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  1. If we have this full scale change and still don’t end up with a full time special teams coordinator you may be able to hear me across the state.
  2. Benhart is trash. Martinez is trash when it counts.
  3. It’s not a caught but it won’t be overturned.
  4. That Frost is doing just enough to justify keeping his entire staff in tact for one last “Sh!t or get off the pot year”. Not sure how I feel about that.
  5. God I have always hated Harbaugh. Just seeing him makes me want to punch him in the face.
  6. 1:24 left and game on the line. Waiting for the classic 2 minute offense collapse. Only to the sideline and past the sticks now.
  7. Yup. But I’m the flip side all Martinez had to do was take care of the damn ball.
  8. Come on Ben. We may still need you! Also I don’t like our chances if this goes to OT.
  9. And that is why you don’t put your head down when tackling.
  10. Or NU is now only down needing a field goal instead of touchdown in the Fourth.
  11. Come on D. We need you now more than ever!!!!
  12. That is the question. They are definitely gassed. How bad do they want it?
  13. and this is why you take the points in the first quarter. It would be a two point game instead of five points.
  14. Does the OC really matter if Frost don’t give up control?
  15. WTF is joint possession? I have never heard of that one. Refs pulling out all the stops.
  16. These refs are trash. Absolute trash. They need to be taken behind the woodshed for real.
  17. Maybe that is why first year Martinez was so much better?
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