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  1. Yes. He went back to Oregon State to be an assistant head coach or consultant depending on the source, and his salary was $50,004 per year. Don't know what it means but the address is 40 w 57th street NY NY
  2. So my secret super duper migraine laser video camera worked!
  3. But that guarantee is still guaranteed though.. I agree with all your points but in a theoretical world where Rhule takes this job for a 2mil base salary and doesn't hit any incentives, he's still getting 8mil per year from Carolina.
  4. completely unrelated to the shooting story, but people on dating apps do s#!t like this all the time. I mean, it's a very small percentage of people, but it absolutely happens - plenty of gay men put their gender as female so they show up in straight men's potential matches as an example.
  5. I was there too. Was lucky enough to get a media pass and film the game, just for fun so no pressure. Was my first time ever shooting football and part of the reason I'm so bummed about Frost is I never got to do anything with that footage Here's two of the clips for posterity https://imgur.com/07qyiyy https://imgur.com/6BCJuKH
  6. People are just as capable of being led to hate themselves due to hysteria and fear-mongering and toxic narratives as they are to hating others.
  7. They're both examples of denigrating. They're not both clear violations of twitter's user agreement rules at the time.
  8. Would depend on their history and context. It's exceptionally easy to tell the difference between that and what the Babylon Bee did. Much easier than any impressive contortionist act to bend the pedantry enough to claim they're equally in violation of the same rule.
  9. Ron would be the target of that insult, so yes. So kind of similar to something like... calling a trans woman a man?
  10. Because there was a specific rule against targeting trans individuals by intentionally misgendering them and they broke the rule.
  11. The eviction notices were filed not by Warnock or his church but by the 1% business partner in owning the building, and weren't actually carried out. So that's really just two allegedly's, and neither has much of anything to do with being smart. Maybe a little bit to do with being thoughtful, but I doubt you know any more than me as far as the inner workings of charitable housing for the homeless or how involved the head pastor of the church would be in that.
  12. Who cares? Is it info that you or others have a desperate need to know? If someone fills out an application for something listing a gender you haven't heard of is that any more concern to you than if they list a town you've never heard of as their address or a college you've never heard of as their education?
  13. Pretty much the same thing except without contact and sideways instead of backwards. Ugly stuff.
  14. it's all part of that there dang alphabet gang!
  15. The rumor includes a third coach and the mention of the football facility is attributable to Moos' stewardship, who was someone that very obviously had no problem spending plenty of cash. Really has nothing to do with Trev who came in when that was well under way.
  16. If the report of Trev not opening up the coffers is true... I can't even begin to explain how disenfranchising that is.
  17. This offense is worse than 2009 imo At least 2009 was historically awful in part because Bo decided to shut the offense down and intentionally not try. This year's squad is getting these results while really really trying hard.
  18. I loved Bill Cosby until I found out he was a serial rapist and then with the new info I stopped loving him. Assuming he was the same guy throughout though.
  19. "Don't double post" is a legacy rule of thumb with messageboard etiquette over the last 25 years and most board softwares have outdated features towards that end. If you wait a minute it will post separately and not merge.
  20. you DON'T know this!!! Nobody in the AD has specifically said that Goldie Hawn isn't a candidate.
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