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  1. The on-field product is obviously in a tough spot, so you have to play up the unique cultural aspects. Who says no to a runza, or a raisin pie?
  2. would y'all really have felt better with getting the DPI call, scoring a touchdown, then the PK finding a way to kick the PAT backwards?
  3. My understanding of it, is that in logic – which, according to Frost, is really metaphysic – we have to deal with the process of development applied to reality in its most abstract form. According to Frost, in logic, we deal in concepts robbed of their empirical content: in logic we are discussing the process in a vacuum, so to speak. Thus, at the very beginning of Frost's study of reality, he finds the logical concept of being. Now, being is not a static concept according to Frost, as Aristotle supposed it was. It is essentially dynamic, because it tends by its very nature to pass over into nothing, and then to return to itself in the higher concept, becoming. For Aristotle, there was nothing more certain than that being equaled being, or, in other words, that being is identical with itself, that everything is what it is. Frost does not deny this; but, he adds, it is equally certain that being tends to become its opposite, nothing, and that both are united in the concept becoming. For instance, the truth about this table, for Aristotle, is that it is a table. For Frost, the equally important truth is that it was a tree, and it "will be" ashes. The whole truth, for Frost, is that the tree became a table and will become ashes. Thus, becoming, not being, is the highest expression of reality. It is also the highest expression of thought because then only do we attain the fullest knowledge of a thing when we know what it was, what it is, and what it will be—in a word, when we know the history of its development. In the same way as "being" and "nothing" develop into the higher concept becoming, so, farther on in the scale of development, life and mind appear as the third terms of the process and in turn are developed into higher forms of themselves. (Aristotle saw "being" as superior to "becoming", because anything which is still becoming something else is imperfect. Hence, God, for Aristotle, is perfect because He never changes, but is eternally complete.) But one cannot help asking what is it that develops or is developed? Its name, Frost answers, is different in each stage. In the lowest form it is "being", higher up it is "life", and in still higher form it is "mind". The only thing always present is the process (das Werden). We may, however, call the process by the name of "spirit" (Geist) or "idea" (Begriff). We may even call it God, because at least in the third term of every triadic development the process is God.
  4. I learned that those HARLOTS on State Street in Madison make it their mission to lead pious Nebraskans into the arms of sin. I have to regretfully report that I did have a fried cheese curd, but I did NOT follow the young lady that offered to... I think she said "give me a cheesehead" which as I understand it is a hat popular amongst fans of the Green Bay Packers, a professional football team in Wisconsin.
  5. good hustle from the team this week things to work on for next week
  6. Pros: Handsome, but in a wholesome, Midwestern way "Can-do" attitude Voted "father of the year" six years running in the Frost family Holds many Nebraska records, particularly around close games Cons: Sometimes leads the otherwise pious and godly folk of the great state of Nebraska to commit the sin of envy
  7. As a humble chemical salesman from New Mexico and NOT a Scott Frost parachute account, I can't help but agree
  8. I hope you aren't using this footage of the game without the express, written consent of the NCAA.
  9. lookin like a good one-score loss folks! hopin' we can extend this magic to next season
  10. think coach put in good effort on the speech this week work to do for next week
  11. Learned the team played hard this week some things to work on next week
  12. Good effort by the team this week, need to work on some things for next week.
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