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  1. If the schedule is not set in stone then let's find different opponents than (2021) 5-6 FCS North Dakota and (2021)3-9 Sunbelt Conference Georgia Southern. We have been told virtually every postgame "we are close" all season and have been trying to convince ourselves that single digit losses are somehow moral victories. Instead of participation wins against the FCS and the Sunbelt lets see honestly and objectively what and where we are as a program (even if the truth hurts). I for one say let's play someone more our size like someone out of the ACC such as NC State, Wake Forest or Clemson and/or an SEC school like Mississippi State, Arkansas or Tennessee. If we are going to play against a lesser conference then bring on the best let's play Cincinnati. We aren't going to be considered one of the top 5% of NCAA football programs nationally by beating smaller schools from lesser conferences. We can get there by standing toe to toe with someone our own size. Convince me a 40 point win against the Sunbelts second to worst team Georgia Southern instantly makes us ranked 8th or higher nationally .... Change My Mind
  2. "By signing this national letter of intent you will get to go to Dublin Ireland all expenses paid thanks to the Nebraska taxpayers AND there is a very strong likelihood you will run on to Camp Randall field for the first time led by your position coach that the Sunday prior became the Interim Head Coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers" ....... what Nebraska Wesleyan recruit wouldn't flip and sign with Scott?
  3. To your point, if the AD is putting the staff together then the HC has been promoted beyond his professional capacity. The Scott Frost era has a parallel to the Lovie Smith "Flailing Illini" era with just a few caveats: (1) Lovie in his 5 years had one 6-6 season and got his team to a bowl game where they got on familiar subpar ground and finished the season at 6-7 (2) Frost has never lost a bowl game as HC of the Huskers for those that feel he needs patience and time .... 4 years with a 5th and we've basically got vanilla Lovie minus the buzz of traveling to Boise for the prestige of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. I believe we all agree Riley was nothing more than average his entire coaching career but to keep hearing the record skipping on Frost had a lot to fix, it creates a huge, noticeable hump swept under the rug with the reality Frost the "Fixer" is going to need a 5th season to tie the problematic 3 years of Riley on the all time Husker Coaching Win List .....
  4. Thanks for posting these, it answers my decades old question .... "why is the only NCAA marching band with a Banjo section the Hawkeye Marching Band?"
  5. Don't know if the kid can play at a high level but I do know Iowa doesn't have a head of hair that can compete with this
  6. Nope ..... My dislike for Iowa goes back to Hayden Fry
  7. I believe you are referring to the "blind squirrel vs. nut" thing ....... here's to that squirrel to this and all future endeavors 70F10E28-6472-4839-9293-4D4ECB388E14.heic
  8. Dan Mullen is/was fired at University of Florida: Record: 34-15 (2018-21) Bowl Games: 2-1 Conference REcord: 21-13 Conference/Division Performance: 1-1st finish; 2-2nd finishes; 1-6th Scott: Record: 15-28 (2018-21) Bowl Games: 0-0 Conference Record: 10-24 Conference/Division Performance: 3-5ths; Either 1-6th or Tied for 6th (optimistically with a slight-slight chance 7th all alone if NW pulls a KU at pathetic Illinois) SOOO, the takeaway is: (A) Was Florida impatient and Mullen wasn't given enough time to change what the problems he inherited? (B) Florida won't tolerate losing? (C) Moos really screwed Husker Nation and set the program back for years? (D) All the Above ..... And then some? (E) Some of the Above .... And then some?
  9. In your opinion did it go poorly based on the talent or preparation of the backup's or something else? Regardless who on the payroll own's the poor results?
  10. Could it be there IS a serviceable QB on the roster but Frost is deficient in evaluating talent and knowing when to adjust and change? Prior to the Baylor game look at OU's situation Rattler was the pre-season Heisman frontrunner but was so gawd awful on the field Riley had to make a change, something Scott hasn't or it hasn't dawned on him to do.
  11. I see it as Trev is playing with house money and regardless it is net gain for him. Alberts has at his disposal: (1) "I did not hire Scott, I inherited him" (2) "IF" Scott has a losing season as he has done 5 of 6 HC years, Trev can play "I gave additional time to our native son to lead us but for the good of our brand had to let him go, I want to thank Scott for all his effort and love for the Cornhuskers" (3) And Most importantly "I SAVED US $7.5M in dead money by renegotiating his buyout from $15M to $7.5" (4) "IF" Frost can go 8-4 or better next year, Trev wins for looking patient..... nothing but gain for the new A.D.
  12. "What is 100%, I'll take the Head Coach Office lights are on but nobody is home for $250 Alex"
  13. He keeps talking about fixing stuff he inherited and being close to having things fixed? He inherited 19-19 in 3 year with being 15-27 results he is needing a 5th season to tie the win total of the problem he claims he is fixing? I will double down with Frost had to be told to nuke his offense coaching staff, he lacked the capacity to have the thought originally. If Scott is under the impression losing by single digits rather than double digits is the fix then give me 19 wins and 19 double digit losses with some bowl appearances over 15 wins and 27 single digit losses to the likes of the Illini and not being able to qualifying for the Summers Eve douche Bowl game. Alberts had to be thinking "Mother-@#$%er" we rehearsed this and you decide to go free style with wanting to go hunting and shaking hands?
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but what Scott says he wants is the celebrity of being the Nebraska coach just not the minutia of earning the celebrity of being the Nebraska coach was my takeaway from his comments. Of all the things Trev has nipping and competing for his attention, wondering if he is the smartest guy in the room when meeting with Scott isn't one of the distractors. I've got to be honest with everyone, I don't like our chances in winning the NCAA Football Coaches Trivial Pursuit tourney right now ....
  15. To your point and this thread, this is what the issue is in Lincoln. Scott had two (2) seasons as HC, 1 incredible season and 1 that was not successful based on W-L. In trying to make sense of college football over the past decade I have drawn the conclusion its interesting that A.D. stands for Athletic Director AND Attention Deficit which seems to be how they choose a HC coach today. Decision making only seems to be based on one good season and not the entire body of work, how does a institutional black eye like Steve Sarkisian make an a$$ out of himself in public at UW, wind up a drunk at USC and a few years later get the keys to UT? ..... seems Attention Deficit too me. In Scott's case, and throwing out last years covid season, he has coached 5 seasons 1 winning and 4 not, so he has a 20% season success rate taking the emotion and personal bias out of the analysis, simply W or L. To your example of Mel Tucker, how did one 5-7 season at Colorado merit a job at Michigan State? At 10,000 feet I find the Frost discussion polarizing because he was given one of the top 10 most prestigious coaching jobs after 2 seasons at a mid major without much of a body of work,. Can he recruit and then put those talent pieces together successfully, 2 years at a school doesn't tell us since it's not entirely his talent collection, only half. Thus far the answer to my question is "no" 3-4 years of recruiting what he saw as talent either isn't or he doesn't know how to put the talent pieces together based on a 36% win rate, Riley wasn't the answer but he could put the pieces together in Lincoln 50% of the time. We are where we are because the previous A.D. took a flyer on a state kid without much of a HC resume, I will leave it up each and everyone of you to decide if the hire was done by which A.D. a person with the title of Athletic Director or a person that had Attention Deficit got consumed with a shiny season ..... End of Rant
  16. I've got $5 riding on Tom didn't need someone 4 years into his tenure to tell him he needed to make staff changes, he had intuition to evaluate his staff from the very beginning
  17. What's numbing is it appears someone had to tap Scott on the shoulder to tell him to do so because it never dawned on him over the past 4 years. There must be something to be said for having a $20M buyout to make one comfortable enough to be introspective of their job results while doubling down on forcing a once proud programs hostage for hiring beyond competency and capacity. Hard black and white results are not on the asset side of the ledger for Scott, Frost has had 1 winning season in 6 years with a business card that had the title Head Coach, AND that one winning season was in the mid major arena with a team he did not create, rather inherited the players. It's going to take money and a fair amount because Scott's entire resume might cast enough of a shadow on the legacy of Husker Football because it's 6 coaches and on the verge of hearing "now serving #7" since 2003. Last week there was a report that came out about the dead money in college money over the past decade that exceeded $500M thanks to (1) coaches agents negotiating the contracts for the "flavor of the season" coaches that have brief resumes (2) bad AD decision making agreeing to the ask price for a 2-4 year HC based on potential for 1 big season in the moment AND (3) TV revenue greed in my opinion.
  18. What does it say really say about Frost's capacity as a HC that Trev had to tell him to make changes to his staff after 4 seasons beyond he must have been a huge Lovie Smith fan and his work at Illinois.
  19. Beyond the School for the Blind who would pay him $8.5M based on his resume as a HC?
  20. How is a 15-27 (2 of the wins against FCS schools) regime better than the 19-19 regime that it replaced? I realize bringing Frost back is about fixing the foolish contract he was given initially after only 2 seasons as a Mid Major H.C. with a team he did not recruit but inherited. Numbingly Scott is going to need 4 and part of a 5th season to pass a "Mr. Coaching Average" Riley's 3 season mark on the all time Husker coaching wins list, can someone explain Trev's Quality Loss Index (QLI) where he sees progress that takes 40% more seasons to achieve the win count of the regime that was the average? Better water down the preseason schedule for 2022 ....
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