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  1. 3 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

    OK, how do you use CBD oil?  Do you rub it on your skin?  Swallow it?  What?



    Your preference of any of the above. Topically, under your tongue, inhaling/vaping, transdermally with patches, orally via pills or oil added to food/drinks, etc. are all common.

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  2. I use it semi-regularly. I'm not really an evangelist for much of anything in the world, but I think for most people who suffer from things like what you're describing it's honestly a life-changing substance. I've felt enough benefits personally and know way too many people who have regained the ability to do x or enjoy y to ignore.

  3. 2 hours ago, knapplc said:

    Seeing a lot of complaints about this online, but I actually agree with this decision. 


    With the caveat that I would disagree if the coach punished players who don't participate in post-game prayer, I see no harm to anyone if this coach prays in a public place. 


    It's been happening at Nebraska for decades and there isn't any public info that it's harmed anyone. 






    Assuming this is the same coach I started a thread about a few months ago, I feel the same way in terms of that being legally protected.


    But I also think that coach is hella gaslighting the situation painting himself as a victim through the events of the story and seems like a huge douche.

  4. 4 hours ago, teachercd said:

    Where does that % scale come from?


    Isn't, in this case, the social component that to be a "real football" player you need to use PED's and therefore he felt he needed to use them to fall in line and since "everybody" was using them it was okay and not really cheating?


    No need to answer, we all know how this goes.  I was kidding, I did not think this would get more insane haha



    Bro no worries I was kidding too! But just kidding the way that analogy doesn't work is PEDs has an organization categorically saying "you aren't allowed to do this" and in terms of identifying as another gender there's no controlling organization doing that. All jokes haha

  5. 6 hours ago, teachercd said:

    I am going to quote myself but why not...If a guy can identify as a girl and so on (I am 100% for this!) why can't you just identify as a drug test passer?


    I guess what I mean is, how could they say "no"?



    No joke but there's no social component to whether you pass or fail a drug test in the same way that there's a social component to being masculine or feminine.


    So to answer your question the reason you can't do that is because you can't do things that make zero sense and get away with them. Being born male anatomically and identifying as a woman isn't actually related to your anatomy and makes at least 1% of sense. If someone was born with a penis and testicles and then tried to claim, "I identify as someone that was born with a vagina", they would clearly be rightfully called out and held accountable to that.

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  6. 3 hours ago, knapplc said:



    Bias isn't racism, though.



    If you ever have any bias related to or informed by race, that is 100% racism, but depending on what the bias is and how it manifests it might be very very minor innocuous racism :lol: 


    The first thing that shows up on google when you search 'bias' is 'A bias is a tendency, inclination, or prejudice toward or against something or someone.' If that definition is even tangentially related to someone's skin color, then that's at least tangentially racist.

  7. 7 hours ago, funhusker said:

    How many sermons tomorrow morning are going to speak out against this you think?


    It will be a bunch of double talk that the people can interpret how they wish.  Except for all the churches that will clearly celebrate it.



    Also except for all the affirming and/or progressive and/or liberal and/or non-categorizeable churches.

  8. 9 minutes ago, funhusker said:

    Well, Christians?  Where are you?  If your not for the subjugation of women, why aren’t you speaking up?  Why aren’t you leading this charge?



    There's all sorts of Christians all over the country and the world speaking up about this, marching and protesting, organizing and providing resources, etc.

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  9. Everyone's at least a little racist. Conservatives get so butthurt about the conversation and liberals get so frothy at the mouth about the conversation because most people treat it like a yes or no thing when it's really like being hungry. Like maybe you aren't right now but a cheeseburger could cut you off on the highway and all the sudden you're pretty hungry :lol:


    I know I'm a little racist because I get a little extra excited if a white receiver catches the ball in the NFL

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  10. 12 hours ago, Guy Chamberlin said:

    The abortion rate actually went down after Roe v Wade. Planned Parenthood did a lot more education and contraceptive work than they ever did abortions. Making abortion illegal didn't stop abortions then and it won't now. It will just come down hard on the poor and the brown skinned, and open a nightmare of legal and judicial enforcement on agencies that can't afford the workload. It's a moral problem, sure. It's also a social and logistical problem that going to fester immediately.






    For the sake of making sure we're dealing with correct info this isn't true, at least not immediately which is what the implication seems to be. Abortions ballooned after Roe V Wade, and have been on a steady downward trajectory for several decades now



  11. 2 hours ago, DevoHusker said:

    First, as a disclaimer, this is NOT my personal view. This IS the view of many in my area of Central Nebraska...and I am sure elsewhere.





    The view of this twat tweeting on twitter and those in central NE and everywhere else who actually believe this is really genuinely coocoo for cocoa puffs. Small town chuds with no purpose LARPing as moral virtue freedom fighters, so corny lmao

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  12. 1 hour ago, nic said:

    Non idea. All the bullet points for Dems this fall will be Roe v Wade and gun control.



    Okay so is it fair to say that when brought up transgender athletes as an example of "the problems they have real solutions to are not at the forefront of most voters top priorities", that was a pretty terrible example of whatever point you were trying to make? Because that's also not a problem/solution that is at the forefront of the Democrats top platform priorities?

  13. 27 minutes ago, funhusker said:

    If most Americans support abortions before 12 weeks, and in cases of incest, rape, and health of the mother, the GOP can’t actually talk the big game any more.


    Don't hold your breath. Most Americans support things like single-payer healthcare and common sense gun control measures, and the GOP doesn't give a s#!t.

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  14. 1 hour ago, nic said:

    High enough that Hillary commented on it and then got criticized. Maybe Hillary doesn’t matter anymore, but that is why I picked that example. 



    So commenting on something is the only basis we have for how high up the list trans women competing in sports is for democratic politicians? That's pretty vague and not really useful. 


    Do you think it's high enough on the list to be a bullet point on anybody's campaign website? 

  15. 11 hours ago, Pedro G said:

    We at least all know that Wipple will rarely, if ever, run the option. 



    No we don't. Frost is still the coach, and he's not gonna easily let an entire year of dutifully studying coastal carolina's orbit motion option scheme fall completely by the wayside.


    Our option game last year was dynamic and effective, I doubt it's completely going away.

  16. 26 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:

    Once we change from a the traditional sense of marriage, why in the world can three people not be married?  I’m sure there are plenty of instances where this would make people happy and we are getting in the way of peoples bedrooms.  



    What do you mean by a traditional sense of marriage? I get the feeling you're not referring to the traditional sense being grown adult men taking ownership of 14-15 year old women and f#&%ing them to make it count as marriage.



    Btw, the government isn't getting in the way of peoples bedrooms, threesomes still exist and are legal.

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  17. 43 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    It seems worse to have a situation where an 18 year old QB is making $1,000,000 while the linemen protecting him make zero, and the coaching staff occasionally has to make allowances for their NIL starts to attend photo shoots for their real employers. That's the complete opposite of the college football team ethic.


    Given that amateurism is already out the door, a college football players union makes more sense and flattens out the dominance of certain Conferences. 



    It's absolutely worse overall, but immediately is not worse for the NCAA protecting it's non-profit status and not opening itself up to more lawsuits.


    But yes, clearly they have kicked the can down the road for too long being too scared and now everything is chaos.

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