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  1. My takeaways (which have probably already been stated by others on here, too many comments to read)...I said it after Fordham, the lack of chunk plays on the ground concerned me...that's directly on the o-line. We definitely struggled again in that area, but those 4-5 yards against Fordham were 1-2 yards Saturday. We have had success all season running the ball on the option looks and had success in the counter game in the 2nd half. Perhaps, we shouldn't have bread and butter runs until we see what we're actually good at? We suck at power right now. I don't really have an issue with our backs too much, it's hard to run effectively when there's a wall of defenders and no creases. Ervin showed some wiggle in the 2nd half. Our lack of a pass rush is still an issue. Oklahoma will torch us on the back end without one. Our secondary, aside from Williams was average, at best in coverage. We play the run very well through the first 3 games. AM has had back to back good games, here's a guy hoping it continues. Our WR room is deeper than it's been in a long while...athletes galore there. Excited about that room. Injuries bit us a bit Saturday, hopefully the guys will be back sooner rather than later. We had an opportunity for 58 points Saturday...9 on missed field goals, 21 on tds called back. 2 were BS calls. Snake bitten again by bad timing, luck, technique, whatever you want to call it. CTB, shouldn't return punts anymore. He's a good corner, but he's been nothing short of horrendous as a returner. I think the experiment needs to be over.
  2. He's a stud, for sure...but the 2nd nationally in yardage is kind of a boob stat.. we've played an extra game. So the guy with 290 yards in 2 games is averaging nearly 150 ypg whereas Touré is at nearly 102 ypg. Dudes a stud tho, let's see where he ends up after the bye & we don't have a game lead on everyone.
  3. It was a much needed "get right" game. Thought we played well offensively. I am a little concerned we couldn't get chunk run plays against Fordham. Had a handful, but you can't drive 70ish yards consistently on B1G defenses without chunk plays. Lack of pass rush is still concerning. Coverage was ok. I'm still with em! We just need to keep growing and stop taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
  4. Here's my take on what's wrong with our offense...we have scored less than our opponents in 2/3 of frosts games. I'm no genius like some of you on here seem to be...but that probably isn't going to get it done. We really need to address that issue. If we just start scoring more points than our opponents more regularly, it'll probably equate to more wins.
  5. If the last four years have taught us anything, it's that nothing is guaranteed...better not count this one in the win column until its over. Maybe that's the page the team has to turn. Realize they are who they are & no one is rolling over for us. Everyone in the college football world takes great joy in NU on the struggle bus. These guys have played with their arseholes so clinched these past couple years its insane. Just go play hard, leave it all out there. We need to live in the micro world, not the macro. These kids play hard, but their heads collectively spin when it becomes nut-cutting time. That's what so hard for me to watch. Just loosen up the arseholes and play free. What harm could it do?
  6. I am more bullish on our offenses potential for this season than some of you. We shouldn't have issues moving the ball and putting up points against teams like Illinois. That is, if we stay out of our own way. I'm more concerned with our d vs. their o. Not that we suck, or they're a juggernaut.. but we were gashed quite a bit last year and that breeds confidence for them and leaves doubt a bit for us. Throw in new schemes/formations and it could be a bit dicey on the defensive side for a bit. I'm all positive though, and we get er done convincingly. NEBRASKA 45 Illinois 21
  7. The best guy will start, I am selfishly pulling for Braxton. It'd be a great comeback story for that kid if he could come all the way back and earn it in a much improved room. We'll see, gbr
  8. I record them all, since i work saturdays. I ban myself from the interwebs until i get off (work). Then go home, watch in my lazy boy & drink some sweet nectar.
  9. That needs to be a catch. That's what the coaches have said was going to be an emphasis in camp for the wr/te...contested catches. That was definitely a catchable ball. Good coverage though. No flags, play on.
  10. Way down on your depth chart, very inconsequential but Malcolm is redshirting. He may play in his 4 Max games but he won't be on the everyday depth chart. I am sure there are lots more undersized guys we have that have already been told they're redshirting that we're not aware of.
  11. Im not mad at ya, I know better than to mess with the guy that snapped the infinity stone glove. I think we both love the huskers and both want them to do well. Just a difference of opinion on this area. Cheers to you iron man!
  12. Tony, Cowboy Joe was a gun-slinger. That's why I called him that. IMO, he was the best we've had. I not poo pooing him at all. Nearly 70% completion percentage, great TD/INT ratio...having the one season only really hurt. I thought Taylor was good too, but also thought he was more of a game manager/system QB guy. He picked the right system & he had some good years, for sure. Would either of these guys be top 5 QBs at Wisconsin? I don't know. Penn State? Probably not. Michigan? Michigan state? Ohio State? I sometimes think nostalgia warps thinking when it comes to husker football. I loved husker football as a kid...and I still love it now. I'll support Adrian and any other current player. He's a great young man & a good quarterback.
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