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  1. Mast is the walker replacement Allick is the hustle dude...Blaise isn't there yet
  2. Allick is a worker...it'll be good for him, I think to be home around family. For no other reason than that, I think he does well here
  3. Keep in mind, Joe Toussaint transferred to West Virginia this year. He was essentially Ulis in his career at iowa. He started 21 games his last year at Iowa and averaged 17 minutes and 4 ppg... At West Virginia, he started 1 game, averaged 21 minutes and shot 80 points better from 3, doubled his scoring output to about 9.5 ppg...not a star, but a solid player, far better than at iowa. I'm giving this a wait and see approach. McCaffrey tends to bury his point guards. Ulis could be something...or he could be what he's always been. Either way, he's a P5 PG with B1G experience. We didn't have that before today.
  4. Allick is a worker...good family...mom is from my hometown. Would love to see him come home
  5. Mast is legit. The comparisons to Wilhelm should end at the fact that they are both white, play basketball, should be a PF type and that they both now play for nebraska... This guy has a chance to be a better version of walker...Bradley kind of used him right, maybe not a point forward, but scorer/facilitator who's got a big10 body... This is a sneaky good pick up. Not crazy to think he could be a 15 & 7 guy with 3ish assist a game in the B1G
  6. I'd love to have him, sure...but I guess I'm drinking the rhule kool-aid...if he doesn't want to be here, he needs to go somewhere else. Maybe he'll flip flop again, he's done that a few times, he's a kid with the world in his hands. I'll hold no ill will...we want a QB that is all in...if that's not him, then we need to move on.
  7. You may be right...and he may not come here, so it may not matter...to me winning would be a nice change...this guy has been the floor general of a team that won...a lot. I'd take that fit. We can agree to disagree and see where it goes!
  8. We've needed a PG since before the guys on our current roster were born! Of he ends up being the guy, he's a definite upgrade. His play on the floor doesn't say he's a "me" guy. To be fair...Arizonas coach is kind of a tool...
  9. When I first saw this I was like, meh...but after a little dive into it, kriisa is a 9 point 5 assist guy...he's a true point that is a plus defender...career 2 to 1 assist/turnover ratio with 75ish starts in the pac-12...we could do worse. I think if he commits, people can't expect him to be a 15 & 8 guy...if he does that in a new system, great...but it's very reasonable to expect a guy that will be a floor general we've lacked since.....Lue??? Maybe someone else after lol...either way, a long time!
  10. Isaac traudt officially in the portal...we'll have to back up the brinks truck for him...I'm curious what the pitch is to these portal guys...
  11. Josiah allick in the portal...sister plays vb here...maybe he comes home?
  12. Interesting portal add...Freddy hicks from Tarleton State. Has gotten better each of his 3 years there ROY & all WAC this year. He'd be a 3 & D guy. 16 ppg 6 boards 34% 3pt, 75% FT. 6'6" 210. Long and athletic
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