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  1. Let's not argue that Purdue is or isn't a high profile program, because that is an idiotic argument. And the fact that part of your argument for them is being 3-1 vs. Nebraska under frost just shows how low of a bar you are using.
  2. Johni Broome from Moorehead State is in the portal. 6'10" 235. Averaged 17 & 10 with 4 blocks per game. He's a Florida kid...but he'd be great in the middle for us
  3. Manny bates from NC state I now in the portal. Would be a great get. Big time defensive presence as a shot blocker... I've seen no news on our interest but he'd help solidify our back end, for sure.
  4. Malcolm came from an 8 man powerhouse in swi iowa, same school that produced nate meier who started for 3 years on the DL for iowa...town has less than 1000 in it...or right at it. He went from being the biggest and fastest on the field to being very small for his position. The kid came in at 185 and was listed at ILB. We all knew he would be a project type kid. He's got talent...he played the joker position in HS on defense, so he was everywhere and was typically a blitzer. He was way better as a running back in HS, IMO. I hope he works out and stays. But if he's falling more and more behind and isn't sniffing the 2 deep by next year, he should probably look at a smaller school.
  5. Kj would be a solid addition to the front court. Ovc player of the year, I believe.
  6. Was just coming to post this! Good job.
  7. Big pick up. The "you can't win with transfers" narrative is old and soft. Everyone has transfers...even Kentucky and Duke are getting into the transfer market. It's not about taking or not taking transfers...it's about getting the right ones. We haven't really done that yet, here's hoping this year is the year we put the puzzle pieces together! Great start.
  8. Lost by two...with an Andre tipped in missed free throw (for the other team), with a verge 10 second violation that is as silly as you'll ever see, and a 2 on 1 fast break with tre and verge where an easy bunny was missed...that's not including any fouls or no calls...as they happen every game, and typically both ways. We just found ways to lose. Kind of indicative of how a majority of the season went.
  9. Maybe I'm way off here...so please help me put if I'm wrong here...but at these coaches all conference teams...aren't the players nominated by their own coaches? If a player isn't nominated by their own coach, they can't get voted on. That's the way it was back when I was coaching. If I didn't nominate a player, they weren't on the ballot. Also, HM players typically were those nominated with at least 1 vote (or set minimum).
  10. To be fair, #2 on the assists list is not really a point guard either. He's listed as one but it's more a geo baker or harper Jr bringing it up the floor. #3 isn't even a starter. So suffice it to say, the B1G doesn't seem to have a stud facilitator at the PG position this year. I have dogged verge most of the season because of the way he played...and I don't think I was wrong about it then. However, he is playing extremely well over the last 3-4 games and deserves kudos, for sure. Wish he would have "figured it out" sooner but he could still be a key piece to a late season surprise run!
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