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  1. Ceiling 7-8 Floor 5 So long as in the deed the glory agrees
  2. Thanks for putting me in my place! I won't say anything on the boards until I clear it from you first...just to make sure it's the correct opinion! Effort level=0
  3. AFleets are the ballers who can run fast and jump high...who go to Alabama and Ohio State. Guys who are 1st and 2nd round draft picks. It's not a surprise you don't know what an AFleet is. We haven't had many of them in over two decades. I don't blame you...ignorance is bliss
  4. Haarberg and smothers were well protected by the coaching staff. They weren't thrown into the deep waters, which is to be expected. Smothers was very unimpressive throwing it, haarberg had a lot of zip but his accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. Just remember, he should be getting ready for state track right now. They both need work, that's for sure. I'd put my money on HH to break camp next year as the guy tho if both progress equally.
  5. The pro agility numbers are more like it. This is a top ten that we all should be happy with.
  6. I'd just love to see consistent pressure with 4. The secondary has dudes & the LBs are turning into a strength instead of a weakness. Get some pressure with 4 this year & we could be on to something.
  7. I was never poo pooing cams vert. The average vert of d1 football players is between 29"-31". Our top 10 doesn't leave me all warm and fuzzy. Very happy for cam, as I said before. All I stated was our top 10 leaves lots to be desired. Look at who's on that list. Then look at who you expect to be out best playmakers at all 3 levels this year. Looks like our AFletes need to put some more work in on being AFletic.
  8. Is this a good thing for the team, or a bad thing? Kudos to him, very impressive. I think the AFletes need to have more quick twitch than our center. I can hear it now...but, but, he was a tight end! Go pound sand with that garbage. We have how many scholly WRs, DBs and RBs? And 3 finished better than him? Yikes
  9. If you have a dominant team, you need to challenge them...the coaches you mentioned had teams that are/were the cream of the crop. It helps make sure complacency doesn't set in. Frost doesn't have that type of team...and he knows it. He is dealing with fragile egos due to getting boat-raced for his entire tenure here at Nebraska. He's gotta love them up as much as he can. Keep the good vibes going. If we go 10-2 or 11-1 then you might see him start challenging manhood in pressers. I don't think we'll have to worry about that, though.
  10. From what I have seen, there hasn't been a back that we have given a fair shake to be the bell cow since the new regime. I don't think that trend changes. It's like QBs. They say if you've got two, then you've got none. I would say the same applies to RBs. If you've got 7, you've got none. Stepp and Yant are the power backs and should not start in this offense. They would be great short yardage or change of pace backs. Scott is the tweeter. He's power and speed, he just needs enough touches to see if he's got what it takes. Earvin and M
  11. So... Logan Smothers...
  12. I really like the forward thinking approach to some of our portal additions. Trey gave us bryce and now this one. Don't think it's a coincidence...these guys were doing this portal stuff before it was cool. I'm pumped about this kids potential. He can really shoot it and he's athletic. Score one in the plus column for the big red
  13. You clearly know more about oregon state basketball than I do, but to say these kids weren't wanted seems a bit of a stretch. 5 minutes worth of checking tells me otherwise. All per 24/7: Thompson #7 SG nationally Notable offers: Cal, Syracuse, USC, Utah Reichle #1 player in the state of oregon Silver #17 juco nationally Silva #1 juco in cali Hunt notable offers: USC, SDSU, Nev, Boise Lucas notable offer:. Nev (point record holder in the state of california) Calloo notable offers: Okie st, Ill
  14. They have two lottery picks on their team. That's at least 1 more than kansas had UCLA has at least 2 pros on their team, oregon has at least 1 pro, probably more, colorado has a pro. Oregon state is the only team in the pac-12 that made it in that doesn't have a pro. They just play well together. When I say pro, I mean nba pro. I realize there are hundreds of leagues out there. Bottom line, this shouldn't have surprised us. We need to get out of the B1G bubble
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