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  1. PHISH Vegas 1996! Smokin show!
  2. hskrdedhed

    Coach Gundy Nebraska Post-Game Press Conference

    The Rome one is friggin classic! I remember that!
  3. Been awhile. Im no longer getting married. She was screwing around with another during our engagement. Women are pure evil! Im now dating a Ole Miss grad. She isnt particularly smart , she cooks and cleans and is easy on the eyes. A true southern belle! The accent gets on my nerves sometimes but thats a small price to pay. She lets me drink and howl at the moon with my no good friends too! Thats a good woman! I kind of went off the deep end after I was cheated on and started living like a rock star. It was like a mixture of Jerry Garcia , Charles Bukowski and Hunter S Thompson for the last couple of months. Im much better now. Good to be back on Huskerboard. I know that you people will never screw around on me and secretly be fans of another team. You people are the epitome of loyal...unlike most women!
  4. Weddings in September. It took me 35 years but she's the one no doubt about it. She isnt a Husker but she will learn to love em in time. I have never been happier! Hope everyone else is doing well. GBR!!!
  5. State or DC? State of course. The only way i'll end up in DC is when I win a senate seat. I dont see that happening anytime soon. It's time for a change of scenery. Going to help an old friend of mine kill salmon and dungeness crabs for a living for awhile. It's time to have some fun again. Get busy livin or get busy dyin. LATER BOYS AND GIRLS!
  6. It's been real. Talk to you good folks in the spring. Going to be very busy for awhile. Keep the faith. GBR!
  7. hskrdedhed

    Any clever ideas for Bo shirts?

    I GOT IT , I GOT IT , I GOT IT! BOdacious Defense!
  8. hskrdedhed

    What are you wearing right now?

    I am wearing a corncob hat , a red cape and a white speedo.
  9. hskrdedhed

    Independence Bowl

    You will be back to staying home sooner than you think.
  10. hskrdedhed

    need a good husker related dog name

    This poster is TylerDurden our lone ISU fan on the board. I know this because he PMed me a nasty message earlier and he forgot which SN he was logged on as.