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  1. Nebraska now has an FBS-high 27 turnovers and a minus-14 turnover margin. I hope the new average QB can overcome that (with the same OC?). I agree with those sports writers who are opining our play calling as instrumental in our turnover woes.
  2. What we learned, Maryland edition:
  3. We don't have a turnover problem. We are a turnover team. Our D is keeping it from becoming a rout.
  4. So this 2014 thread of great concern by a "new" member has not been nuked. Nor has the "new" member. Huskerboard dot com seems tolerant to the max. Hi Max.
  5. Yeah. Very similar feeling about that. But I'm heading over into (somewhat shaky) confidence area of this game just to help with the vibe out there. We win.. WE WIN.
  6. Turtle Soup: 16 Corn Squeezins: 27 Thrown Wobbly Squawkers 101 yards worth Carried Loaves of Cornbread 216 yards worth (Special Teams will score 6 or so for us not counting PATs)
  7. Does that mean that in those few weeks the Illini backup QBs were able to develop and the Husker backup QBs were not?
  8. I'm sorry but we had the best time in the pouring rain at Scott Frost's never-happened 1st game against Akron. It panned out to be a perfect portent of his coaching tenure here, and we laughed through the pain in much the same way we had to do as he coached us into nothingness (we hope and pray for his complete turnaround and success in the coaching world). We laughed, we drank, we watched the spectacle of fans having impromptu fun in the downpour.. we were then told to leave because God was speaking about it all with His lightning bolts. Greatest (non) Game of All: Akron at Nebraska September 1st 2018.
  9. Isn't that the 3rd time this season we've done a reverse sweep?
  10. Wow. I mean freaky WOW.
  11. Turnovers: Yep. Penalties: Yep: ...... but, Redenbacher's Pride: 26 Lacedaemon's Shame: 19 Aloft: 210 Trudging: 196
  12. Lovin' the hope. Turning and squashing memories of that same logic getting trashed by (then) unexpected losses. Holdin' the hope. Plus, tbh, I think you're right.
  13. One thing I learned, from the post-game words by Purdue HC, was that "Nebraska has no ball security...... so we can take it away almost every play and WIN WIN WIN!" To paraphrase a bit. Kidding aside, our propensity to fumble the ball, Special Teams (he was referring to) and Offense, is prep video for our opponents? Nice.
  14. Our DC has his stuff together today. Great responses and sets.
  15. https://highschool.si.com/recruiting/2023/10/28/nebraska-cornhuskers-hosting-surprise-5-star-visitor Should ought 'f posted that up thar at th' buginnin'.
  16. He was expected to be in Salt Lake City today.
  17. 5 (count ‘em) Star recruit HERE for our game today. He was expected at the Ducks game at Utah today, but is here instead. My brother-in-law’s flight back to Denver was cancelled, so I’m hoping that Ute’s connecting flight being cancelled is not the reason for him being here.
  18. I'm pretty much on the same page there. But... there's another factor and that is Heinrich's (perceived) athleticism. I expect more quickness and speed on the run/options, bullet passes on the shorter throws and fine-tuned arcs on the longer ones, as we used to see here, and see every Saturday with several other teams. He ain't no Crouch in any respect, and certainly no Frazier. But, as said there, he most certainly does seem to have the stability factor with his t'mates. I just wish it were so strong in that respect that we would be seeing more fire on the O-line. The 4-Star Sims thing I'm on the fence as we blame him for a couple of losses. Overall something in the right direction seems to be happening now.
  19. It is 14.3 million ways of looking at it. Not counting countless millions of non-Palestinians world wide, it appears.
  20. I'm sympathetic for the Palestinians, but not Hamas (or Hezbollah). It appears that most Palestinians feel that Hamas is not representing them at all and is "dangerous." But it's all they have in open conflict, marionetted by Iran and now China. As for Israelis, well, I think their behavior speaks for itself, as we see them doing what they say they abhor: slaughtering civilians. The right for Israel to exist is a little piece of complexity mixed in with how the modern version of that country came to be. I find it shameful, and what legitimacy there is for it as it is was lost long ago. But it will continue for the ages, unless those Islamic bordering countries decide to remove it forcefully, which can only happen if they (some of them) violate various agreements with Western entities, including the U.S. The Palestinian people were forcefully removed from their homeland by European Jews chanting "we're returning to our rightful home." That action has created generations of very angry people, most of them occupying special camps in neighboring countries, and especially Gaza, of course. Hamas has a ready army in them, although reluctantly for many of them as mentioned before. It's come to a head. Iran is involved more directly than ever, and in every front, it appears. This will draw the U.S. in, of course. The coming weeks may be quite historic.
  21. Prediction being made well before donning circulation constricting Winter gear: Go Big Red D Ethanol and High Fructose Syrup Representatives 24 Rusted Out Locomotive and Basement Coal Soot 20 Flung Into the Mist 159 Slippin' and Slidin' 161
  22. Diversion. Obfuscation. Simple point up there and it's being mixed in with wheat straw after quoting it. But it's all good I guess. I learned that our D can be tough through the whole game no matter what they threw or ran at us. The awarded shirts of Black nature were apparently well earned. Good job by our coaches. I also learned that our Heinrich guy is immature or some other mild word that recognizes his medium/high athletic abilities while noticing his opting for lesser actions at times on the field under duress.
  23. (lookin' up 'jello shots') ... well I'll be ... woo! They do that? You did that? People do that? ... Will it work with oatmeal? I'm old.
  24. Alcohol, via airline mini bottles and often even 200 ml bottles, seems to be "allowed" in most sections of the stadium. Jim Beam, JD, et al. Who needs beer sales? Just makes more trips to the stinky restrooms. For those who do that. Those other people.
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