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  1. Fvck guys....season is about to start. Can you give it a friggin' rest and at least try to have some fun? It's like bathing in some sort of demented self-loathing somehow makes you guys happy. Also, this is supposed to be a thread about the offensive line, so how about keeping the thread on-topic.
  2. Just my opinion, but I think our inability to properly execute a RB screen pass last year was a real Achilles Heal for our offense. If our new QB can make that pass on-time hitting the RB in stride, I think it could pay massive dividends.
  3. Maybe not with Wandale in backfield, but Yant? I'll roll the dice on that any day. My only caveat is to my eye, our TE's have been absolute liabilities in those situations getting beat inside more than 50% of the time and allowing the edge defender to penetrate and get behind the LOS. If it were me, I'd consider going three WR out wide to pull defenders out of box, and if they still stack inside, then give Thompson green light to audible to the pass. Another option out of that formation is start the Slot WR outside and put them in motion to crackback block on the edge defender so he can't slice in and catch our RB from behind. Even if that WR only does that decently well, just by having extra WR on field, you've forced opposing defense to go to Nickel personnel which mean one fewer big body to slow down Yant.
  4. I wonder if Farmer gets beat out at the safety positions this year. Just my impression but he appeared to lack the suddeness you usually need to be able to cover the great athletes you're going to face at either WR or even TE. The fact he wasn't shifted to Nickel may be a sign he's showing enough signs of improvement that Fisher believes he has him in the right spot. Fingers crossed.
  5. Definitely agility. Last year what I thought I saw was opposing DL's beat our OT's both to the outside and to the inside with vastly superior speed....so for me it was hard to assess "strength" as so often our kids were too cement-footed to get into the right positions to even attempt to apply it.
  6. I'd much rather see improvement in their Shuttle Run and 3-Cone Drill times....and that applies to the entire OL (Benhart & Banks in particular).
  7. THIS! If Benhart's feet don't get quicker, that should be just cause for moving on from Duval....because that's exponentially more important than the kid getting a new and higher max squat.
  8. Any best guesses on "2-Deep" at the moment? CB2.
  9. Our wins and losses will be directly correlated to Raiola & Duval's ability to improve our OT play.....if they cannot block, everything else on the offensive side of the ball will suffer badly. And just to beat a dead horse, as bad as the feet have been on our OL (Benhart, Banks, etc.), somebody needs to tell Duval to lay off the "squats for stats" BS and give them a skipping rope and double ladder to do foot speed-specific exercises for at least a few months. To say both those kids have struggled with slow feet is a dramatic understatement....and that is totally on S&C to remedy.
  10. If it is the NIL program that is driving these successes (and I have no reason to doubt that isn't the case), shouldn't the kudos go more to Trev than to Scott?
  11. My only wishlist item not yet received is a true OT....and to hear that Duval takes 3-months off squats and focuses specifically on foot speed with skipping rope, double ladder, etc., with Benhart and Banks.
  12. So anyone willing to wager best guess on DL 2-deep for Fall?
  13. Now that he knows what he has, Coach Raiola now has a chance to earn his salary.... The one caveat for me remains that I don't think S&C is doing him any favours. It seems like the longer the kids are in the program, the slower their feet. As such, I hope Coach Frost provides him with the ability to make changes to the S&C Program for his guys as he determines is necessary.
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