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  1. O god. They are going to piss it away still.
  2. Need to pin them deep and the D to have one more series in them!
  3. May have gotten a gifted wrapped present!!!
  4. Jesus Christ. Have they tried one run outside tonight?
  5. Well crap. Good first down but can’t afford to lose him to injury.
  6. Now go down and finish this thing while killing the clock!
  7. My 8 year old could call a better game than Whipple.
  8. Was NU short a guy in punt? How do you go out from timeout short a guy?
  9. Also. Not sure who the announcers are but hope I never have to hear them again this year.
  10. They score this drive might as well call it game.
  11. I think we can’t afford not to try someone else at QB for at least a few series.
  12. Called that with Benhart before the snap. What a waste of space on the right side.
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