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  1. Career after leaving Nebraska Frank Solich- MAC head coach, nothing particularly exceptional Bill Callahan- NFL offensive line coach for 10 years, offensive coordinator for 3 years Bo Pelini- FCS head coach, was about to get fired from that job before becoming LSU defensive coordinator. Got fired as LSU defensive coordinator after just one year. Mike Riley- Unemployed Scott Frost- Doubt he’ll do well in the job market after he gets fired. He certainly shouldn’t, since he’s the worst coach yet.
  2. Well, his record is 12-20. Pretty much nothing Frost has done as coach here has worked.
  3. I don’t think anybody would have been pissed at him if he had gotten a 31-31 tie by missing the first two point attempt and then missing the second. People would have only been pissed if he kicked both times and settled for 31-31 that way.
  4. Link, because I don’t remember Solich getting consideration (let alone offers) from power conference teams at all. I have a very hard time imagining anybody turning down overtures from power conference teams to stay at Ohio U.
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