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  1. I'm not gonna hold my breath. It's nice to hope, but let's have some perspective. Donald Trump before 2016: • was sued by the DOJ for refusing to rent to black people, two separate times • Ordered black workers off his casino floor when he came in • Took out a full page newspaper ad calling for four black teenagers (who were later exonerated) to be killed • Was quoted as saying he hates black people counting his money, and affirmed that the quote was probably accurate • Had openly bragged about watching minor underage women change in the dressing rooms at his beauty pageants • Has had at least six affairs while married • Started the racist 'birther' attacks against Obama, claiming he was a Muslim Kenyan • Dodged the draft four times • Has had dozens of allegations/complaints/lawsuits from contractors because he steals and cheats and doesn't pay his workers • Defrauded tons of people with Trump University • Had bankrupted multiple businesses • Has brazenly admitted that even though he LARPs as a Christian, he's never asked God for forgiveness • Said "I moved on her like a b!^@h... I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pu&&y. You can do anything." • Routinely and consistently praised dictators, authoritarians, fascists and trolls in our country and across the world while routinely and consistently criticizing and mocking 'weak' politicians like John McCain. • Asked Russia to hack the Democrats I'm sure I'm missing plenty of bullet points, but all of that was before he was even elected. That's the person that we elected President, and it didn't get any better once he was. I'm already exhausted from that but you could make another list post election about how often he stoked the flames of white racial animosity, coerced foreign leaders to get dirt on political rivals, disrespected pretty much every tenant of freedom and equality and rule of law enshrined in the constitution, was accused of sexual assault, engaged in schoolyard bullying and divisive political rhetoric, and a million other things. And still a large portion of our populace, and a whole bunch of power hungry, knuckle dragging, sycophantic government officials support him and what he stands for. So after 4-5 years of him as president and candidate, and decades of him proving to be a habitually lying power hungry narcissist, and no accountability, it's hard to believe that all of the sudden something is different. It's not like Trump hasn't been brazenly breaking laws his entire adult life.
  2. The crazy part is none of this is even a little bit surprising. It's nice to have it on record, but only because we've so deeply devolved into a gotcha/technicality/alternative facts/post-truth reality that the only way people might have any chance at believing something they don't want to is if it's overwhelming and crystal clear. Even though it already was in 2016
  3. His consistency across Osborne and Eichorst sort of argues against the idea that he got fired because of lack of AD support. Football coaches survive based off of successfully solving the equation of wins acquired and level of a$$h@!ery. Bo was too much of an a$$h@!e to balance out with the number of wins he got. It's really that simple. If he would've been closer to championship level football in year 7 than he was in year 1, his a$$h@!ery could've been accepted and balanced out.
  4. Some of it is marketing B.S. and snake oil grifters jumping on something new, but some of it is also that our culture spent so much time with the internalized lie that it was bad. The medicinal benefits of a naturally occurring plant wouldn't be controversial or suspicious without the needless legislation and propaganda against it setting the backdrop. It'd be like all the sudden being wary of aloe vera.
  5. So what's the excuse for the years with Tom Osborne as AD defending him at every turn before Eichorst was part of the equation?
  6. Not only that, but this practice tends to dramatically overhype narratives that don't deserve it. Nothing has been established that this person is going to be some bombshell smoking gun witness. Yet that's how we all feel just based off all these tweets and speculations in the name of 'news', isn't it?
  7. In that situation the daughter would be a minimum of 12-13 weeks pregnant.
  8. Being a victim and playing the victim are two separate things, and can both simultaneously be true of someone. I think the circumstances proved that this was attention-seeking when, after being asked to do it privately (which may or may not be fair), he refused and doubled down on the insistence of doing it at the 50 yard line.
  9. Your preference of any of the above. Topically, under your tongue, inhaling/vaping, transdermally with patches, orally via pills or oil added to food/drinks, etc. are all common.
  10. I use it semi-regularly. I'm not really an evangelist for much of anything in the world, but I think for most people who suffer from things like what you're describing it's honestly a life-changing substance. I've felt enough benefits personally and know way too many people who have regained the ability to do x or enjoy y to ignore.
  11. Assuming this is the same coach I started a thread about a few months ago, I feel the same way in terms of that being legally protected. But I also think that coach is hella gaslighting the situation painting himself as a victim through the events of the story and seems like a huge douche.
  12. Bro no worries I was kidding too! But just kidding the way that analogy doesn't work is PEDs has an organization categorically saying "you aren't allowed to do this" and in terms of identifying as another gender there's no controlling organization doing that. All jokes haha
  13. No joke but there's no social component to whether you pass or fail a drug test in the same way that there's a social component to being masculine or feminine. So to answer your question the reason you can't do that is because you can't do things that make zero sense and get away with them. Being born male anatomically and identifying as a woman isn't actually related to your anatomy and makes at least 1% of sense. If someone was born with a penis and testicles and then tried to claim, "I identify as someone that was born with a vagina", they would clearly be rightfully called out and held accountable to that.
  14. The answer is because they are angry. It's inexcusable and rightfully condemnable, but it's not hard to understand the why.
  15. If you ever have any bias related to or informed by race, that is 100% racism, but depending on what the bias is and how it manifests it might be very very minor innocuous racism The first thing that shows up on google when you search 'bias' is 'A bias is a tendency, inclination, or prejudice toward or against something or someone.' If that definition is even tangentially related to someone's skin color, then that's at least tangentially racist.
  16. I agree with you, which is really saying something because knapplc is pissy and unproductive in P&R conversation 90% of the time
  17. Also except for all the affirming and/or progressive and/or liberal and/or non-categorizeable churches.
  18. "There's a 99% chance that I know what I'm doing" :proceeds to not have any idea what I'm doing: "Technically I didn't lie. There was a 1% chance and the odds worked out that way. Show me where I lied??? I didn't lie."
  19. There's all sorts of Christians all over the country and the world speaking up about this, marching and protesting, organizing and providing resources, etc.
  20. Seems like a fairly average pro career for a 2nd round RB
  21. Everyone's at least a little racist. Conservatives get so butthurt about the conversation and liberals get so frothy at the mouth about the conversation because most people treat it like a yes or no thing when it's really like being hungry. Like maybe you aren't right now but a cheeseburger could cut you off on the highway and all the sudden you're pretty hungry I know I'm a little racist because I get a little extra excited if a white receiver catches the ball in the NFL
  22. For the sake of making sure we're dealing with correct info this isn't true, at least not immediately which is what the implication seems to be. Abortions ballooned after Roe V Wade, and have been on a steady downward trajectory for several decades now
  23. The view of this twat tweeting on twitter and those in central NE and everywhere else who actually believe this is really genuinely coocoo for cocoa puffs. Small town chuds with no purpose LARPing as moral virtue freedom fighters, so corny lmao
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