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  1. I can’t speak for everyone who points a finger at Martinez as a part of the problem, but he certainly isn’t THE problem. Thinking so is oversimplifying our situation and QBs usually take the brunt of the blame. But to think that Martinez isn’t A PART of the problem is also untrue. He can be both. A part of our issues but not our biggest problem. I have a bunch of respect for the kid and root for him every Saturday. I think the coaches haven’t properly set him up for success due to their seemingly inability to develop him and our talent around him. The fact that we continued to trot a guy out at center that couldn’t snap the ball for over a year and a half absolutely baffles me. I think it can’t be stressed enough how difficult it is to play the quarterback position when your first pre-snap thought is “where the hell is this snap going to be?”. Not only does it throw off the timing of plays but takes his eyes off of the defense and his reads. And when he finally secured the knee dribblers and vertical jump testers, if he had time to throw, he only had one guy who could get open anyways. Even with the offensive line issues and lack of play makers around him after his freshmen year, there have been opportunities to make plays when we desperately needed them (not just in the first 3 quarters) and he hasn’t produced. I get that a lot of games we wouldn’t even be in if it weren’t for him, but coughing the ball up at the end or missing open receivers down the stretch seem to erase all the good he does in the first 3 quarters. Like I said, all of that isn’t on him. His supporting cast hasn’t been anything to brag about and our play calling (especially in the redzone) has been horrible. Martinez isn’t the whole problem but he is a part of it. However, he is the undisputed best QB on our roster. We ride or die with #2.
  2. I got the good guys grinding out a 14 point victory. I think the gophers play us tough coming off the bye, but we take care of the ball and punch one in late. Obviously a must win for us. From what I’ve seen from this team the last 4 weeks says that we have the much superior squad. It would take another collection of bonehead mistakes to give this one away. And I don’t think this fan base can survive another stinker to a divisional opponent.
  3. You like Martinez. We get it.
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