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  1. No one could lose like we could. We found so many unique ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  2. Things happen everyday that astound and amaze me! Both in a good way...and a bad way. How we lose...it is amazing. How we won, back in the day...it was amazing. Embrace it...
  3. Pitt transitioned from a super run heavy offense to a pass heavy attack. They did a 180┬░shift in philosophy. It's not apples to apples, at all.
  4. I would be absolutely stunned if we were not significant more efficient next year. I'll be happy to eat the crow if we aren't.
  5. As a coordinator in college? In the NFL? As a head coach? The dudes forgotten more about the game than frost knows. I couldn't care less how well UMASS did offensively in an arbitrary season...or anything like that. Not that this really matters...because players change and sos changes, but Pitt was 11th this year in yards per point and 16th in points per play. Nebraska was 111th and 71st in those categories. The guy can coach, has proven it at every level, with high success going back to his head coaching job at new haven where they were dubbed the best offense in all of college football.. that was a long time ago. Whipple will be a much better play caller and, regardless of yards, we will score way more efficiently than under frost.
  6. I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised when you see a good coordinator call offensive plays. It's been a while since we've had one. Good coordinators can hide issues and magnify strengths. Whipple is some sort of sorcerer...
  7. Kobe Webster is like #35 in the nation in career points for active players...he's played in nearly 130 games. Starting something like 90 games in his career. He's played a lot of basketball. He was a star and came here, knowing it would be a diminished role and he has been nothing but a team player and a bright spot for this crap team. To call him a bench player is very short-sided. He is the most experienced player on this team...his value isn't just about if he starts or not. I personally don't see what he did as talking behind Fred's back. It was live, on air...that's a face shot, to me. It's not about xs and os..it seems to be about how players are held accountable by coaches, which is lacking and it always seemed that way...now we all know it really is that way. Kudos to the whistle-blower! Hoiberg respects that kid and the team does too. I'd take 15 Websters instead of some of the crap we throw out there. We can stay on opposite ends of this argument, we'll both survive. I think this is a good thing, you don't. We will move on.
  8. Websters minutes will not go down, it'll be tominaga who loses time. Webster has to play when verge has an "episode". Fred is letting the inmates run the asylum. Clearly that has caused friction throughout the team. If this doesn't get discussed, there could be no change. Now that it's out there, we have a chance to grow from this. Both coach and player stated they had good heart to heart talks and it was very productive. Fred continues to say Webster is a good leader, despite what you say. Thank you kobe Webster for speaking out and sticking up for your teammates that give a sh!@. That is what leaders do. BTW, we have seen what happens when Fred does what he wants to do. It's a bunch of sorry, selfish basketball...and Webster (and probably plenty more) are tired of it. I didn't call you an idiot, I don't see why you feel the need to do that to me...that's fine though. You talk of disrespect and then act like a keyboard warrior... Mark my words...this season turns around IF and only if, Fred changes what he does behind the curtain. This circus continues if he doesn't.
  9. I dunno, I kind of see your point. But this has been a sinking ship the whole year, people are wondering why. I don't think we need to wonder now. Plus, I don't think Webster is an unhappy player and I don't think he ripped the team. He didn't drag any particular player through the mud. I don't think there was any ill intent. Personally, I think Webster is a class act. He Maybe shared too much, but I think it'll end up being for the best if Fred learns from this.
  10. Maybe they are thinking we trade Ohio State for Rutgers and Michigan State for Indiana?
  11. I for one am happy kobe said something. Maybe, in years past, something like that would be kind of looked down on...but these are different times. Hoiberg has had some success, yes. Clearly more than I have...but his last coaching gig and this one have the same issues. Players feeling accountability is lacking and coaches letting guys feed their own agendas. Fred can be a players coach, and give freedom within a system and still be a nut cracker when it's needed. Right now, it's not that way. I hope he takes a long look and adjusts his behind the scenes philosophies on program culture. Every entity needs rules and accountability. There is a huge difference between freedom within a system and unlimited freedom. Checks and balances or it all crumbles to the ground.
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