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  1. I hope your idiot head coach continues to believe in bad breaks when we play you guys next year again. If we get a TD, or a defensive stop, or maybe even a penalty called against Bryce Benhardt, your coach will convince that was the turning point of the game and the Cornhuskers will crumble. Part of me wonders if 2022 will be the year it comes together, but seeing how he coaches in all of these games and his "I hope we can play close" mindset is a losers mentality. He's looking for excuses rather than wins.
  2. Can't count on you guys for anything... Blocked punt? Really? Zero second half points? Really?
  3. You guys were favorites over Northwestern as well! Go do whatever you did in that game. (I didn't watch that one). Good luck. Iowa 20 Nebraska 35
  4. This is all you need to do. If you win the toss, kickoff and let Iowa fizzle. You'll get the ball back after they make a really nice punt. Then work the ball down the field with decent passes. Key is, don't throw any balls to the Hawkeyes. That is there only way of scoring. Use some running plays and get a 7-0 lead. Then kickoff and stop them again. Make them run 10 plays and keep everything in front of you. Then stop them again. They'll have another perfect punt inside your 20, but then just be patient and run the ball a bit and complete a third down pass to get the ball moving. Don't let Bryce Benhart get his butt kicked like he usually does so AM doesn't get too much pressure. Use that #11 guy you have. That TE who is 7 feet tall who catches everything thrown his way. Run him down the seam a couple times and Iowa won't be able to stop it. Score another TD to go up 14-0. (I know, it's not considered a close game if you take a 14-0 lead, but it's okay. What Minnesota likes to do is allow the other team an early score just so it doesn't seem like it's really odd that one team is scoring all of the points). When you get up 14-0, just forget about all of the close game stuff, and just kick the ball to Iowa. Again, just don't let them make a 40+ yd TD and you'll be fine. If they get 4-5 first downs, that's okay because they'll use up some clock. Eventually their QB will mess up and throw YOUR TEAM the ball. At this point, just pretend you are playing Northwestern. Chant "We don't do slogans" or whatever your slogan is to help cheer your team to a non-one-score victory. Good luck!
  5. Nebraska matches up very well against Iowa. MN was able to run on them. WI controlled Iowa. Nebraska needs to just go out and get a lead. Iowa can run the ball okay, but not as good as WI. Their offense isn't great. This is a game where even if Nebraska makes a mistake or two, Iowa won't be able to pull away by a lot. Just don't allow the big plays like MN allowed, and catch the two INT's when Iowa throws them to you instead of dropping them like MN did. I've watched a lot of Nebraska games. The defense is sound. Better than the last few years. Offense can still put up points, but usually too late. Just get a fast start and put the game away.
  6. There are people to sweat losing a redshirt on, but a QB should never be one. If your QB is half as good as you would hope, they would leave early for the NFL anyway. If they aren't as good as you hope, you don't really want them around for 5 years. If you have them around for 5 years, and they are somewhere in between, you should have out-recruited them during the next 2-3 years with a new QB, or you are stuck in a level of mediocrity where you know change is needed regardless.
  7. I think Frost stays aggressive and even with a thrown pick-six you could still win 20-35.
  8. We dominated time of possession. Dominated running game. Etc. But PJ decided to not go for TD's or not pass very much. We played scared. Frost doesn't play scared. You can do what Purdue did to Iowa. Iowa is a better matchup for Nebraska than Wisconsin. Iowa's defense is good, but not as good as WI, and not good enough against your offense. Your defense is plenty good enough to slow down their offense. Iowa 20 Nebraska 35.
  9. You guys can do it. Rather than play from behind and trying to keep games close, just go take a 14 point lead and expand it to 21 by half. Then hold on for a one score win in the 2nd half. Best wishes. Love you all! Golden Gopher Fans.
  10. Minnesota only has six four stars right now, and three are freshman who won't see the field. So Fleck is doing it all via 3-stars and culture. This is why I think Frost isn't a good coach. Our 3-stars consistently beat Frost's 4-stars. Then every year Nebraska says Minnesota is terrible.
  11. Continuing to use logic, however. WI, like many teams have teams that traditionally do well against them. One of those IS NOT Minnesota. So in any season where Minnesota does beat WI, the conference will look weak. Same thing for Iowa. MN hasn't gotten over the hump on Iowa, but Purdue beats them. With those type of bad-beats for specific teams, I can't envision a first year where Minnesota would win the west, where people would say "Oh, wow. Minnesota won the west and the West was SO GOOD this year." If you have Minnesota taking first, Purdue taking 2nd, and Wisconsin or Iowa third the thought is "Oh, Wisconsin had a bad year, that's why it was a down year". Very seldom is there a chance MN, IA, and WI all go 6-0 in their non-Big Ten West games so they all finish with zero or one loss. If you trade Ohio State to the West for any team. Purdue, Iowa, Illinois, Northwestern, etc. The talk would be "Oh wow. The West is tough. OSU, and WI, and IA, and Nebraska, etc." But if you look at the records, they're about the same. PSU has a high rating until they lose to Iowa, then Illinois, and they almost lost to WI. But PSU is always considered really good until they aren't.
  12. Sounds like something a team who loses by 5 a lot would say.
  13. West vs East: MN lost to Ohio St / beat MD, has Indiana : 1:1 WI lost to PSU and MI, has Rutgers. Currently 1:1 Purdue has MSU, OSU, and Indiana. Currently 0:0 Iowa beat Indiana, PSU, and MD. 3:0 Illinois beat PSU, lost to Rutgers and MD. 1:2 Northwestern lost to MSU and Michigan, beat Rutgers. 1:2 Nebraska lost to MSU and Michigan, has OSU. 0:2 Overall West vs East Crossover is at 7 wins and 8 losses: 7:8 West could still win the crossover battle. Then the thought probably is that the East is more top heavy and the West has more good teams that aren't horrible. But winning a division of 7 with teams that aren't horrible isn't the worst thing in the world.
  14. Weird argument. Miami never had the ball with a chance to take the lead in the 2nd half. Is that the definition for "barely handled"?
  15. Being 3-0 against Nebraska, since PJ fired Robb Smith was fired in 2018 makes most happy. Few will think Minnesota has turned it around until they win a west title. And then it will be a fluke. Then they'll either have to win a Big Ten Title game, or win the Big Ten west again. Fan sentiment often trails life.
  16. Most would be happy with Northwestern's status. Sucks some years, but then go to a BTT game. Then be mediocre, then peak again. Or similar to Iowa. Some just want to beat IA and WI since we haven't done that a lot. Others are really happy with beating the teams we should beat 90% of the time.
  17. Yeh. I watch them every year before and after the Gophers game to get an assessment of what other teams expect from the Gophers. Here's one from last year: And these guys I've watched since 2019. I think we were terrible in 2019, or a fluke or something. Best year of my life, but not good yet.
  18. I'm a MN fan and that thing I find most interesting, is how soft your media handles Frost. In MN we have radio hosts and writers who just savage PJ after any loss. Just, no hold barred, make up any story you can, to try to rip PJ apart. My theory of course is your media outlets are worried about being black-balled by viewers/listeners if they get to harsh, or that the University might decide to rescind their media access. In MN, our media members are too busy covering other sports, that most don't go to events in person until the "big game" like Penn State in 2019. As a fan, I would find that frustrating. When Frost was hired, I was worried about how good Nebraska can be, but seeing him now, I think he's an okay coach, but not a good developer of talent or a good technical coach to help players improve (nor are his positional coaches). I also don't think his leadership style is conducive to how Generation Z likes to be lead. I was puzzled by his extension he received a year or two ago. I'm kind of hoping that he stays because I think you could make a bowl game next year and then keep him longer.
  19. Sure. But we wouldn't trade that loss for any win we've accumulated so far. This is the other question for Husker fans, since I see a lot of videos on youtube about Minnesota from Husker fans prior to the game saying "Minnesota's horrible. They lost to BG, at home". How long does that apply, and in those assessments, are any other data points from the Gophers season taken into consideration?
  20. I'm a MN fan as well. We'd love to have your recruiting rankings. Seems like no matter who your coach is, your rankings are always the highest in the Big Ten West. The case of Benhart, he's in year 3 now, but I think Frost had to start him too soon, and I think that has hurt his trajectory. I don't know if Frost's culture wasn't right for the old O-lineman left by Mike Riley. My theory is that Frost doesn't know how to develop all of the players. The rubber isn't hitting the road with his coaching style. It does for the kids like Jojo Doleman who has a great respect for authority, but 100% of kids these days aren't like that. I seriously think the best thing for Benhart would be to transfer to Wisconsin at this point. He and Minnesota have no love for each other, so going to his second choice in Wisconsin might be wise.
  21. He's bringing in high level of recruits, but the coaches aren't getting the players to play better. Some guys are getting better on their own, but I feel bad for any O-linemen who went to Nebraska expecting to be developed into great players, because Frost and his coaches aren't doing that. There have to be a few guys questioning why they believed in Frost, and then after a loss like today he doesn't talk to them postgame. Frost has no concept on how to lead kids in the year 2021.
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