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  1. Mrs Verduzco- the support you show for your husband is very admirable, given his lack of success here at Nebraska and his bizzare look- but if you love him, more power to you. I won't judge you if you have some type of Hobbit fetish. Just be a bit more subtle, you're giving it away.
  2. You have all the film clips- why dont YOU show us the plays where the TE has led up plays as an ISO> I watch the game LIVE- then once through after. I dont save the clips or go back to archive it or spend hours of my day searching clips so I can prove you wrong again. Just yesterday= so Noah Vedral was well developed according to you, yet threw 9 TDs and 8 Ints last season and is averaging just 6.5 yards an attempt over his career. Ok- got it, thanks. I realize that's Nearly 20 TDs and 7 yards by your definition- but the real numbers just dont add up.
  3. Mavric- Sorry, I don't have the time to go through every film clip and prove you wrong again. I really do have a life outside this free anonymous message board. But feel free to share another twitter poll from some nobody yahoo that ranks Nebraska in their top 25, that will certainly quench all our koolaid thirsts.
  4. Sorry, I dont have the time or inclination to search through all the game film- Ive seen it. I have a life- things to do other than prove you wrong on a free anonymous message board.
  5. Yes, they have made that a LOG block a number of times to seal a crashing DE inside AND the TE has gone to second level wide to get the LB as well.
  6. I don't think it's our RBs who have been coughing the ball up of late Our QB has led the nation in fumbles- that may be the fella we want to get better and carrying the football- you know- the guy who fumbled in the scrum in the last minute in our own territory to hand the game to Michigan, same guy who did a fumble 6 to Illinois which ended up being the margin of victory. So your input might not be pertinent to the issue we seem to be having.
  7. Some teams are insane about it. One team I knew had their top RBs carry a ball around for almost the entire practice. People punching at it constantly- coaches, trainers, players. If the ball came out everyone on the offense ran- even the coaches. In indys, some have multiple tug and punch out drills, then when in skeleton they have boxing gloves on coaches, punching the ball. Then on air- same thing- fit and freeze more of the same. Even seen the entire D swarm on a ballcarrier during a team fit drill- and they are all trying to get at the ball. Not all teams practice alike, with the same amount of reps, commitment, intensity. THATS why some coaches do better than others- they all aren't carbon copies of each other.
  8. 9 TDS and 8 Ints is not where you want your starting QB to be at Hes starting at RUTGERS- Rutgers. The perennial Big 10 bottom feeder. That enough facts for ya? https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/noah-vedral-1.html
  9. It's Rutgers- they are terrible. Saw him play here and on TV for Rutgers. He is not a very good QB. Those are facts.
  10. That seems to be downplaying the mistakes AM has made that are many times independent of the actions of his team mates, fumbling, throwing into double coverage, not taking an easy first down running with lots of green= instead holding onto the ball and taking a sack, overthrowing swing passes or wide open medium length throws etc It isn't all on the QBs, but when you resolve him of all or most of his mistakes- it isn't credible or helpful to him either.
  11. I totally agree with you. I was being sarcastic= another poster has been adamant about running lots of Inside Zone to "set up" the 2 TDs Allen and Martinez You dont need to run it 10-15 times to set up the complementary play.
  12. That seems to be "downplaying the problem" of poor decision making, fumbles, throwing into double coverage, not hitting simple swing passes etc
  13. You said this" Easy to fixate on the bad punt against MSU, or Martinez's fumble against Michigan -" So I addressed that special teams and turnovers aren't a one game thing- recency bias. Not fixating on something that rarely happens.
  14. Sure and I don't agree in your opinion that it doesn't suck- I get it.
  15. Nope- the Michigan game they ran all those inside zone- inside zone read plays- for little gain- to set up the ONE nice play action throw to Allen for the TD and the Martinez keeper. IN College football to set a team up- you don't run the set up run play 2-3 times- you throw away 10-15 of them
  16. So- they made a mistake choosing Luke- which was an evaluation mistake- on Coach V. He chose wrong and or couldn't coach him up Looks like the very same thing happened to Vedral 0-2. Let me ask you this- Why do you think he missed on those other than "it didn't work out"? Let me ask you this- Why do you think Martinez has chocked so badly late in games? Martinez has certainly been more decisive, he has chosen not to throw into double coverage and has been somewhat more safe (not safe enough) with the ball. Seems like he isn't as late to run as in the last 2 seasons. He has a legit deep threat of course with Toure- but the RBs are really not significantly better than in years past. One would hope that any QB in the same system for 4 years would make progress.
  17. You cant put everything on his receivers- but sure go ahead. Again- how does that affect him being able to throw a simple swing pass, overthrow wide open medium depth routes- CHOOSE to throw into double coverage, lead the nation in fumbles?
  18. And how does that affect our selection of Luke as our only QB recruit in his class? His lack of development? Same for Vedral? Most QBs are going to be injured at some point in their college careers. It's football.
  19. You cant blame all of AMs problems on a few routes that were run wrong. Plenty of routes run correctly and receivers open- he couldn't even throw a simple swing pass- overthrew wide open medium depth receivers, missed wide open guys, threw into double coverage, led the nation in fumbles, failed to take easy first downs with open green instead holding onto the ball- to get sacked- it's a long list. Not all on his receivers. It is what it is. Hes playing better in his 4th year, but when you combine his progress with the lack of progress with our other QBs- that just doesn't give most people confidence in the QB coaches ability.
  20. Of course there are other reasons- but when you measure progress did you really see a technically better, decisive and more savy QB in year 2 than in year 1 with AM? Year 2 and year 3? Good QB coaches should be able to make serviceable QBs out of the kids THEY decided they WANTED right? Coach V- is absolutely involved in evaluating, recruiting AND coaching QBs. He struck out with Luke in regards to that. Same with Vedral. As far as I see- he is 0-3 here at NU. Based on that I have little confidence our young QBs will progress much under his tutelage. And yes it is the position coaches job to be the "mind coach" for the players he is coaching. Does the melt downs late in games come from an upstairs issue with AM? The numbers are just insane when you look at them. Cant score on the last drive to win/tie, can't close games out. Coach V is supposed to be this QB whisperer- I just don't see it.
  21. Our turnover and special teams issues are not a one game aberration. One might make a case for the aberrations are the games we have done ok in special teams and turnover margin. They seem to be improving, but the numbers are the numbers.
  22. Totally agree. Do you feel Martinez progressed much from year 1-2? 2-3? How about Luke? How well did he progress while he was here ? Vedral? Because that's what we are talking about here. Haarberg- season 1 to 2 SMothers- season 2 to 3 What is the track record there over the long haul with our QBs coach making our QBs a lot better than when they arrived?
  23. If the play is as you suggest- it would be the first time we've run it. However we have run the play with the TE sealing outside before.
  24. I was at the Spring Game and watched some of his HS film. Big arm, accuracy issues. Smothers- didn't see the arm strength- or great accuracy either.
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