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  1. Drop 14 yards on 1st down and come back with a draw and a swing pass to the flat. You can’t be serious? Who calms &hit like that?
  2. I’d like to see this team finish with a little life left in them. Next week is gonna be ugly against a solid iowa team.
  3. You don’t want him to toss another INT do ya? I’m being sarcastic of course.
  4. If they had any idea what to do on defense today it would be nice.
  5. I’m really sick of the Huskers sucking a$$. Don’t know the answers but it’s sad to watch this crap.
  6. There have been open receivers today. Luke just can’t seem to see the field well, or just can’t throw the ball accurately.
  7. Pretty sure Luke isn’t the answer at QB. He looks lost. Missing wide open guys and just poor arm strength. The defense should burn those blackshirts they were given.
  8. Good stop, but this game should not be coming down to the wire like this.
  9. New to this board. Like the way our guys played the first half, but still have issues with Frosty’s play calls at times. Would like to see us score 50 on Franklin.
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