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  1. To be clear, there are a lot more folks than just loud GOP members that are against this. If the influx of people and resources actually leads to holding the financially elite accountable, then cool, I support it. ....but we obviously know, or at least have decades worth of evidence and historical precendent to tell us, that that aint gonna happen. So yeah, I don't hold it against anyone for being pissed about this if they believe that this is empowering an agency to only and exclusively punish the middle class.
  2. It was $35 when it first launched. Then it jumped to $40 when it added all the Turner Networks (TNT, TBS, CNN, CN, etc.), then to $50 when it added all the Discovery network channels. Went up to $65 in 2020 after adding Viacom's lineup of BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, TV Land, and VH1 So a good deal more expensive but with more content and lightyears better accessibility than any cable offering that's ever existed. Still, there are plenty of cheaper options.
  3. Alternate uniforms are for the players, and then for merch sales. Fans being able to see or notice the differences in the stands or on tv is very far down the list of motivations, especially when plenty of those same fans will see that jersey in the team store with a display that says "HONORING THE PAST" or something and buy one as a collector's item Money's high that this is an alternate/throwback reveal. It's the 40th year anniversary, and Adidas/NU have finally figured out a winning formula for Nebraska alternates which is 'make them simple and make them nostalgic'.
  4. The dems have Beto and Buttigieg, although the latter just has that quality about him where you think he's a snively narc even if you really want to trust and like him lol
  5. Not even close The average DirecTV bill is $124/month YoutubeTV - $65 HBO Max - $10 Netflix - $10 Disney+ Bundle (Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+) - $8 AppleTV+ - $5 That's a package that even has redundancies and youtubetv is a pricier option than something like sling. Plus you get access to way, way, WAY more entertainment.
  6. That explains last year. Doesn't explain the multiple years before it.
  7. @ColoradoHusk nailed it. In that scenario, Peacock would be for people on tablets, phones, laptops, etc. that are some combination of not owning an antenna, not owning a tv, not having cable or a cable alternative, etc. Can you like....calm down a bit? We are not literally back to pay-per-view. The deals aren't even finished or announced yet, so we don't know where we are. Even if half our games are on Peacock and Paramount+, that's at most $30 total for the three months of football and you can cancel or start anytime. Pay-per-view games were at minimum $30 for one game, and that was 20 years ago. You know ESPN, BTN and FS1 aren't free, right? All of our games on Peacock and Paramount+ would be significantly cheaper than all of our games on ESPN and FS1.
  8. I know there are possible ways this could play out that won't be perfect for everyone, and I don't want to have to sign up for more stuff either. But, overall, this is about as good of news as you could possibly hope for as a fan of a B1G team. Three nationwide, network, over the air games per week is huge. These are free to all with an antenna, and that's nearly half of the conference games of that week. Then you have B1G and FS1/2 which most of us as sports fans are likely to have already. There's a chance that the occasional game ends up paywalled behind a streaming only platform, but I think it's a very low chance overall, and a higher likelihood that those will be offered as supplemental options instead of exclusive ones.
  9. Three simple questions: 1. Who hired the director of the FBI? 2. What political party does the director of the FBI belong to? 3. Does Donald Trump have decades of history of being found guilty and/or settling lawsuits for defrauding people?
  10. Let's try something a bit more abstract and removed from the details (often depressing) of discussing actual political stories in the real world. I'm very drawn to learning about and talking about political, anthropological, and spiritual ideas in the abstract, and a lot of time when you're in the weeds on specifics it's hard to explore big ideas of how things could fundamentally be different, because the machine is so big and has been going for hundreds of years so obviously this is "just the way it is". But, doesn't mean we can't harmlessly dream and theorize about alternate realities. So... If you were lucky enough to be in a position such as the founding fathers/Continental Congress found themselves in at the birth of our country, how would you go about it? What systems would you fight for? How would you design safeguards? What values would you care about the most? How would you determine who's in charge? How would you codify how to deal with laws and how the state can and can't enforce order? What things exist in our current reality that you would take great lengths to avoid? Let's say, just to give this some rails, that this is a new 'country' removed from the global conflict of 10 million random people, in the year 2022. A complete fresh start in a vacuum.
  11. Honest question - what part of what the federal reserve is doing, or even existing, can be deemed as 'natural'?
  12. You're kind of right but missing some pretty big context. Osborne did mostly stand still for his first 7-8 years, but he stood still at being a top ten program, major bowls, and conference championships. His big hump of staying still was beating Oklahoma, which he finally did in year 6. After that, he started turning 9-10 win seasons into 11-12 win seasons for a while, then regressed back a bit (still to being a top ten team winning championships), then he finished with the best run in history. So if you're trying to make a point in regards to equating the two, it's a stupid point. I think you meant to respond to me. The point is he didn't win any, and after year seven we were as close or further away from that goal than we were in year one.
  13. There's not much 'direction' involved in being as far away from competing for championships in year seven as you were in year one. That's much better than where we're at now, but it's also standing still. This really doesn't matter at all. Bill Callahan's players loved him too - Zac Taylor put an op ed in the paper defending him. Scott Frost's players love him too. It's exceedingly rare that a coach's players don't love him and wouldn't run through a wall for them.
  14. How do they determine if the claim of rape or incest is real? Can anyone just say they were raped? Or do they need to have someone found guilty in the justice system within 10 weeks?
  15. Yeah I don't see how you can reliably evaluate teachers in a conducive way. Too many variables, too many subjective perspectives to evaluate from.
  16. I doubt it's anything interesting. Facebook's algorithms are pretty poorly designed and completely incapable of detecting nuance or context most of the time. It's as good of a chance as any that the excerpt said something like, "It's wrong to call gay people faggots" and then the post got banned for calling gay people a slur.
  17. He didn't really offer a reason, just said he thinks they're already regretting it "given the pushback that they’ve gotten from almost every corner of their communities. I think they will regret it more as time goes on.”
  18. anyone have a tl;dr of whats included in the PACT Act?
  19. Part of the context that this conversation is missing surrounding the hot mic leaked audio is, well, the context. Sure, we all b!^@h about customers sometimes, or about our bosses. But usually that b!^@hing happens after really bad experiences, or in bad environments. Bo's comments, while being overblown and not being as big of a deal as people wanted to make it out to be, do still speak to his mindset. He just led our team to the biggest comeback in school history, against his alma mater, and after getting blownout by Wisconsin and avoiding an 0-2 conference start. He had every reason and opportunity to be happy and/or excited and/or proud as his general mood - instead he couldn't help but be bitter and pissy towards a small subset of fans. That's who he is, and that's why he had a ceiling, got fired, and isn't a coach anyone wants anymore. He didn't say anything outrageously unreasonable or shocking, but it's one data point among many that show him to be a vindictive a$$h@!e looking for slights instead of rising above them.
  20. Yes, Tommy threw him that on a long 3rd down from the 1 yard line. Same bowl that we played Clemson in, just five years off
  21. Clicks = ads = money. Controversy = conversation = anger = clicks = ads = money. It's that simple.
  22. He got paid to be a figurehead for some law firm that was going to do it with someone else. Honestly, good for him getting a fat check for doing nothing and in support of something that would have happened anyways.
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