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  1. Hearing night game from my buddy who's a big michigan fan
  2. Toure with a nice finish to the East-West shrine bowl. 5 catches for 32 yards and 2 tds.
  3. If we wanna go the FCS route, folks may wanna look at the dude from James Madison. Holy smokes...almost 3,300 yards, 37 TDs, 2 INTs, 67.3% Completion percentage
  4. Sycamore as in Bishop Sycamore? Is he even real? I mean his rivals page lists him as "test test"
  5. Robert Anae/Brennan Armstrong/Dontavyion Wicks combo anyone? Anae has had success and would definitely be one of our oldest staffers per the report from yesterday. If martinez was told not to come back one would think more of a shift to pass first qb. Wicks would just be cherry on top. Id be very excited with our pass game potential
  6. So how does Korn differ schematically from a Frost/Lubick/Helfrich?
  7. I would imagine we will see a lot of max protect, play action, and rollouts to keep him upright and to limit decision making.
  8. Wonder if Master Teague ends up in the portal. Doubt playing time increases much next year
  9. While i wouldn't mind helfrich, it just doesn't seem to a ton of sense. I mean Frost knows its a do or die situation next year and if Martinez leaves (I think he will), does anyone have faith in our current backups leading us to 8+ wins? The OC most likely needs to bring a qb and i doubt Helfrich can do that.
  10. Kiper has CTB as one of his top 10 corners in the draft
  11. I will always argue that he was one of the best coaches around. I mean who else could take Kansas to a BCS bowl game?
  12. Mark Helfrich as OC? Average head coach but him and Frost seemed to work well together at Oregon
  13. Incredibly successful at BYU and took Virginia to the Orange bowl in like his 3rd season there. Only 1 losing season in his entire career and tbay was his first at UVA. At minimum a different name then throwing out Bob Stoops, Urban Meyer, etc
  14. Will be nice to get some starters out of here before a big, physical game next week
  15. Mel Kiper's most recent position rankings has Cam Taylor-Britt as tied for the 10th best corner. Tops in the big 10
  16. Reason for optimism is that this is a MSU team with some holes. They are not very far removed from having serious talent and depth issues and we really have no idea how good their wins are yet this year. We can get 7 in the red zone rather than trying for 3 and i think we are in good shape.
  17. I usually find going through the teams ticket office better. Spent 50 a piece on tickets this upcoming weekend where websites like stubhub wanted to surcharge each ticket like 20 bucks
  18. I think most here would take 7-3 near the end of the quarter but man those penalties suck
  19. Martin went for 100+ the one game he played. Him, Toure, and Manning should be a good trio
  20. Maybe next week we can play with our full compliment of offensive threats. Have yet to do that
  21. Agreed on Stepp in that he has to show more, but i cant think of too many teams in the BIG not named OSU that have the potential quality skills guys we could have. Obviously short on data points with only two games, but i like oir ability to move the ball IF Adrian is given time
  22. Stepp, Toure, Martin, Manning, and Allen should be one of the better groups of skill position players in the conference
  23. Pass rush was good. Seemed like offensive playcalling was good (could have essily had 10-14 more points with accurate passes). Last positive is that our goal of winning the west is still in our control, although i only tell myself this to reduce my stress level
  24. My buddy gets the Phil Steele magazine every year and while I don't remember everything he said, i believe Phil said all nine of his models have Nebraska in a bowl (or maybe winning record) and that this was Nebraska's most talented team under Frost
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