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  1. It’s not unique but Frost was hired to right the ship. He was the home run hire that was going to unite the program and change the culture. I’m not sure it’s happened and that’s why some feel disappointment.
  2. Coach Frost has made numerous foot in mouth comments and made numerous head shaking decisions. Outrage is probably too strong of a feeling to have but it should be okay for fans to feel disappointed in all the negative attention the program has received since the press conference of his hiring.
  3. Can’t say I’m a fan of the NCAA and their selective investigations but regardless of what other programs did, Nebraska, and the fans, have always prided themselves on doing things the right way. We can’t point fingers when we get caught.
  4. For any agreement or merger to work it will have to include freezing the SEC out of bowl games and championships. The SEC is taking the 2 Big 12 teams to try to solidify them getting as many as 4teams into the playoffs while the other 50 FBS schools will compete for the other 4.
  5. I think budgets will play a big part. I heard it directly from a college head coach during a football camp. It will take time to shake out.
  6. Many will have to no matter what because there isn’t going to be room for all the transfers at the lower levels either
  7. You’re correct because most FBS programs will be in the same situation. It was great they received a year back, but it may not be where they want it to be when they are juniors or seniors
  8. Most university budgets are going to be able to keep every scholarship player that received a free eligibility year from last season. The transfer portal will be overflowed for the next few seasons until it’s all flushed through.
  9. Probably won’t see 4 groups of 16 teams unless there is a television deal that is equitable to all 4 groups. No one wants the other 8 from the Big 12 because they don’t bring even half the money to the table that the current conferences distribute currently. So if they add teams, each team in a conference would likely make less per year. Just not going to happen without an NFL like broadcast deal.
  10. If the Power 4-3/4 are going to start turning college football into NFL-Lite, they should start scheduling like it and do away with playing lower conference teams
  11. The Big Ten shouldn’t expand this time around.
  12. It’s just very eye opening that the SEC has recognized what it will take to ensure games get played and their players stay on the field.
  13. My comment about the SEC leading in vaccination efforts is not political. Discussing Covid and vaccinations doesn’t have to be political when discussing how it can affect a team. I agree the topic of joining the big 12 doesn’t fit the discussion
  14. Talking about Covid and vaccinations to how it potentially affects a football team playing a game or forfeiting isn’t political. It’s the same as discussing strength and conditioning programs.
  15. It does say a lot that the SEC is leading the charge in vaccinations. They know what it will take to win. Or at least eliminate a variable that could keep them from winning.
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