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  1. When you're 5-17, it's beyond time to have a quick hook for guys that shoot ridiculously dumb shots. I agree I think allen will be gone. Body language from teammates tells me that they don't much care for him either....but I could be wrong.
  2. At the moment he is shaun livingston. Nothing more. If he develops a slightly below average/average outside game to go along with his mid-range, he'll be an nba player. Nobody wants a guard that can't shoot
  3. Allen played his best game. He was lights out, with his usual out of control plays here and there. I hope he stays this way the rest of the year. If he does, I'll eat crow. Kudos to Allen...he had very little help for the first 25-30 minutes tonight
  4. Volume of shots, yes. He threw up garbage shots more than you would like, but Petteway was explosive. He could get to the rim whenever he wanted. Allen has like ymca old man game.
  5. I'm new to the boards...so forgive me if I am asking questions that have already been addressed. I have a take on our basketball team. I would argue that we are significantly better without teddy allen on the floor. Hoibergs offense is a pace & space offense which requires lots of ball/player movement which leads to quality shots. Allen is a black hole offensively. When he gets the ball, the other guys tend to stand around because they know what's coming. He has taken more horrendous shots this year than any other player I can remember in a husker uniform.
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