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  1. Frost is the worst coach in Nebraska history. He’s even worse than Mike Riley (who everybody scapegoats for his suckitude.) Frost is not going 14-0 or winning the national title as coach. And he hid in a closet while his girlfriend was beaten up to boot. What an unmanly coward.
  2. You think I'm joking when I say I'm going to root to lose every game until Frost gets fired?
  3. Update for the last two years. We had a turnover margin of exactly zero in 2019. In 2020, we had a turnover margin of -11.
  4. How bad of a season would Frost be able to survive? I think he'd get another year if he went 3-9. But would he survive 2-10? 1-11? 0-12? f#&% it. I'm rooting for 0-12 just to maximize the odds Frost is fired.
  5. We've descended to the point where a bowl game would be considered a successful season. What other Power 5 program considers making bowl games to be a laudable goal? Vanderbilt, Duke and Indiana all would. I'm not sure I can think of any others. This is humiliating.
  6. Yeah, I forgot about that. That was in 2012. However, that’s the only real thing of note Solich has accomplished in 16 years at Ohio. He hasn’t come even close to dominating the MAC, which is the one of the two worst conferences in FBS. (The other being the Sun Belt.)
  7. With that being said, why are we rehashing this dead horse now? In early January 2042, 18 years after we finally fire Scott Frost after he finishes his sixth straight losing season, are people going to bump threads about Frost’s firing, and argue we shouldn’t have fired him? All I really care about is that our current coach is the worst in Nebraska history, and he’s probably going to be coach through the 2023 season.
  8. I think the Solich firing was justified and really should have been done after 2002. The lack of success of his successors is frankly completely unrelated to whether Solich’s firing was justified. The guy ended up at Ohio U after he was fired at Nebraska, and I’m not aware of him even getting consideration for a higher profile job. For all fans of other teams critics Nebraska for the Solich firing, it is odd how none of them were willing to hire Solich or seemingly even consider him. And Solich’s tenure at Ohio has been solid but nothing really that spectacular. He never has won the
  9. There are seriously any good teams in the West? The Big Ten West is the worst division in the entire Power 5. Our talent composite ranking of 24th is mediocre, but it's the best in the division. The second best talent ranking in the division is Purdue at 38th. I don't think we have the talent to do much more than win the awful BIG West division. But since Frost is going into year 4, that's his fault.
  10. Riley was exactly .500 at Nebraska. Scott Frost is .375. So far, Frost has been worse than Riley. If Frost wasn't a national title winning QB, he would have already been fired, and would have gone down as the worst coach in Nebraska history. Probably even worse than Bill Jennings, since Jennings coached before Devaney and Osborne created the Nebraska program as we know it.
  11. What's really changed over time is the kick expected value, which obviously has continuously increased. I think the year to year variation in the two point conversion percentage is just random noise due to a small sample size. I wonder what the values are like in the NFL with the extra point being from the 15 yard line, and the two point conversion being from the two yard line rather than the three yard line.
  12. Scott Frost is visibly the worst coach in the division.
  13. Our talent composite is 24th. Honestly pretty poor for what's supposed to be a "blue blood" program. We do have the talent to win the godawful Big Ten West Division, though. Let alone have just one bowl season out of the last four.
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