are going to be two deep players next year 2020 class: 2 are starters, some could argue 3 with Mills injury. Should be 4 starters next year. 7 will be contributors Fans will list a bunch of names no longer in the program, but outside of the 2018 class, the 2019 class and the 2020 class are already trending correctly for the 1/3 ratio. It will take another two classes for things to "smooth out" and the normal roster rules for the 1/3 will be in place. I know fans want the roster fixed TODAY, but it will be two more classes before it gets to that point. For the 2021 class, I can see immediate contributors at TE and DB.
  2. Barry Alvarez had to do it. When a program is broken and accepted a losing culture, the only way to rebuild it is to "burn it down" and start over. It's the only way you weed out all of the issues. Sometimes that process can be done in a couple of years and others it may take a few years. It took Clemson a few years to fix their issues and now they are so damn good they can go up 24-0 against Pitt with 5 minutes left in the first quarter. When Saban took over Alabama it was a program that still had some good seasons but was struggling to maintain good success. When Saban took over Michgian State he essentially burned it down to rebuild it but didn't get over the hump before leaving to LSU. Bowden had to do burn things down and start over when he took over at Florida State.
  3. This was already a forgone conclusion, the commit that is, to not end up in this class before the season even started. The coaches basically stopped talking to him months ago.
  4. Small frame. He isn't no 5'10'' 170 either. More like 5'9'' 155. He is a guy that should play at a place like South Alabama.
  5. Gates plays some. Likely starts next year. Corcoran would be starting if we didn't have a 4 year starter at LT. Huntmacher is behind a few guys and learning the LOS at the college level.
  6. The last one that transferred to a different school that did anything "big" was the RB that went to TCU. There are some transfers that get snaps and some start, but nothing earth shattering for results. Vedral starts at Rutgers but hasn't done that good. Gebbia starts at Oregon State but isn't doing anything big. O'Brien went to Colorado State and started some games, but not sure if he is still there or not. The last transfer that I can remember that made it to the NFL is QB that came in from California that ended up an NFL FB. For the Browns I think it is?
  7. If you want to know why Nebraska is 1-4 instead of 4-1, you don't have to look any further than two stats: No QB has 500 yards passing on the season and only 1 RB has over 100 yards rushing. But here is the interesting thing, the team averages 220 yards rushing per game, which puts Nebraska in 3rd place for rushing yards per game in the Big Ten going into the games tomorrow. Thus, it's not the total rushing yard production that is the issue, it's all about the passing game. So, is Nebraska far away from being a 4-1 program? Hell no. They are actually pretty damn close. They just need to get the passing game going. With Martin coming along, Betts getting the starting role now, and Brown starting to get more snaps, the passing game should start to come into place. If Nebraska can get a passing game going in the next two games, they could go 2-0. They aren't going to have any issue running the ball against Purdue and Minnesota.
  8. It only works with someone like Barry Alvarez that never actually handed over the football program. He still runs that thing. Once he retires then the program will have lost a long-time influencer.
  9. They are getting hurt from it. But it's for those coming, not currently there. They have lost two kids in the currently class, an easy Iowa commit to be had from an in-state LB is going to commit to Iowa State instead, and they are not in the top lists for two local guys that everyone said were slam dunks to commit to Iowa (2022 class).
  10. Fleming has nobody to blame but himself for why he hasn't had a better season. Went back to Miami while teammates stayed on campus in the summer and early fall, he spends all of his time on Instagram and even does it before a game. I'd say Fleming loves himself his IG than football. If he wanted to be a start freshman he would have been on campus getting reps with the QB's and working out and learning the plays and working at blocking. Brown, the kid from Texas that has a knee injury, and Betts will be the freshman WR's that have great careers at Nebraska. I'd say if the staff hits on those 3 and Fleming washes out at some direction school in Florida then it worked out for the better.
  11. Delancy was tweeting stuff that a player should never tweet and got called out by some of his teammates. Delancy being gone should not shock anyone. The IG lover (aka Flemming) wouldn't even go back to campus late in the summer and early fall. Show up when school already started. Then talks about players on IG during the week and is on there right before a football game is to be played. People can say whatever they want, but that type of mentality by both of these guys will never win you games. It's entitlement and you don't want those types on the football team. When they are discovered, you kick them out.
  12. Entitled. They get told how awesome they are and think they should be handed playing time without earning it. It's been this way with Miami kids for decades. The old saying goes. "you don't want to be a Miami kid's first commitment, you want to be their last." Over the last decade it now has transitioned to "if they stay" and it's like that for many programs. Louisville had the same issue and basically went elsewhere to recruit. Iowa had the same issue. It's not just a Nebraska problem, it's a Miami culture problem.
  13. The things these two did should get them kicked off the team. You need players that are more disciplined and when some show up on campus and be the way they were, it's time for them to go and try to replace them with player with the proper mindset. Even Nick Saban bring sin guys that fall through the cracks but are shown the door quickly. Frost needs to continue to do the same every year he is a head coach.
  14. The mentality Nebraska played with today was good. They played hard and had a chance to win the game in the end. There are two things in the way, from a mentality perspective, from winning consistently and that is how to bring it on a weekly basis (like today) and how to finish off games for wins. The record isn't going to show, but Nebraska football is making major strides this season in getting back to winning games. Once the issues that I have outlined in this thread are overcome the wins will be popping up regularly. This is a team that could easily have 3 wins on the season, not 1.
  15. Mentality is not about X's and O's. It's about how you are approaching things. The hardest rebuilding job in college football is taking over a program that has accepted a losing culture. In some cases it can take many coaching cycles to fix that issue. It hasn't been fixed at TN going on 20 years. Nebraska is trying to fix it too. Oklahoma once had the same issue. Alabama had some down time but not severe - they never became broken. You can coach up a player to perfection for how to block a certain play, how to run a certain route against a specific look, and all of the other stuff coaches do, in the end mentality can be a struggle for coaches AND players and right now it's a battle to get over that hurdle for the staff and players. They pushed hard to play football this year. That was a great sign of a changing culture. Then they went into the Ohio State game playing hard and pushed Ohio State for almost a full half. Then pushed for a non-conference game after the WI game got cancelled. All signs to that point were looking good. Then the Northwestern game came around and the offense came out strong, defense played good, got the lead. Then things started to hit a wall and it was regression from there. Then Luke came in and got a spark. Nebraska put up 420 yards against Northwestern, an entire football field plus more yards against Northwestern than any other team Northwestern has played this season. The team then came out and played hard against PSU and won. Offense struggled. So now you are 2 quarters against Ohio State, most of the game against Northwestern (redzone play that kept that a 14+ Nebraska win), struggles in the second half against PSu on offense, and then IL they looked lost, flat, didn't executive much of anything well. The trust of doing your own assignments and those around you to succeed are all about the development of the right mentality that wins games. It sounds easy on paper, but these are fully grown men that want to get paid to play the sport at the NFL level and when you don't do the right things mentally throughout the entire week of preparation you have already lost before kickoff. People will go and say so and so sucks, fire everyone, it's all 100% wrong. It's really about the players learning how to win back-to-back games, how to lead a program during the week of practices, and the coaches being able to read things and know what needs to be done to fix issues that come up. Like I said earlier, it sound easy, but it isn't. There is only one way you solve a losing culture - winning. Once Nebraska wins two games in a row the desire to win 3 in a row becomes stronger and it keeps growing. There will be a breakthrough period that will come, it's just a matter of when. And, yes, developing a deep passing game that is needed in the offense is part of the mental side of things - trusting the WR, WR trusting the QB, reading a defense correctly, adjustments on the fly, and so much more. There will come a day when Nebraska's offense is not just putting up 500 yards in a game and scoring 21 points, it will become 600 yards and 35 points
  16. Nebraska needs to let Frost have time, as much time as needed, to rebuild things. What there isn't a problem with is letting him know when things are not acceptable, which was the performance of yesterday. With that said, Saban was a 500% coach early in his career. Bill Billecheck wasn't winning big with the Browns. Dabo wasn't winning big in the first few seasons at Clemson. Barry Alvarez had three losing seasons in his first three seasons. PJ Fleck went from losing seasons to a big outbreak season right back to losing games. There are plenty of other examples. Look at Baylor - got a head coach that only won 1 game during a season and then bolted to the NFL the first second of success. It wasn't that many years ago that Washington went winless and then made the playoffs a couple of years ago. Point is - you can't keep recycling coaches every couple of years and expect things to change. It hasn't worked at TN either.
  17. There is talent on that roster. Lot's of it. McCaffrey is one of the most electric players in the country in open space. He averages 6 yards a carry as a QB. I can go down the line in all units and point to some guys with good talent. The main issue with the talent topic is that a lot of them are very young and inexperienced. That will change over the next two season. With that said, what is holding Nebraska football back is all mental. They looked confused, lost, disinterested, lacked passion, no energy and more to start the game yesterday. How can that be after they went and played as hard as they could against a superior talented team in Ohio State, then should have defeated Northwestern by 2 touchdowns (they defeated WI yesterday), beat PSU, and then laid an egg yesterday. They should have been jacked up to win 2 games in a row and then go into Iowa playing for a winning record. You can't compete against Ohio State for almost an entire half if you don't have talent. You aren't going to move the ball for over 420 yards against this Northwestern defense if you don't have talent. Nebraska will be the team to have the most yards against Northwestern this regular season. It's all mental. I don't know what it will take for Nebraska to get over the mental hurdle. And, no, swearing the head off isn't going to work either. If it was just a player or two that can be easily fixed, but it was the entire team. Even Frost looked out of it yesterday. Get over the mental hurdle and Nebraska football will look vastly different.
  18. Penn State doesn't have a bad defense and Nebraska had as many as 6 freshman out on the field at the same time on offense. Defensive effort is greatly improved. Even though Penn State hasn't won a game this season, they are not a bad team. Scott Frost will lead Nebraska to a winning record by season end and the building will continue.
  19. College football fans don't realize how hard it is to rebuild a college football program these days. You will not see a rebound as quick as Alabama went through under Nick Saban for the rest of our lives. Tennessee has a very good head coach that is trying to rebuild their program and they are also having a rough go of it. To rebuild a down trodden football program these days of college football you have to be patient and let the culture form, recruits come in, get coached up, and keep working and working year after year to build a winner. You can look at Iowa State and say they are doing great - they lose to a Sun Belt team. They will never win on the national stage because of how slow and unathletic most of their roster is. They have a ceiling. Same thing with Kansas State. Scott Frost wants to rebuild Nebraska to the national stage. That takes forever in college football and you have to recruit nationally these days to do it and you are competing against the SEC every year on the national recruiting stage. Nebraska's offense has been moving the ball in the first two games this season. Improve redzone play and that was a 21 point win against Northwestern and a closer game against Ohio State. By season end this will be a much improved team and there are about 10 true freshman getting significant snaps. Even sophomores are getting a lot of snaps. Those are Scott Frost's first two full recruiting cycle classes that are playing a lot of snaps. In two more years that entire roster will be his recruits and developed through an entire life cycle from registering for their frost freshman classes to graduation. You will have better long-term success by building it the right way than trying a quick fix.
  20. Wisconsin and when Frost took over at Nebraska were more similar than you realize. A couple of years before Barry Alvarez was hired at Wisconsin the head coach died during spring ball and they struggled to win any game after that. They struggled to win games in Barry's first three years before breaking through. They broke through by playing the young players in his first couple of classes and then they became older, experienced players that were able to win at a high level. You will see similar things happen with the freshman and sophomores from this season for Scott Frost. Back then recruiting had a different cycle to it - a lot of kids would be offered after their senior season or during it. Film had to be mailed. These days offers go out early and anyone can view film of any high school kid in the country in seconds. Bo was fired after 9 win seasons and the hire of Riley was a death sentence that broke the Nebraska football program. Frost is rebuilding it.
  21. 1: Yes AM had a great freshman year but you have McCaffrey now that is one of the best athletes in the Big Ten. Even against Ohio State he was at another level than anyone else on the field. When he is in space, he is terrific. He is a quick thinker and confident in his ability. You will have him for 4 more years (if he decides to stay that long). He is going to win a lot of games. 2: Your freshman and sophomore talent is the best young talent that I have seen Nebraska have in a long time. When they are juniors and seniors, they will have a lot of experience and competing at a high level. Those are Frost's first two full recruiting classes (the one he put together in a month or two doesn't really count). 3: Your linebacker talent has improved. It was really bad over the last many years but things are looking good there. 4: Really impressed with the new DL talent. The main issues that I see right now is the mental hurdle that takes time to get over, the best WR talent besides Wandale are true freshman, and TE talent will improve with your income class. Dabo Swinney only went 6-7 his third full season at Clemson. Nick Saban was only 4-4 in conference play in his third year. Barry Alvarez went 5-6 in his 3rd year at Wisconsin and finished the season 1-4 in his last 5 games that season. Scott Frost will continue to learn as a head coach and adjust as time goes on. Nebraska will be fine.
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