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  1. Celebrations of that not deserving of it should be avoided! Also, activities that are less meaningful involving rewards should be minimized. Ultimate aims are more likely to be achieved by making the process the reward. Good practicing, the development of one's skills and successful plays. Not celebratory reactions occurring in relationship to that which is not representative of winning. Otherwise, in reality we're rewarding unfavorable performances and loses. It becomes habit forming in relation to dopamine spikes. The feeling associated with these elevations should be reserved for that which leads to most valued, positive outcomes. And, limiting or altogether avoiding that which is associated with less desirable/valued outcomes. Reserving commemorations for practice accomplishments and successful game play rather than lower valued activities that compromise a higher level of performance (Smart phone activity, gaming, Etc.) would increase one's baseline too thus lending to objectives successfully being achieved as well. The brain is changing all the time. Significant then, does this add to or take away from what has more meaning for oneself? Chose carefully!
  2. Oh yes..Chili cook offs and dead lifts can be brutal for sure!
  3. The alert goes off at every time imaginable for a call that you need to respond to. Friends and colleagues are seriously injured or killed. Your family wonders if it might happen to you. It happens to people you attempt to rescue. Maybe it's the multi-vehicle accident out on the interstate you and your team respond to that's particularly gruesome involving traumatized children or the guy locked up in a public restroom that won't come out threatening to kill himself. Calls involving fuel tanks, electrical lines and explosives. In the hospital for days as a consequence of smoke inhalation. A broken leg you suffered when a wall collapsed. Or, maybe it's much worse, a busted neck. The scenarios are endless. When you're on call it can come at any hour. Few consider themselves heroes. And to think that many fire personnel and other first responders actually volunteer to perform these things and more to protect and save us!
  4. I like that there's a commitment being made to Special Teams. We need to start reeling in some good tight ends. The Texas connection should prove helpful.
  5. What about Kenny Bell...Possibly he could come in here to coach receivers.
  6. Lol In about five years it'll be burned to the ground right!
  7. Not spacious enough. Bland, uninspiring design.
  8. M.A.

    Jeff Sims

    Out of the list, O'Brien was the most disappointing to me. I really had high hopes for him.
  9. That's my thought as well. UNLV seems most likely with Baylor next I'd say.
  10. I'd heard it was using chili powder making cinnamon rolls instead of cinnamon!
  11. You and others might enjoy this. It's truly fascinating. There's a lot of insight that can be gained. It can be done with any sport. Experiences over and over again with as much variety of them taught in as many different scenarios as possible develops the athlete.
  12. A little holiday humor even if you aren't a KC fan.
  13. What are you willing to let go of to achieve the team's mission. Why is excellence integral. How much will you do that others refuse to or won't and, how many times times will you get back up when knocked down. What kind of Legacy do you want to leave.
  14. Huskers are going to spank opponents with their stars and bring home a trophy. Just watch.
  15. His strength has been that he's always adapting. How much of a turnover does he have I don't know. Adjusting and adapting is the name of the game. Gotta seek out every advantage.
  16. The relationships with the hip and the knee, knee and the ankle and ankle with feet all carry great relevance.
  17. There's so much to consider. Dynamic exercises are great. Training has really evolved. Looks like Saban got a good one.
  18. With respect to S&C different player positions need to be trained differently. Also each individual player's needs vary somewhat. Stretching and strengthening go together and training the whole body as a unit. Some will argue against stretching for building strength but that has to do with timing and the amount done and duration in relation to times. People recover somewhat differently. There's got to be some tailoring going on for each person. A lineman trains differently than a receiver, etc. Speed, power, agility and a number of things to consider. It's hard to say what has been going on or not going on. Perhaps the attention to detail wasn't what it needed to be. Strangely enough, one's breathing habits can play a significant role restricting playing at a higher level. Things being marginally different can have a considerable effect. I don't know...To me Scott appeared and acted tired much of the time. Lack of sleep and other possible considerations really does affect one's ability to function at a high level. It's a demanding profession.
  19. When coach Rhule says we're going to have a good line next year, I believe him. It tells me that there's been a number of things limiting their performance. It's just to critical for success for him to minimize it. There's so much that goes into it to consider. These guys might not be incredible athletes as but they're not playing anywhere near what they can be. Each contributing element is going to be addressed and corrected. This is much like we see in our work experiences. Something isn't working and it should be. A few things are addressed, adjustments are made and it makes all the difference in the world. I don't know that we can do a 180 with these players for next season but maybe we can achieve somewhere around a 90 degree improvement. That would be significant. As for coach Austin, who knows there. I'm sure that there were a lot of questions asked players. I think across the board the staff wasn't functioning cohesively limiting their effectiveness as a whole. You have to have the right people and do well with orchestration and managing.
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