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  1. Hey, sitkowski did finish 11050th in Heisman voting, so the loss is understandable.
  2. He is, I checked. And deservedly so.
  3. I'd rather have a cocky qb than a guy who buckles under pressure. There are very few Kurt Warner qbs out there. Those that are awesome (rodgers, brady, mahomes) tend to be pricks on the field.
  4. The guys played tough tonight. Different vibe, different energy. Maybe the trey mcgowens effect? Anyway, it was good to see. Morale victories don't really count, but THAT team will sneak out a win or two down the stretch. I poo poo verge a lot, I get it...but he played much better tonight after hoiberg pulled him early. End of game/half execution still leaves a lot to be desired but he played much better. See...I don't hate on him all the time! GBR
  5. I guess I just choose not to put all juco players in the same box. It's OK that you do that, it's just not for me. We screwed up bell. Mills got dinged a bunch...two different stories. Grant has a chance to provide immediate help at a position of need. I'm happy he's coming here & can't wait to see what he brings to the room.
  6. Greg bell was more than serviceable. He proved that at San Diego state. Mills was good enough, just couldn't stay healthy. RBs typically have the easiest transition from one league to the next. I'm just hoping our new rb coach gets that room in order. I like the signing. But like you said...could be a bust. I am gonna buy low with Grant. Very little risk, high reward.
  7. His tape in juco is phenomenal. Good vision, good burst, good top end speed. Good hands out of the backfield. Granted, the holes were mostly ginormous...but the guy clearly has skills. If we don't ruin him, he could be a friggin steal.
  8. I cant blame it all on verge tonight. We are just so, so bad as a unit right now. Next season can't get here fast enough! It might not be better...but at least we can have a bit of hope.
  9. This dude is a stud. If we have room for another, he'd be great. He'll be good anywhere though.
  10. Would love to have those two guys back. Walker has improved his game so much since getting here. I'd love to see what another year could do for him. Mcgowens is a dude on defense. If everyone comes back (that can), including Bryce, we would be at 15 schollies. We'd definitely have some attrition. It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  11. Taught the allick kids back in the day. Very happy to see her doing so well. Her mom was a 6 on 6 stud back in the day
  12. Close...just turned 3. In all seriousness, I don't have a problem with him as a person.. I'm sure he's a good dude and don't wish him any ill will. He is the problem though. It's obvious and if you can't see that, I am not going to argue with you about it. What is more baffling than him still being here is Freddy buckets bringing him in, in the first place...after the Teddy Allen fiasco. Same circus, different clowns man. There are tons of posts on here that are ridiculous. I don't comment on all of them. If you don't like my take, just scroll on by. You'll be fine. There's lots of posts on here that are good too guys. I have no beef with you or anyone on here. I am honestly sorry if what I sat offends you in some way. That was not my intent. I've played and coached the game of basketball...I'd like to think I know a little bit about the game. I am not alone in my thinking, but I also understand that people can see things differently. I wasn't wrong about Teddy Allen last year, and I don't think I am wrong here. I respect your opinion if you think otherwise...and with that, I wish you a good day, sir.
  13. Good news: trey is back Purdue's defense seems optional at times Bad news: Purdue is awesome offensively We still have verge
  14. If you don't see the obvious similarities between Allen and verge, then there is no point continuing this thread. Allen was a ball stopper, verge is a ball stopper. The overall offense is clearly different when the aforementioned are on the floor. Isolation basketball over ball/player movement. Both took ridiculously bad shots consistently. Even if they were made, they were still stupid, selfish shots. Both are me first guys on the floor and their hero ball hangs their teammates out to dry. Freddie is in control of the offense, I'll give you that...it has been better when guys do what he wants them to do...when the wrong guy is on the floor, 4 guys stand still and watch the circus... Fred is trying to fix the offense. And has made progress. He is at fault for 2 things. 1 is bringing a guy in here like verge, when we already had a guy like that last year in Allen...he should have known better. And 2, he should have the stones to make personnel changes and keep verge off the floor and/or show him the door. Those two things are on Fred. Alonzos choices on the floor...that's all on him.
  15. Finally, some good news! I kid, hope he gets well...but this isn't really awful news for performance sake.
  16. I have dumped on this team a bunch this year, deservedly so, but last night they played well for much of the game. Effort was good, they battled. It has never been a talent issue with some of these guys...it's what goes on between the ears. Other than verge killing them in the final 4 minutes, it was a noble effort. Hopefully we can keep making baby steps and keep adjusting the rotation. I would not be sad if we get a tweet saying that verge is no longer with the program.
  17. I agree with that. That seems to be what hoiberg is/was banking on. He's not really a true point guard though. We need one of those. A floor general guy. Someone has to keep the riff raff in line on the floor.
  18. Just wait...this will be the damn game we win...not directional Illinois...this Illinois! I can feel it!
  19. While I don't disagree with most of what you said...everyone has portal guys now. We've chosen St. John's type guys. This was my fear when MA came on as the ace recruiter. He's gonna get you studs...absolute freak ball players, but they're going to be st. John's type guys. Me guys. Get me a mateen cleaves, Jacque Vaughn, Fred vanvleet type guy in here. A guy that's got some dog in him & can take over when he has to...but is the absolute leader and gets everyone else going.
  20. We will hard double Kofi and frustrate him early. We will then forget how to rotate for the last 30 minutes of the game...and give up a million wide open 3s. It's what we do.
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