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  1. Kopps and wicklander is our best shot. Huskers still battled and never were really out of it. Gonna be tough to beat these dudes twice in a row but huskers have some grit. what a terrible draw, for both teams reality
  2. Wick has been hit plenty. He’s been run early too.it’s to y’all’s advantage we used so many arms yesterday even though pitch counts stayed pretty low. Having to throw kopps was a bad sign IMO. on the other hand, we played like shot yesterday. If we play like shot today it will be the first time we’ve done it this year. If the huskers pull it off there won’t be anything cheap about it. And it might be a snake pit in there tonight, but it looked like huskers brought some fans. hopefully those that made the trip are having fun. We got screwed having to have UN as the 2 in our regional. At least your fans seem rowdy. I’d pull for you if you put us out
  3. This Arkansas team is a freight train. They’ve got about 11 dudes that can rake, they are exceptional on defense, they have an unhitable closer that can go 3+ Inn multiple games in a weekend. BUT Never forget(and I bet you won’t) this is a school that had a pop up to win a natty and let it fall between 3 dudes. Choking is in our DNA and it would be a very Arkansas thing to do to hammer everybody in the best conference in the country, and then get put out in a regional. Nebraska scares me. if you get the chance to come down to Fayetteville you should. Other than the usual marrying our sister, making drugs and/or hooch in our bathtubs, not wearing shoes, it’s a pretty underrated college town and not a bad drive from Lincoln I bet.
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