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    Robert “Bob” Proctor (Navy Veteran)

    89 Yrs, 5'9” 145 Lbs Thin gray hair


    Loveda “Veda” Proctor

    92 Yrs, 5'2” 180 Lbs Grey hair, Blue-gray eyes


    Bob has severe diagnosed dementia. Veda can become disoriented, especially at night


    Hometown: Aurora NEBRAKSA


    Latest*confirmed (video) sighting 01/12/23 Giltner Nebraska


    Children's names: Joe, Victor, Laci


    The “Silver Alert” has expired due to State of Nebraska statute



    PLEASE contact the Aurora Nebraska Police Department at:


    (402) 694-5815



    Flier attached (doc)



    Thank you for your help and being generous with your time! <3



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    2. admo


      Nope.  She is safe and ok to walk and find herself back to the house.  Even if she doesn't know what day it is or how to read a clock.  But, The auditory hallucinations (scary demons) tell her to get out of the house and start walking.  And to me that is ok and healthy for someone who was always athletic.  We wouldn't have any problems if people minded their own business and not report an elderly person walking because they wanted to make a difference.  I mean, how about instead of calling the authorities, say hello and ask questions instead?  I bet mom would have said Hi and that she was fine.  

    3. M.A.


      At least they've cared enough to tell someone. In today's society, listening and comprehending what's been shared with people is often a stretch. We rarely engage but hear to react. Law enforcement get quite a lot of unnecessary calls that could otherwise be dealt with by emotionally mature, reasoning adults. Like they are baby sitters. People rarely want to get involved or engage. Are hardly aware of what's going on in their immediate environment. Not to sound mean but it really is in our interest to not do that and know what's going on around us. 

    4. M.A.


      The Proctors were located deceased earlier today. I'm not yet aware of any further details other than on a minimum maintenance road northeast of Kearney. Responders were addressing two different situations simultaneous. 

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