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  1. Didn’t think of this. Think you’re right, but man what a hire that would be. “How bout dem blackshirts?”
  2. Good call on RC title, was my thought as well. I hope you’re wrong but common sense is hard to come by these days!
  3. Have to think they keep this in house, right? Dawson moves to DL (coached previously), Busch comes on to ST Coordinator, Ruud either takes all LBs or Chins takes a spot, and leaves room for RB hire TBD.
  4. Maybe, just maybe, two of the issues so many have outlined (recruiting and development) are exactly what Frost is trying to address. As many have outlined, the scheme isn’t entirely the issue. Our scheme actually works well at times.. it’s the talent and execution of the scheme that’s been the major issue. Just because a guy is rooted in one scheme doesn’t mean he can’t adapt to others and tweak for overall improvements. MJ, Quinn, and to a certain extent Harrell are guys known for recruiting and developing at high levels. As others have stated, I’m willing to roll with whatever changes are decided since there’s literally nothing any of us can do to change the fact that HCSF is coming back and changes are happening.
  5. Fair question. One could argue this was done more for the fired coaches behalf (to start assessing their next step) since they were Frost’s friends and he can appear loyal to a fault at times. Sure, HCSF could start identifying targets but the delay doesn’t bother me as it stands today. We will know if this was Frost properly vetting to get the right guy by making a calculated decision - OR - having to go further down his list due to numerous rejections. I’m sure we can get an idea of how this all ended up when the hires are eventually announced.
  6. My guess would be that Joseph’s allure is heavily rooted in his recruiting ability, which he has earned. With that said, if he stays at LSU, I could see HCSF simply adding WRs to Beckton. I do think he is a bit of a “first, than” hire. If we don’t get him, other staff configurations take place. Don’t love that, but just how it seems.
  7. Made it to the Nationals big league roster. Dad got a better job in Omaha and other son plays travel ball here in town. Going after obnoxious parents is one thing, but going after a kid for taking a big MLB signing bonus and dad taking a better job opportunity is a bit much.
  8. Happy with the Mickey Joseph hire if true, but… much more concerned who is orchestrating the offense (OC) and setting the tone (OL). And while it could all be smoke, pleasantly surprised at the amount of talk around ST names. Hopeful that it means HCSF is ready to make it a priority.
  9. Agreed. I was more surprised it was mentioned than actually entertaining the idea.
  10. Is this at all possible? I can’t see TA the type to change course after announcing a decision.
  11. Smoke picking up on Fickell staying put.
  12. It’s an endowed position title. Dan Lanning is the “Fain and Billy Slaughter Defensive Coordinator” at UGA, as well as coach of the OLB group.
  13. The Moorehead guess is more resting in the idea that someone ends up disappointed in every search, especially when this many major players are at the table.
  14. Just the idea that every year we see “high-profile” jobs opening up. As these jobs open up, ADs will have more data to review on young coaches to determine if they are true program builders vs catching lightening in a bottle. I’m specifically talking about Campbell, Fickell, Kiffin. Matt Campbell - Been on the rise, so how does he bounce back after a down year? Losing some key pieces, how has he positioned the team for the next run of success? Luke Fickell - how does he handle not having his QB return (Desmond Ridder) / can he recruit depth necessary to build and sustain a program. Reached the top, damn near CFP, but how does he sustain it? — Think CP at Boise State Lane Kiffin - again, how does he handle the program building that is necessary when you lose top talent (Matt Corral at QB), has he really matured, etc. I believe two things can be true at the same time.. 1. Coaches are becoming more picky when they make the jump to the high-profile jobs.. (See Napier passing last year on Auburn, South Carolina, etc) and 2. At the same time, programs are becoming more cautious at taking a swing and miss too soon on up and coming coaches. I am of the belief that the landscape of hiring coaches is changing. To lock in coaches, we are seeing longer (and bigger) deals so these high-profile openings will want to see a proven track record of growth, success, and SUSTAINABILITY within the programs these younger coaches are building. It’s why we see programs starting to throw massive extensions at current coaches or massive money (Jimbo at Texas AM, reported offers to Riley by LSU, etc) to proven coaches.
  15. The day is January 1st, 2022 and CFB coaches include.. Florida - Napier LSU - Aranda TCU - Dykes USC - Moorehead Virginia Tech - Chadwell Washington - Deboer Washington State - Jay Norvell Baylor - Jeff Grimes Coaches Staying Put Ole Miss - Kiffin (program “fit” - been at USC, UF values Napier over Kiffin, and LSU won’t accept Kiffin - everything else is lateral) ISU - Campbell (waiting for the next round… MSU, PSU, other high profile midwest jobs won’t end up opening this cycle) Cincy - Fickell waiting for the big one (PSU, OSU, Michigan, ND) and apparently didn’t like working with Bohn at Cincy (now AD at USC) MSU - Tucker (extension) PSU - Franklin (extension) OU - Riley (extension) For as quickly as we have seen ADs fire coaches, also will be a market overreaction to retaining coaches with big extensions. A lot of good candidates will be around with more data points in the 2022 cycle.
  16. Smoke picking up on Napier to UF. Sounds like wheels were in motion before announcement on Mullen.
  17. Job was already filled. But speaking of TTU, wouldn’t be surprised if Sonny Cumbie gets serious consideration for the OC opening here.
  18. In a lose-lose situation, Trev came out with a W. And at worst, a moral W - which we know most are fans of!
  19. TA on Husker Sports Nightly mentioned it. Kinda sounded like he said “I agree Scott.. but let’s put a plan in place for what exactly that means before we start packing people’s offices”.
  20. It was mentioned somewhere that Frost brought up the idea of wholesale changes after the MN game. Sipple also mentioned tonight that he knows for a fact that there have been some intro level talks with Jake Peetz at LSU and a mention of Mickey Joseph. Not opposed to Beckton taking WR but would like to see the plans for the OC (and their accompanied position specialty) before committing to a WR-Only coach like Joseph. Would prefer OC / QB RB WR/TE (Beckton) OL ST Coordinator
  21. FWIW, Sipple said part of the plan is to have Frost (finally) step into CEO role and fully give up play calling. Another quote from Parker: “They are going to start from scratch on offense and it’s not going to look like the Scott Frost/Chip Kelly offense.”
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